The Flipp App Is Your Environmentally Friendly Choice


When it comes to REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE, I put my emphasis on the first statement every day.  When it comes to the word, reduce, the Flipp app helps me when it comes to my shopping lists and helps the environment too. I can reduce the amount paper required when it comes to seeking a deal, reduce the time I spend retrieving my items and overall it reduces my impact on the environment. I have been using Flipp for over two years now, and I love that it is my best friend when it comes to shopping, and I get the bonus of helping the environment.

Reducing Paper While Reducing Costs and Emissions

There is no need for weekly flyers once you have downloaded the Flipp app from  The Flipp app is easy to use.  I create my shopping list and as I do so it shows me where I can find the best price in the flyers. Have to love that time saver.  Hopefully, I can use the time saved to get outside and enjoy this blessed planet we live on.

Flipp app

By checking your app for updated flyers and using the item clipping feature, you will always know what the best prices are for the products you buy.  With most stores offering price matching, you will be saving money in so many ways while being eco-conscious.

Not only will you be saving money, but you are also helping to save the local environment by not needing to print out specials, collect weekly flyers or drive all over town for deals.  The puts more money in your pocket, more time in your day and more clean air in your city. Sounds like a win, win, win to me!

The Evolution of the Big Blue Box

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The blue box recycling program began in North America in the City of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and is now used in many countries worldwide to recycle paper, plastic, glass, and metal.  Through the years, the amount of paper in these bins became larger quantities.  By using the Flipp app, you can cancel that weekly flyer delivery and have a lot less to lug to the curb in your blue box.   This turns into fewer trips for the recycling trucks to your home (try putting your blue box out once every two weeks instead of every week), which means that their vehicles are burning less fuel and less energy is being used at the recycling plants to process all that paper.

Saving the Trees


With this reduction in the need for paper, imagine the impact this will have on our forests!  According to this TIME MAGZINE article from last September, 15 billion trees are cut down each year.  While not all of these trees are made into paper, ECOLOGY.COM revealed that about 35 percent of those trees are made into paper products.   With people turning to digital platforms like the flip app for their newspapers and shopping flyers this percentage should change drastically in the coming years.

I think that downloading and using the Flipp App is a simple way to celebrate Earth Day this year. How will you celebrate today?




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  1. The flipp app is amazing. It alerts me when I am near a store that has the item on my list. It's truly a time saver and at my fingertips

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