Metro Master Class at Taste of Toronto

The Metro Master Class at the Taste of Toronto

This past weekend I got to attend the Taste of Toronto not once, not twice but three times. I have gone every year since the festival started and each year I fall more in love with it. Have you been to the Taste of Toronto?

Over the years, I have been blessed to be invited by Metro, one of the sponsors and I must say their master classes have always been one of my favourite parts of the festival. I love learning new things and this year I learned how to make pasta finally, and I also learned how to make this wonderful yummy Greek eggplant dip. If you follow my social media channels, you would have seen my tweets and Instagram photos.

taste of toronto

I love getting to try the new creations the chefs from some of Toronto’s best restaurants put together. This year since I got to 3 sessions I was able to try several dishes. There were some that I loved and some I liked none were bad. One session I was there with a friend, one I was there with my daughter and one I was the guest of a VIP. Because I went with three different people, I had three different experiences which were great.

fried rice from The Drake

On Thursday night it was nice to see who won Best Taste and Best Dressed. Loved that The Drake won for it’s ChinaTown platter. I was also great to meet Chuck Hughes, who was the celebrity chef who gave the award. After the awards had been done, I sat in the Toronto Life tent and was a part of a great conversation with Matthew Hickey from Holt Renfrew. Who knew the store had a chef? I didn’t. My favourite dish that night was the True North Salmon Fried Rice from The Drake.


Friday I went with a friend who I had enjoyed the festival with last year. We also attend the Master Class by Metro after first learning how to make the best Caesars with Ketel One. It was fun to learn how to make a Canadian drink staple from an award-winning bartender. So Friday was all about pasta and Caesars for me. Now that was a fun combination. We also tried a few dishes, and both of us loved the Lamb from Mamakas Taverna.

2016-06-24 12.43.12-1-1

Saturday was my daughter’s first visit to Taste of Toronto. Next year, she will be nineteen and able to try some of the drinks she wanted to try. Before we left home, she had already looked at the program and circled six things she wanted to try. By the time she had four she was full. She found out she loved Brussel sprouts and octopus balls. Who knew? Dessert for her was the highlight and she loved the Churros Nest from El Cabalitto Teliuila y Tacos & Los Colibris. After lots of tasting it was time to learn as we were Metro’s guest at a Master class.

Metro Master Class at Taste of Toronto

My daughter loves to cook and was excited to learn something new. She loved learning how to make a great Greek eggplant dip called Melizanosalata from Chef Chris Kalisperas  from Mamaskas Taverna. We brought it home with us, and I grabbed some pita bread from Metro yesterday, and it was so good.

One of the gifts all attendees at the Metro Master class received was the “Nourish Cookbook”. It is full of many great whole food recipes that my daughter and I can’t wait to try. She even sent me to Metro yesterday to pick up some ingredients she wanted so we could make the best salted chocolate chunk cookies. I do love shopping at Metro when I can as they have a wonderful in store brand. We were even sent home from the Taste of Toronto with a few products from the store that we can’t wait to try this week.

Did you get to the Taste of Toronto? If so let me know what were your favourite dishes?

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