Giving a Complete Rubdown On the Benefits of Massage Chairs

Panasonic Massage Chair

A massage chair offers a customized solution for deep relaxation of mind and body. There are specialized massage techniques and preset programs to provide you holistic health benefits. The soft gliding strokes with mild to heavy pressure irons out knots and adhesions in the muscle tissue. Massage therapy improves physical as well as mental health by aiding muscular as well as emotional stress.


Benefits of having your own massage chair


Although a traditional massage in a spa would be great, it is becoming less preferable and popular, as many people may not have the time and money to go to a luxurious spa. A massage chair, on the other hand, is a one-time purchase and offers the same health benefits as a professional therapist at your own  time and convenience.


Not convinced yet? Read on and find out how owning a massage chair is one of the best decisions to achieve holistic wellness.


  1. It acts as an energy booster – A massage chair is like a battery pack that reenergizes and revitalizes worn out and tired muscles after a hard day at work or school.


  1. It alleviates muscle tension and pain – Backache is an increasing physical ailment among students and working professionals primarily due to bad body posture. A massage chair is designed to relax your spinal cord and press relevant stress points to alleviate fatigue and muscle tension. Some chairs also come with a built-in heat therapy that heals sores and muscle swelling.


  1. It stimulates circulation – A relaxing full-body massage stimulates blood circulation in every part of your body from the scalp to the tip of your toes. This kind of deep relaxation removes harmful toxins from the body, rejuvenates all organs and absorbs essential nutrients. Massage therapy also eases high-blood pressure, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.


  1. It corrects your posture – The specific pressure points of the massage chair will exert light or firm pressure on your back, flexing the stiff muscles and adjusting the alignment of the spine. A massage chair can improve your posture and prevent or heal back-related problems.


  1. It acts as an emotional stress reliever – Not only does a massage therapy reduce physical stress it provides emotional relief too. Its special mechanism increases neurotransmitter levels to beat anxiety, depression, stress headaches and migraines. It also improves sleep and digestive functions.


  1. It increases endorphins – Perhaps one of the most crucial benefits of a massage chair is that it increases the amount of ‘feel good’ chemicals in the body. This improves recovery from ailments, reduces stress and anxiety ensuring overall well-being.

How does a massage chair work?

Depending on your preference and disposable income, there are many options available. Most massage chairs have simple vibrating elements. Others are equipped with hydro or air massage therapy.

The simplest chairs work on vibrating mechanisms in which several small devices that contain a weighted wheel are used. This wheel is intentionally unbalanced so when the electric motor rotates, it causes vibration. Hydro-massage therapy uses water to relieve stress and tension. Air massage therapy uses airbags to massage the muscles and stimulate blood flow. If you are not keen on purchasing an exclusive water or airbag-based massage chair, you can pick one with vibrating mechanisms and an option of either hydro or air.



Panasonic’s Reclining Massage Lounger gives you a luxurious massage experience. This relaxing piece of soft, black faux leather upholstery offers multiple massage styles such as Kneading, Rolling, Hawaiian, gentle tapping  and many others for all parts of your body.  You can customize massage options or use one of their pre-set functions. The airbags in the ottoman also provide foot reflexology and lower leg massage, plus customizable massage ranges, guarantee complete relaxation.


Massage chairs are becoming increasingly popular in homes as well as offices because of their innumerable health benefits, their ability to relax the mind and body, and the chance to treat ourselves without creating a separate outing to a massage studio or spa. They are also becoming more affordable than before, making it a luxury, but not an outrageous purchase decision for a household to consider. Manufacturers are constantly upgrading designs, textures and the overall look of massage chairs so you can pick something for your home without it looking out of place, bulky, or an ‘eyesore’.


A massage chair can be a useful and quality furniture piece for your home, making it easy to have your own private oasis (even if for 5 minutes), and suggests a level of affluence; even if you didn’t break the bank on your purchase. If you find your friends coming over more often than before, don’t be surprised if you end up influencing your popularity. A massage chair may be your next luxury purchase, but after a while, you’ll wonder how you managed without this slice of luxury in your life.

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