5 Ways to Win During Back to School Shopping

5 Ways to Win During Back to School Shopping

5 Ways to Win During Bacl To School Shopping

I was at Walmart Canada last week, and it was great to see all the back to school supplies are out. Even though our summer vacation technically began on Thursday of last week, I am already thinking about ways to save next year. Why did our summer vacation start so late this year? My teen decided to take a summer school course. While walking the aisles, I realized we all could save during the back to school rush, not just parents who are sending their kids back to school.

So how can we all save?

1.  Shop The Summer Sales Racks

Here in Canada, in the fall and winter layering is a big thing. Shop the summer racks for the light clothing you can layer. Everyone else is thinking of what’s new but now is a great time to get some layering pieces.

2.  Get Your Office Supplies Now

If you work from home like I do, now is a great time to stock up on much-needed supplies. Need paper for your printer, pens, labels, and other office essentials? This is the time to hit places like Walmart, Staples, and the other major retailers. Grab those loss leaders ( the deeply discounted items that are meant to get you in the door).

3. Use Your Loyalty Cards

While you are out stocking up, collect your points or if you shop online use a site like Ebates ( a great portal site that gives you cash back). As well if you pay using a credit card that gives you points or cash back you can double dip as they say. Just remember to pay that credit card bill in full at the end of the month. After all who loves interest?

4. Win with Social Media

Do you follow your favorite retailers and brands on social media? You should. Your favorite retailers may just have special offers for their fans. They often do have back to school giveaways that you may want to enter after all there is nothing better than winning something you had planned on paying for.

5. Remember to Price Match 

Anyone who reads my blog knows I love to price match. Just letting you know Staples price matches. I don’t often write about it here on my blog but during back to school it is important to remember. Check out your local flyers on the Flipp app. Many retailers are now allowing you to price match straight from your phone.

These are all simple ways you can save and win during the back to school season even if you are not a parent. Tell me do you have any saving strategies that you use to win during back to school season?



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