Thinking of Doing Direct Sales? Be Aware

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When I was a little girl my mom was the neighbourhood Avon lady. It was one of the ways she earned extra income as a single mom. She also worked as a cleaner at the hospital. I saw her work both, side by side, so when I was an adult I have always known that side gigs can help pay the bills and give you a few extra dollars. Over the years I have been part of a few direct sales opportunities. I have definitely learned a thing about doing direct sales and have learned there are things to be aware of.I will let you know I have sold Avon and Tupperware and then I gave direct sales a break.

I recently learned an important stat that had me thinking once again about direct sales. In the US, of the women that earn $100,000 a year or more, 82% of them do it through direct sales. For me, that is a staggering figure.

It also got me thinking of all the direct sales opportunities that are out there. Most of have heard of at least one. From Amway to Mary Kay to BeachBody to some of the newer ones like Origami Owl, there are many great ethical business that can help someone earn a few extra dollars or even reach for full-time income.

Recently I spoke with Ken Mulhall, he is the President of the Direct Sales Association in Canada. Did you know they have an association that represents many of the direct sellers in Canada (there are associations like this around the globe)? Mr. Mulhall said,

“People are looking for Creative and fun ways to earn a living,

they want to quench their thirst for being an entrepreneur,

they want to control their own time, they want a work life

balance and an opportunity to work around the needs of

their family”

All of that is true, especially as we start a new year, we are looking for ways to make things work. We want to increase our income but we want that work-life balance as well. I know for me this is so important. Ken also said, ” They enjoy the flexibility and the opportunity to make decisions on income and career promotions. ”

I know for me, last summer I started thinking how I could have this life balance and get fit and healthy at the same time. I looked around and found Beachbody. There is definitely a sense of community and support when you become involved with Beachbody whether as a customer or a coach. I became a coach last summer simply because I wanted the discounts. My readers will know I am the frugal mom and I wanted to save, now I have started really thinking about the business end and how it might set me up for later in life. My direct upline is one of the best in the business, being one of Beachbody’s Elite Coaches.

I asked Mr. Mulhall what questions we should ask ourselves and of the bushiness opportunity, we are looking at. He said there are three important questions you should ask yourself:

1. What are the start-up costs? If they are substantial, be careful! Legitimate companies want to make it easy and inexpensive for you to start selling their products and services.

2. Will the company buy back inventory? If not, then you could be stuck with a roomful of unsold and unsaleable inventory. Members of the Direct Sellers Association adhere to a strict Code of Ethics which requires, among other things, that unsold inventory be bought back should you decide not to continue.

3. Does the company have substantial sales to consumers? If the answer is no, then don’t get involved. Multi-level marketing, like any other business, depends on sales and service to consumers.

He also said: “Don’t let anyone rush you into making a decision,”….“An opportunity to build your own business in multi-level marketing and direct sales won’t disappear overnight.”

This morning I was in a room of hundreds of people for an event. It was part training, part celebration, and part kick ass workout but for those of us who are part of the Beachbody family we know it is about getting stronger every day.

For me, I have found direct sales to be a great avenue towards achieving my goals of being a healthier me and helping others to do the same.
There are many direct sales or as some call them MLM (multi-level marketing) companies out there, find one that resonates with you. If you happen to be interested in Beachbody and their programs though ask me.

Now, Ken Mulhall has agreed to be a special guest for the #CDNmoney chat on Tuesday night. You can follow him at @kenmulhall7 on Twitter. We will also be having a couple of small business owners on the chat as well who started doing their own thing out of their homes. So join us Tuesday, January 12th at 7 pm EST.

2 thoughts to “Thinking of Doing Direct Sales? Be Aware”

  1. This is so great! I am a Coach and I earn a 6 figures a year through Coaching. It is an incredible opportunity that has changed my life, and I look forward to following your journey!

  2. Thank you for this article. These questions are good. I am an Independent Avon Sales and Recruiting Representative, and one thing I have determined is my break-even sales point is. Avon doesn't require inventory though some things can be good to have, and how many catalogs and samples we buy is purely our choice, but as with any business, there are expenses for books and shipping, etc. So it's good to know what your minimum sales level is before it may cost you money too. Success can definitely be found. If anyone is looking for an Avon opportunity in Canada, I can get you started there.

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