Caddle’s Cash Back Offers: July 29 Edition

Today is a great day. It is #NationalLasagnaDay and to celebrate we will be having Lasagna for dinner tonight. Caddle is celebrating #NationalLasagnaDay as well with it’s #FlashFriday offer. Purchase a Lasagna today at any Canadian grocery store and earn $1.00 cash back.  With this week’s new Caddle cash back offers, I am trying to think of a great cow pun, honing my review skills and making my grocery list. All of these will have me earning money this week. 


New offers this week:

  1. Earn $0.25 cents for your grocery store receipt this week. Just make sure it totals $50 or more.
  2.  Write a review. Visit any online retailer and select a product you have purchased from them and submit a review. Reviews help everyone. Remember to make sure the user name for the review matches your Caddle user name.
  3. Have a great cow pun? Share it with Caddle and on your social channels with the hashtag #CowPuns to earn cash back as well.

Remember these Offers on the Caddle App:

The big thing to remember this week when you refer a friend to the Caddle app you earn cash back. Normally, you would earn $0.50, this week that has been doubled to $1.00 so share the app with your friends. We all love to share great things that help us save money and earn money. You earn as soon as your friend signs up and does one interaction with the app.

As well, love chocolate and pickles there are cash back offers for purchases made as well.

Be sure to check out all the great offers on the Caddle app.





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