School Valentine Loot Bags one the Cheap and Easy

candy heValentines day is coming up very soon and with that brings another round of Valentines Cards and loot bags for classmate friends. I have 3 kids in 3 different classes, with roughly 30 students in each class, needless to say the holidays, wether it is Valentines day, Easter, Christmas, you name it, are getting a little pricey. However, I shall press on, and this year I decided to get a jump on the holiday, because last minute always means more money spent, and makes it more of a pain in the butt. I am putting some money savings thought into my Valentines loots bags this year.

Here are a few of the ideas and tips I am using this Valentines Day:

Kids Loot Bags for Classmates:

I need approximately 90 loot bags to send to school with the kids, but before I went to the store I checked my basement and in my Valentines storage box I found at least 30 or so loot bags from last year. Shopping at home saves not only on groceries but also on crafting and holidays. For the rest I will go to the Dollar Store and the Bulk Barn with a few neat, inexpensive ideas that I found on the web.

* I came across a great little print out of a tic tac toe game on the web, I can fit 4 on a page for printing and then I will buy candy hearts from the Bulk Barn to put into the loot bags with the game card and they can play a little before they gobble up the candy. My idea is a version of the printable of Tic Tac Toe Valentine’s Day Card

* Using your leftover Candy Canes, I am really excited about this one. I have a ton of left over Candy Canes from Christmas, so this was the perfect idea and the kids will love helping with this project, I don’t even have to shop for this gift. Using up what you already have is a fantas-tic way to save. Left Over Candy Canes.

* I am in love with this idea, especially for my daughter who is in Grade 2. She and all her friends are reading books now so this idea jumped right out at me. Go to your local big box hardware store and grab a bunch of Pink and Blue (for the boys) paint strip samples, decorate them with anything you want (decorative heart hole puncher, stickers, etc), make a hole at the

top and thread some inexpensive wrapping ribbon from the dollar store through it and presto you have a Valentines Day book mark.

* All the above would not be complete without a little Valentines card to go with it. I found a sim-ple easy printout that I know the girls will love and that will not tax my printer ink. Free Valen-tines Card Printout . However, I started thinking that my little man probably would not want to send Pink Valentines cards to his buddies so I found this great little one for the boys Valen-tines Card Print Out for Boys.

I have it estimated that my 90 loot bags will cost me around around $10-$15 when they are all done. For me that is an amazing savings from last year. Planning and researching will prove to be key for me this upcoming year when the holiday loot bag seasons arrive.

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