To tweet or Not to Tweet That is the Question


Last night as the news was rolling in about the tragic events in Paris last night, again the question for those of us who live and breathe in the online world and act on behalf of brands was,” Do I Tweet or don’t I”?

It becomes a question, do I stop doing business for half a day, a full day, based on events that are happening around the globe. Too often I seen some people saying stop advertising, stop tweeting, stop sharing online. My question is this. Who wins if we do?

Yes, it’s very important to know what is going on. Even to acknowledge it. I know for me last night when I first heard the news about Paris, I stopped and said a prayer. That is something I can do. I can also acknowledge the tragedy but no I need to stop earning a living? No.

The only time I can remember businesses closing in another city after an attack anywhere in the globe was on 911. Otherwise, locally things are closed and others show support with prayers, love, concern and financial donations.

Business across the globe do not need to close, ads don’t need to stop but we can share support, love and acknowledge but then we need to get back to work. Why? By going on with our day, the terrorist does not win. There is a certain strength by going on with our day.

As well how do we stop, or how do we decide which events we will stop for? Do we stop for something that hits our city, our province, our country, or when a major event happens anywhere? If we were to stop for one should we stop for them all? It seems at least once a week an attack happens somewhere. A tragedy somewhere. A cause that can be taken up.

My choice these days is to tweet. I acknowledge and then I get back to work.I know I can still show my support, love, prayers even while I am sharing brand messaging. I can still care about what is going on in the world without needing to stop earning a living. I can still give a voice to the voiceless among the array of tweets.

Let us  always to be kind and generous online, to show mercy and love. To tweet or not to tweet is a personal choice, a brand choice. In my opinion I say tweet, acknowledge and learn along the way and whatever a brand or person decides to do that is okay. We are all here together so lets be kind, we can express our support in so many little and big ways without giving up doing business where were are.

Let me know your opinion, I would really like to know. Do you tweet or not tweet.


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