Flipping out for Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Today after a busy day it was time to have a cup of tea and retreat to one my my favorite activities flipping through the flyers on Flipp, looking for the best deals of the week. ¬†Normally I am planning my menu, making my grocery lust and the like using the app, but then I realized it is also good for Father’s Day shopping and that is this weekend! I found many Father’s Day gift ideas there.

So I decided to flipp through the flyers and check out some of the things dear old dad might love. Remember if you are starting your shopping with Flipp, if you know what you want simply do a search for the item and up will pop up any deals, ready for you to see which you may want to clip and save.

As I looked through the flyers I saw many great deals for Father’s Day so I wanted to share some of them with you in case you are still looking for ideas.

File 2016-06-16, 3 28 31 PM


Have the BEST DAD ever? Loved this mug from Indigo. At $14.00 it is a deal!

File 2016-06-16, 4 06 22 PM


Have the dad that is the grill master I love that this Master Chef grill from Canadian Tire is portable and you can take it anywhere! This week you can save $60.00 on it as well.

File 2016-06-16, 4 03 47 PM


Have the fashion forward dad, I think he might like a new watch from Sears. I have a nephew who is a new dad celebrating his first Father’s Day and this might be perfect for him.

File 2016-06-16, 3 28 56 PM


My step father loved tools, he was always in his workshop so if you have a dad like that this Ryobi Combo pack might be perfect for him.

File 2016-06-16, 4 05 50 PM


When I saw these headphones that are on sale this week at BestBuy, I was thinking of two single fathers I know that love music. Have a music lover in your house I am sure he would appreciate these and they are on sale.

These are just 5 of the great sales I found on my Flipp app for Father’s Day, there are hundereds more. When you shop for Father’s Day remember if you are looking for a way of celebrating him and keeping a budget check out your Flipp app before you hit the stores. Don’t have the Flipp app yet. You can find both the iOS version and the Android version here.




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