M is for Money Review and Giveaway #MisforMoney

M-is-for-MoneyAs someone who talks about teaching kids money at least a few times a year online, I was excited when asked to review the M is for Money book series aimed at Canadian kids aged 5 to 9.

The series is written by Teresa Cascioli, who is a very successful businesswoman. She took Lakeport Brewing from the brink of bankruptcy and turned it into a $201 million business. That is say something about her knowledge of business but will that translate to a kids book writer?

I was told the books were aimed at children 5-9 years of age, so I passed the books on to my neighbours for their take on the books. They have 4 kids age 4 to 10 so the perfect household to help me review the books. 

The series has 3 books, and follows the adventures of twins Tessa and Benji as they learn about Canadian currency, budgeting, visiting a bank, saving, taking out a loan and more. The twins even run a lemonade stand in book two, which gets kids thinking about business. That is a good thing in my books.

Most kids are spenders, I know my daughter was till I really started teaching her about money concepts. I think the books are a great way to introduce kids to basic concepts and from reading them through they will be easy for most kids. As for reading, they are written more at a grade 2 and above level but make for a great book to read together so you can discuss the money concepts. I always think when it comes to money mom and dad talking it and showing it in daily actions makes for a great saver some day.

November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada soI would encourage you to download the series atwww.misformoney.ca or buy it at Chapters/Indigo across Canada. Let it spark some great money conversations at your house. 


Now, Teresa Cascioli is allowing me to gift a reader of my blog with a copy of the series of books for your home. simply fill out the rafflecopter below and let me know in the comments what do you want to teach your kids about money. 

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