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Every year here in Canada more people are becoming entrepreneurs. I love seeing the growth in entrepreneurship in Canada, but with that growth comes the need for a few things.  For those of who are moms there needs to be a work-life balance. There also needs to be an understanding of what is important and the risks involved.  In today’s work business environment, you want to consider everything especially when you are starting out.

Earlier this year, I attended the Mompreneurs Conference here in Toronto.  As a small business woman, I love this conference every year. We talk a lot about the need for a work-life balance while there. It is key if you have a family and have a business.  One of the key sponsors was TRUSHIELD who I was introduced to at the conference. They are a great insurance company for us small business owners.  On their blog, they have a great post on keeping a work-life balance. Check it out here.

One of the things I realized while I was at the conference was how uncovered I was as a small business woman. I was taking risks that I did not need to be taking. For small business owners, we not only have to be looking at how to grow our companies but the risks involved in running them. We need our commercial insurance. Did you know your home insurance does not cover your home-based business?

When you own a business and operate it from your home, you need to look at having home based business insurance.  Now Kanetix (one of my favourite insurance comparison sites) is a great place to get a quote if you are considering home-based business insurance.

There is an advantage when you get a quote as well right now. Kanetix is running a contest. When you get a home-based business insurance quote, you are entered to win $2500.00

Let me know if you are a home-based business owner and if you carry commercial insurance. If you don’t, you really should and don’t forget to enter the Kanetix contest.

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