A Back to School Essential: the Backpack

Its that time of the year here, parents are quickly out buying last minute school supplies. For me the most important item on the list this year is my teen’s backpack. It has to be durable and for the first time I want it to have wheels. So we went shopping, we started in late July checking out the stores to see what they had. Where did we end up? At Eaton Center, at Bentley.


Why Bentley for backpacks? With over 200 different backpacks on their website I knew they would have options. They have a huge selection of backpacks for every age group, and not only backpacks but lunch bags and pencil cases as well.

What kind of backpack does your child need?

Having worked in daycare and after school programs for many years, this is the first year we are going with the rolled backpack.

For little ones:

Get them smaller back packs, also have a small bag they leave at school with a change of clothes. ¬†They are not carrying as much back and forth. What I would invest in is a few lunchbags as they always seem to disappear, don’t ask how they just do.

For elementary kids I prefer a solid back pack that fits well. They are bringing home homework, projects and more. I don’t recommend the wheels because here in Canada, well we have long winters and dragging a backpack on wheels over ice in the school yard is a pain.

For my high schooler kids like mine who are doing both high school and college at the same time this is the time to think about wheels and brand names, thankfully, Bentley carries some great names like Jansport, Swiss Gear, Adidas and Reebok.

As well for university kids, laptop sleeves and pencil cases for storing on the tech gear they need on a daily basis. Now Bentley does have some great back to school deals so be sure to check those out as well.

swiss gear backpack with wheels

So what did my teen get? A Swiss Gear backpack..lots of room as she heads to grade 12 and George Brown this year. Yes, she is doing a dual credit program.

Let me know, how much energy goes into finding the perfect backpack for your kids?




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