How to Save More on Groceries: Jan 22-28th, 2016

Last week I introduced my readers to a new weekly feature here on CommonCentsMom. With the dollar at a low, and some produce being in short supply we have to get creative and try and stretch our dollars further.

How am I able to do that?

1. I menu plan. Last week I shared a free printable to help you with your menu planning. Why menu plan? You end up spending less when you have a plan. Here is that free printable once again!

free menu planning printable

2. I make a list. These days I make that list on my Flipp app. Why shop with a list? You get everything you need and are less likely to impulse shop thus spending less.

3. I have made technology my friend and use apps regularly to help me find the best prices and deals. I love using apps like Flipp and Caddle especially.

So what is on my menu plan this week based on what’s on sale?

Mon-Sunday Menu Plan

(This gives me the weekend to shop)


1. scrambled eggs with veggies tossed in and a slice of toast

2. steel cut oats with maple sryup and clementine

3. greek yogurt with raspberries and Wheatbix



Monday: left overs from the steak on Sunday night, green salad, dressing

Tuesday: baked potato cauliflower soup

Wednesday: tuna salad with lettuce and tomatoes

Thursday: baked potato cauliflower soup

Friday: at event

Saturday: healthy pizza

Sunday: Brocolli mac n cheese

Chciken Enchilada Soup-0721



Monday- Lentil Tacos 

Tuesday- salmon, rice, broccoli

Wednesday- Chicken Enchilada Soup

Thursday- Turkey Chili (From the fixate cookbook)

Friday- leftovers

Sunday- Roast chicken, roast sweet potaotes, carrots

Shopping List:

Most of these are on sale this week:

Chicken Breasts (Prime): $10.00 (Superstore)

Eggs (Large Grade A): $2.49 (Shoppers Drug Market)

Brocolli: $1.98 (Superstore)- $.25 from Caddle App =$1.73

Cauliflower: $1.98 (Food Basics) -$.25 from Caddle App=$1.73

Greek Yogurt: $2.49 (Highland Farms)

Lettuce(frisee): $2.49 (Fortinos)

Spinach: $1.79 (Fortinos)

Roma Tomatoes: $.97 (No Frills)

Clementines: $3.97 (No Frills)

Rainbow Peppers: $2.97 (Walmart)

Turkey bacon $3.99 ( Sobeys)

Diced Tomatoes: $1.00 ( Sobeys)

Cilantro: (NO DEALS)

Cheese: $4.99 (Price Chopper)

Hummus :$3 (Sobeys)

Carrots: $1.67 (Walmart)

Beans: $1 (Sobeys)

Cucumber: $1.99 (Sobeys)

Rasberries; $1.97 (No Frills)

Milk: $3.97 (Shoppers Drug Mart)

Lentils: (NO DEALS)

The rest of what is needed is in the house and I always shop my pantry first.

All of this menu plan and grocery list are 21 day fix approved. Want to see how I am doing as I make this year about getting #focusedfitandfab and reach my #healthyme goals follow me on Instagram.



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  1. Thanks for including my Broccoli Mac in your plan this week, I hope you love it! I plan like this too, but I've never used those apps. I use Receipt Hog and Ibotta after shopping (not sure if you can use those in Canada or not), but I haven't used anything beforehand like this. I'm definitely going to check them out today, thanks for posting!

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