The Best App for Your Black Friday Shop


It is that time of the year again. Our American neighbours are not only planning their Thanksgiving dinners but their Black Friday shopping as well.  Canadians love Black Friday as well, well at least, I know I do. There are so many great deals right here close to home, no need to cross the border when you can find the best deals right here.

Now for my American friends you can find your local deals the exact same way. What am I talking about? Want to have the best Black Friday shopping experience ever? One free app takes the hassle out of your shopping experience from start to finish.

You can find all the great deals ahead of time on one of my favourite free apps : Flipp! 


If you are a regular reader I have been telling you Flipp is great for grocery shopping, back to school shopping and even for getting your coupon fix. Well it is fabulous for Black Friday shopping. Here is why:

You can preview all you Black Friday deals right on your Flipp App! Sweet, right! When you download the app and subscribe to notifications you get told when the ads are out. No waiting for flyers to be delivered to your door. Flipp will be ready to give you all the greatest deals as soon as the ads are released. Did you know Flipp finds all the best deals from over 800 retailers? So no matter where you live the app is sure to help you with your Black Friday shopping.

Haven’t dowloaded Flipp yet you can download it on the App Store here and on the Google play store here. Flipp shopping list


Remember to make a shopping list. Searching for the latest Star Wars Toys for your kids, type star wars into the search function and you will find all the deals.

2015-11-20 05.20.03

Looking for a tablet for your techy teen like mine, again a simple search will give you the best deals.

flipp siri

Have a iPhone, did you know you can dictate your shopping list using Siri. That is a new feature that has just been added to the app. You can dicitate your list, just say “and” between items like milk and bread.

2015-11-20 05.34.30

Shopping for stocking stuffers, you might want to check the coupons section of the app for things like some of the best beauty products. Remember, you will be printing your coupons, not just flashing the app at the register.

2015-11-20 05.19.31

I love the discount slider on Black Friday because it shows you the very best deals. Want to know what has a savings of 60% or better the app can do that for you.

Remember many stores do allow for Price matching except on Black Friday, so know your stores policies.


Put on your most comfy shoes, grab your water bottle and your Flipp app and you are ready to have a simply fabulous Black Friday shopping experience.

Now I will be doing a Periscope on the best Canadian deals I find on Thursday November 25th at 2pm. Follow me on Periscope to be in the know, as well I will be doing some scopes as I shop on Black Friday. Make sure you check them out. Let me know in the comments what deals are you looking for this Black Friday.






19 thoughts to “The Best App for Your Black Friday Shop”

  1. I'm curious about black Friday, but I've never been. It looks dangerous at the more popular stores. I don't mind spending more money on another day. These are really good tips for those who are going out, though. I bet they're going to have to wear comfy shoes and stay hydrated to compete with all those shoppers.

  2. Flipp sounds like a great app indeed and would make black Friday shopping so easy. I love how you can make your shopping list and the coupons for retailers in your area. This is the best way to shop.

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