Back to School Tips from Some of Canada’s Mom Bloggers

back to school tips

It is that time of year, back to school is around the corner. Parents are making lists checking them twice and asking friends for advice.  Since I live in the digital world, yesterday I asked several of the bloggers I know for their best back to school tips. They were happy to share them with me. I wanted to give you my readers some great tips. My friends did not disappoint.

Here are some back to school tips from some of Canada’s best mom bloggers:

From Ruth Ann Swansburg

Buy a good quality Plain (no characters) Back Pack. Accessorize with key chain, zipper pull or other “favourite character” or theme accessories. This will allow use of the bag for multiple years, and no need to worry about the trends or characters your child is wanting each year.

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From Bonnie Guy

Put Mabel’s Labels on EVERYTHING!!! They stay on most surfaces and help you prevent lost or stolen items at school.( Labels helped me save so much cash when my daughter was younger.)

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From Becky Stanisic

Shop your own home first! Take stock of what lunch items you already have, hand me downs from one kid to another, and rulers/supplies that are still in good shape!

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back to school

From Aneta Alaei

Do not buy something just because it is on sale. If you can’t use it its not a sale but a waste of money

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From Diane Morgan

Always to make sure whatever lunch containers you provide can be opened by your children.

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From Lori Anne

Shop off season (for next year!) We shopped for back to school clothes at 70% off by shopping the clearance section and combining promotion and sales codes. Get on the email list for your favourite clothing stores for the kids, and shop early. I label what’s in the boxes, and put them away at the top of closets, so they don’t get worn until school starts, but I can still keep track.

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From Fariha Naqvi

Take stock of what you have at home, then buy accordingly. Erasers can be reused, pencil cases (if dirty) can be washed. Use Flipp to price match and ensure you get the best price. Also, stock up if you get a deal.

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From Sherrie Guthrie

Make a list of all of the things needed, and a separate list of wants. Also remember to see what your school policies and procedures are in regards to BTS supplies. Most public schools have suggested lists of supplies, but nothing is required in most cases. As well, shop NOW, not at the last minute for shoes. Most shops have a limited number of shoe sizes in each style. My last suggestion, use coupons and web deals to help save more money.

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From Andrea Tomkins

My kids are older now, so we give them a lump sum, and it has to really stretch! They use this money to buy school supplies AND clothing (although we buy their footwear). It forces them to reuse last year’s school supplies, reduce purchases, and find the best deals.

She blogs at

From Anne Marie Brown

Usually, the first week of school still has nice weather and kids often are still wearing summer clothes. Wait until the fall sales to buy up the wardrobe items needed for that season when it comes to clothing.

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If all else fails, be sure after a long day of shopping grab a glass of wine and put your feet up. Let me know your best tips in the comments and I will be sure to share some of them on my facebook page.
















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