How to Earn Money Blogging

How to Earn Money Blogging

Ever wonder if you could make it as a full-time blogger, and earn a pay cheque that supports you and your family? When I started blogging over ten years ago, it was never about making money. It was about sharing with family and friends who were far away. At the time I started blogging was not a big thing. If you want to earn money today blogging, you can easily but let me warn you it does take time and effort.  Are you looking to supplement your current income? Grow your MLM business? Share a passion of yours?

You can do all of those and more. I did.

How can you earn money blogging?

Here is my Story:

When I started CommonCentsMom, I was dirt poor for Canadian standards making less than the poverty level. I was forced to be frugal. I was also facing bankruptcy. I started this blog to tell my story.  I shared with others how you do not have to spend much to have a great life. I have helped Canadians learn more about money and the great things happening around Toronto mostly.

For the first two years of this blog, there was no monetization whatsoever. I simply wanted to help Canadian moms get money smart. The first offer of a review came about a year into my blog. It was for Dove Chocolates. You always remember your first. Just like you remember who paid you first. My first paid gig as a blogger was from a fellow blogger, Prett Banerjee, who asked me to write a series for his blog.

It wasn’t until after I had attended my first blogging conference I saw the real potential in the blogging space. Six years ago I saw my social media sites as an extension of my blog. I started the #CDNmoney chat on Twitter ( it is now the longest-running Canadian Twitter chat, as well as being the first personal finance chat in Canada).

I learned that I needed to have several revenue sources. I learned the more I made it about the content I was offering, the more I could earn. I was helping Canadian moms save and learn more about money. For me, that was not only good for my soul, but it was also good for my pocketbook.

Three years ago while working at a print shop here in Toronto, I was laid off. After applying for about 400 jobs and not getting a single interview, I knew I had to do something online. There was no turning back. At the same time, I had learned enough social media skills via trial and error and being mentored by some of the best in the world, that I created a revenue source as both a blogger and freelancer.

Remember I said to have several revenue sources, freelancing is one of mine.

I also monetized my social media feeds. I grew on Twitter quickly curating and creating great content, and my #CDNmoney chat has become a Tuesday night power hour. Brands started sponsoring chats about three years ago, and I do on average  20-25 sponsored chats per year. Last year the CommonCentsMom brand and the CDNmoney chat brought just over one billion social media impressions to brands who wanted to reach my audience.


What have been my biggest lessons?

Be Persistent 

For me, persistence has paid off. Not earning a living your first 90 days? That’s ok. Stay in the game. Learn and grow along the way.


Take advantage of workshops, lessons, and small groups where you can learn to hone your blogging skills.

Have multiple revenue streams

I learned that from my blog I needed to branch out and create revenue from several sources.

Get a tribe

I learned to look at my fellow bloggers and those in my social circles as friends first. Having that network of friends has helped me flourish.

How Can You Do It?

Content is King

Always remember that content drives traffic. Give your audience what they desire and that is not review post after review post or sponsored content after sponsored content.  Ask your readers questions and answer theirs.

Create an Email List

Have an email list. I did not do this one until several years in and it is one of my biggest regrets when it comes to blogging.

Self Host if You Can

Many bloggers start on sites like Blogger or Don’t. That is my biggest piece of advice. You want to own your domain and your site. Hosting costs are something you can write off and it gives you a more professional image.

Know Your Streams of Income

You can get blog income and what I call brand income from a variety of sources:

  • Display Advertising. Adsense, being a part of an Ad Network or even have private ads like several of my friends. I use Mode as my Ad Network of choice.
  • Affiliate Programs. Do you know you can earn money for referring people to products and services and other sites.?
  • Amazon Affiliates.
  • Sponsored Posts. Always make sure a post is a great fit for your blog.
  • Creating Products. You can create an e-book, or a tee or even a physical product that goes along with your blog.
  • Monetizing your social feeds: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest all have ways you can monetize them with your content.

A few of the blogs I follow to learn, this is where I learned the best tips and tricks on my journey:

Let me know have you started your blog? If you have, I would love to visit. Leave me a comment with a link and I will be sure to stop by.









One thought to “How to Earn Money Blogging”

  1. Dear Common Cents Mom,

    I just stumbled onto your blog tonight, and am so inspired by your post. I'm a fellow Canadian mom hoping to start a blog. I vacillate between excitement for the potential and fear of failure.

    Your post has helped give me a realistic dose of optimism. While I know it'll be hard work (especially as a Canadian), I'm determined to get a blog up and running, and hopefully earn a little bit of money with it.

    I just wanted to say thanks for putting this honest, sealed article out there. We need more Canadian voices in this space!

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