How to Save More on Groceries: Jan 15-22 (Free Printable)

Everyone who knows me, knows I love to save money wherever I can. With the Canadian dollar being at an all time low, it is now a concern for many Canadian families. I have decided to share with you each week how I save and even earn cash back on some items. I have been able to to keep within my budget by following some simple steps.

1. Menu Plan

I am sharing with you a free printable that helps me Menu plan every week:

Simply click on the planner to save it to your computer.

free menu planning printable


2. Use technology to Save


Everyone who reads my blog and follows my Social Media channels knows I rave about 2 apps that have been saving me money. The reality is one of them even sends me a check. If you have not downloaded Flipp and Caddle, let me make this clear: I will guarantee you a savings of 25% or more by simply using Flipp to help you make smart buying decisions. It is that easy. With Flipp you save, with Caddle you earn.

How to track Your Spending

On Friday mornings, I pour my tea and then I sit down and look at my Flipp app to find some great deals.  I am trying to eat cleaner and am even doing the 21 day fix diet so I am buying lots of protein and produce. If you are Canadian you know how expensive produce is this winter.

flipp app


I also check the weekly offers on the Caddle app, this week I get cash back on things broccoli and the Old El Paso dinner kits. I also can earn cash by doing things like sharing some winter fun and even uploading my grocery receipt. There are several more offers so make sure you check them out on Caddle

Caddle App

You can see all the offers here. Trust me there are many offers and you can earn cash back quickly.

3. Make a List

From my menu plan I write out my list, from there I transfer that list to my Flipp app. I hate taking paper with me to the grocery store.

So what is on my list for this week.

First the Menu Plan:


These are simple I do one of three things:

1.scrambled eggs with some veggies tossed in and a slice of toast

2. steel cut outs with some maple syrup and fruit

3. greek yogurt with fruit (if I am really hungry I add cereal to this)


Monday-left overs from Sunday dinner (roast chicken and veggies)

Tuesday-tuna salad served with cucumber and lettuce.

Wednesday-left overs from Tuesday dinner

Thursday- tuna salad served with tomatoes and lettuce

Friday- healthy pizza

Saturday- will be a meal out with my daughter.

Sunday- leftovers from Saturday


Monday- taco salad boats

Tuesday- Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup from the fixate cookbook

Wednesday- Salmon, quinoa, broccoli

Thursday- spaghetti with meatballs and tomato sauce

Friday- chicken stuffed bell peppers

Saturday- turkey chili






natural peanut butter


Grocery List:

( I shop where I can price match normally Walmart, Superstore or No Frills)

Large Grade A eggs : $2.49 ( Shoppers Drug Mart)

WholeWheat Bread (Dempsters) 2 for $5 (Metro)

Broccoli $1.67 (Food Basics) -$.25 from Caddle= $1.42

Old El Paso Dinner Kit $3.00(No Frills) – $1.00 from Caddle= $2.00 *my teen gets reg tacos while I get the boats. She will also take the leftovers for lunch.

Sweet Peppers $2.50 for 4 (Superstore)- * must buy 2 or buy Cauliflower as well

Cauliflower $2.50 (Superstore) *must buy 2 or sweet peppers as well

Blueberries $2 (No Frills)

Greek Yogurt (Liberte) $2.99 (Rabba)

Lettuce $1.99 (Superstore)

Ground Turkey (Prime)$4.99 (Metro)

Ground Chicken (Prime) $4.99 (Metro)

Fresh Atlantic Salmon  $8.97 (Walmart)

Cucumber $1 (Giant Tiger)

Organic Bananas $.87 (Superstore)

Tomatoes -diced $1 (Giant Tiger)

Tomatoes- $2 (Price Chopper)

The rest I have in the house and it is always important to shop your pantry first.

Want to see how I am doing as I make this year about getting #focusedfitandfab and reach my #healthyme goals follow me on Instagram.

This week for the #CDNmoney chat join us as we talk about How to Save on Groceries. Tuesday Feb 17th, at 7pm EST

There are prizes this week Flipp is offering 2 $50 Visa gift cards and Caddle is offering 1 $50.00 visa gift card. 









5 thoughts to “How to Save More on Groceries: Jan 15-22 (Free Printable)”

  1. There are coupons on Flipp?? It's been a while since I was up to date with all the elecronic cash back and couponing scene… first time I read about Caddle… I'll get back to all of that, I think ;)!
    I'm subscribing to your newsletter as well: always nice to find a new canadian one :D!

      1. Cool :)!
        I checked out the Caddle app also. It made me come back to cash back apps… I abandonned them all at once about a year ago. I thought it was to much time consuming for the benefit.
        Looking forward to recieve your newsletters :)!

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