Grocery Prices Are Going Up, But Your Food Budget Is Not!




It’s a new year and with that comes word of higher prices in our grocery stores. Canadians have been seeing headlines in the news of this that read: “Food Prices Continue to Rise” and “Grocery Bills To Get Bigger In 2016 Due To Increased Food Costs, Sinking Loonie”. Where does that put us as the consumer? What can we do to continue to keep ourselves within our budgets and keep money in our banks while still being able to put the same amount of food on the table as we did before the prices started climbing?

As a mom of three and a family of five, I am always extremely conscientious about my weekly budget and my meal planning to ensure I get the most out of my weekly grocery budget. However, with these increased prices I am finding that even I have to up my game and figure out where I can save more. To do this, I decided to take a walk through some of my local grocery stores not to shop necessarily but to really get a good insight into where else I can save other then my flyer deals. shopping apps, price matching, weekly in-store deals, and coupons. Below are my findings.

In each store, I found little pockets of savings areas. Meat section 30-50% off meat, Pro-duce Reduced items, Bakery 50% off racks, as well as random shelves and bins in stores with reduced items. Each store had, at least, one or more of these areas, meat be-ing the most common but one, in particular, had all of these sweet little savings areas in one store, Loblaws (just to note here that I do not work for nor endorse Loblaws, they just had everything in one store). Although I don’t think Loblaws always has the best prices when items are regularly priced, I do feel that between their  PC Points program and their further savings of quick for sale reduced items I can really save my money when I shop there.

Items in these areas change daily but I guarantee that you will find some great deals and save money on your grocery bill, especially on the meat.

These are just some extra tips above and beyond what we can do to save money every-day other then our flyer deals, price matching, shopping apps, and coupons.

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