How to Save More on Groceries: Jan 29-Feb 4th, 2016

How to Save More on Groceries

We are now in our third week of me sharing how I am saving on my grocery bill every week. I want to thank you my readers for sharing this post. Since I have started this series it seems every news show in the country has done a segment on how to save or slash your grocery bill and gues what they are sharing the same tips I am.

It seems we all want to save while still eating healthy meals.

You can visit my first post in the series to find my Friday morning process. Yes, I am here with my tea as I prep this post having just finished checking my Flipp app and doing up my menu plan for the week.

So what is on tap for this week?

I am doing another round of the 21 day fix diet from Beachbody. If you would like more info on the diet, do ask. I love that it is all about eating well and portion control.

Remember I use my 2 favourite apps to help me save. Flipp and Caddle help me make sure I find the best prices so I can price match and then Caddle gives cash back on engagement and purchases.

The Menu Plan


1. Scrambled eggs with peppers

2. steel cut oats with maple syrup and fruit

3. greek yogurt with fruit and granola


Monday: BLT, carrot sticks

Tuesday: left over chili

Wednesday: salmon salad with lettuce and tomatoes

Thursday: Lasagna Roll up leftovers

Friday: fajita left overs

Saturday: Easy Pizza from the Fixate cookbook

Sunday: lunch out with my daughter


Monday- Turkey Chili

Tuesday- Salmon with lime, salad

Wednesday: Lasagna Roll ups 

Thursday: Steak fajitas from the Fixate cookbook

Friday: spaghetti squash and tomato sauce with cheese

Saturday:Honey Mustard Chicken, rice, broccoli

Sunday: Turkey Tacoes

Grocery List:

As always I start in my pantry, checking to see what I have in the house


Blueberries 3 for $5.00 (Food Basics)

Brocolli $1.28 (Food Basics)

Carrots: $1.99 (Sobeys)-$.25 from Caddle=$1.74

Cauliflower: $2.88 (Food Basics)-$.25 from Caddle=$2.63

Peppers: $1.99 (Centra)

Spring Mix: $2.88 (Food Basics)

Cucumber: $.77 (Walmart)

Tomatoes: $1.88 (Food Basics)


Ground chicken and turkey: 2 for $13 (Walmart)

Chicken Breast: $3.44 a lb (No Frills)

Salmon: $8.97 (Walmart)


Tomatoes (diced): $1 (Walmart)

Tortillas: $1.88 (Food Basics)

Dempsters Bread: $2.49 (Freshco)

Butter: $2.88 (Loblaws)

Hummus: 2 for $4.88 (Food Basics)

Greek Yogurt: $3.00 (Sobeys)

The rest I have here in the house. Let me know did you find a great deal this week? Are you using tech to help you save?





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