How to Save Money on Kids Clothes in Canada

Ever wonder how you can save money on kids clothes? With many of us parents shopping for back to school now, many of us look for ways to save. I know I do and this year I learned an extra trick or two that saw money left in this mom’s wallet.  I am discovering new ways to save and keep my budget in check.

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Student Discounts

Student discounts have been utilized this year in our home. If you have a high school, college or university student in the family make sure they pay for their clothes ( yes give them a budget and let them know how to save). When students pay, they can often grab student discounts either with the SPC card, or some retailers have their student discounts:

  • H&M offers students 15% off their purchases
  • Roots offer 20% off regular priced items, 10% off sale items.
  • The Banana Republic offers 15% on your full-priced in store purchases.
  • Levi’s offers 15% off for students. Register online to get your 15% off.

There are other retailers as well if you are traveling in the US. It never hurts to ask if they offer a discount. Some are good only for college and university students, but it never hurts to ask. By the way that SPC card we got 2 weeks ago has already saved us $40.00!

Price Matching

back to school Flipp

Hate having to visit several stores to get all your shopping done? Save time and money by price matching. As many of my readers know my favourite app for price matching is Flipp. Many retailers with match and even sometimes beat their competitor’s prices. Make sure you know your favourite retailer’s policy. The products do have to be identical, so you do have to be careful. Many retailers these days allow you to price match straight from the app which is a huge blessing as you don’t have to carry a flyer or a screen grab of an online deal.  Retailers that I love to price match at for kids clothes are Walmart, Sears, Hudsons Bay, Sports Check and Giant Tiger. Giant Tiger even goes one step further and lets you get the item for one cent less.

My teen really wanted a pair of Converse sneakers so she typed Converse into the app and found them on sale at Hudsons Bay. She took a special trip there as she wanted a certain design. One of the great deals we found was at Sears. Many of the

How do you use the Flipp app to price match? It is easy. Enter the item you are looking to purchase in the search bar on the app; the Flipp app will automatically bring up all your local flyers with deals on the item, then all you do is clip the item to the app. It will be added to your shopping list. At the retailer where you shop simply show them the app and the clipping. It is that easy. Do check your store’s policy to see if they allow you to price match straight from the app.

Price Adjustments

One of the biggest lessons I have learned is to hang on to my receipts. One too many times I have seen the item I bought last week on sale this week. Lots of retailers will do a price adjustment. You simple have to check their price adjustment policy. For many stores, this is seven days but for some, it can be up to 30 days. Stores in Canada that will price adjust include Walmart, Hudsons Bay, The Childrens Place, Sport Check and Carters/OshKosh


Do you have a kid that is rough on their clothes? I had a daughter who was very rough on her clothes. My daughter, when she was younger would chew her shirts. I am grateful for retailers who had great warranties and clothes that stood the test of time. I was also thankful for retailer warranties. I have used them a few times.

  • Walmart’s warranty states their clothes won’t wear out before your kids out grow them. The guarantee is for children’s clothing size zero to 16 and shoes size toddler zero to boys youth size six and girls youth size six.
  • Have a large family? You will love the Sears Lifetime Wear Out Warranty.  They repair or replace the item in the same size as long as any kid in the family is wearing that size. If the item is no longer in stock, they replace it with a similar item of equal value.  The warranty covers up to size 18 in the youth section and shoes up to senior kids size six.
  • You will love that Giant Tiger satisfaction guarantee policy has no time limit so you can always return kids clothing if you are not happy with the wear and get your money back.

There are many ways to save on kids clothing just remember to save your receipts. In our house, I have a clothing receipts folder, and it sure has come in handy. You will need those receipts if you want to use the warranty or get a price adjustment. Let me know if you have found other ways to save on kids clothing.






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