The 5 Top Places to Look for Coupons in Canada and the USA


Do you like to save money? I know I do. These days for me it is very much a necessity. When hard times hit, well I go back to the basics. For me, the basics mean using coupons so I can stretch my dollars.  Why do I have to stretch my dollars right now? My AD network closed its doors last week. In doing so, I lost a large part of my monthly income. As a blogger,  those ads you saw on my sidebar mattered to my monthly income. It was that simple. There is a lull happening while I figure out my next best move.

I find myself knowing; I know the basics of making my dollars stretch, and I am very thankful that I have that knowledge. So when we need to stretch our dollars where are the best places to look for coupons:


Did you know that technology is helping consumers like you and me save money? If you are looking to save, you want to have certain apps on your smartphone. Everyone knows I love the Flipp app. Did you know it has a coupon section both in Canada and the US? Yes, you will have to print these coupons off at home, but since you have the flyers on the app as well. It lets you know where to find the best deals.  Other friends love the Coupgon app. This app is used at the checkout to help Canadians save.

My American Friends love the app as well as the Flipp app that I shared earlier. It has a ton of offers, and you can get the coupons in 3 ways: mailed to you, print at home if you have an iPad, iPhone or certain iPod touchs and certain HP printers like mine ( the HP Envy 7640) or added to your store loyalty card. It all depends on the deal.

Printable Coupons

Here in Canada, we have Think of a one stop place to get lots of great coupons. From ice cream and cereal to beauty products I am sure you will find coupons your family can use. Combine these with a sale and you have a great win. For my American friends, you have Just found out both of these have apps!

Another page I recently discovered while back to school shopping was Teacher’s List. On Teachers List there are some great coupons you can print off as well some great deal offers if you live in the US. has printable coupons and mailed coupons for their VIP list.

Online Coupon Codes


Another one that many friends use is RetailMeNot. The have coupon codes, deals, and printable coupons. They also have some that are exclusive to their site.

Email Companies Directly

If you love a company email them directly. Here are 25 companies who will email you coupons for free if you live in the US. Here in Canada, I know this works as well.

Social Media

I often find coupons by following my favourite brands online. I also belong to a few local savings groups online. I find these groups love to share deals and coupons.

Remember these are just the five best ways to find the coupons you want. You can also find them on tear pads in the aisles as you shop, in magazines, in newspaper inserts and even asking your friends. Let me know your favorite ways to find coupons.

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