Do You Know How Much Steel is Your Vehicle? #SteelMatters

Ever had your perspective changed? This year I attended the Canadian International Auto Show with the Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI). It was fabulous to walk the floor of the show with the team and learn the steel stories of each car. I also learned more about the economical use of high-strength steel in making the vehicles we drive safer.


As we walked the floors, I started asking more questions about safety, steel intensity, and cost. Did you know that steel leads the way in performance because of its superior strength, weight, durability and repairability? Think of your wallet, the steel content of your car could save you dollars.


Here is an interesting fact. The cost of ownership (that includes the purchase price of your vehicle, the insurance and repair costs) are lower for steel-intensive vehicles. Owning a steel-intensive vehicle is simply a smart choice. Steel is two to three times less expensive than aluminum. Want to know more interesting facts visit DriveUsingSteel.


Care about greenhouse gasses? Steel has the lowest production phase greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to alternative materials. Living with a daughter who is always reminding me about being eco-friendly steel wins again.


Think of safety. Would you rather drive something that was made of the same material used in bridges or the same material used in pop cans? Just something to think about. There is a time and place for everything and when it comes to vehicle production, steel definitely has its place. It also has its place in helping save money and as the mom with common sense, it’s sensible.


Let’s get to some of the interesting steel stories I learned while at the Canadian International Auto Show.

File 2017-02-19, 10 19 08 AM

Let’s start with the car that won the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada Canadian Car of the Year, the Volkswagen Golf (Alltrack). The stamped steel body and chassis boats a large percentage of high-strength, hot formed steel.  The winner of the Canadian Utility Vehicle of the year, the Subaru Forester is also steel intensive.


Now let’s talk about another vehicle in the Volkswagen line the VW Tiguan. It has a rigid laser-seam-welded body shell, crash-optimized, energy-absorbing front end, and heat-formed steel center pillars.

File 2017-02-19, 10 19 47 AM

Want to know which car is 100 percent steel? The Chevrolet Traverse is! How is that for steel intensity! It positions high strength steel in the correct locations of the vehicle and optimizes the door weights through higher-strength steel reinforcements and lighter steels for skins and cosmetic areas.

File 2017-02-19, 10 17 23 AM

The Kia Stinger had a cool reveal and with 55 percent high strength steel, it is definitely steel intensive.  I love the reveal of this car. It was fun to watch.


The sweet Chrysler Pacifica has a body structure that is made of 72 percent high-strength steel. I rather loved some of the features on this 7 seater.


The All-Electric Bolt EV, winner of the Motortrend Car of the Year and the North American Car of the Year, is also very steel intensive. Do not let its small size fool you. I loved the lines on this car!

File 2017-02-19, 10 18 01 AM

Even my beloved Ford Mustang which is all new this year is very steel intensive.  There is extensive use of advanced technologies and materials including high-strength steels.

File 2017-02-19, 10 16 23 AM

Some of the other things I enjoyed at this year’s Auto show included the array of concept cars. From the Aston Martin AM-RB001 Hypercar to the Lincoln Navigator Concept to the Cadillac Escala Concept there was lots to see. Another thing I cannot wait to explore when I go back is the number of VR activities and contests to enter. Make sure you check them all out.

File 2017-02-19, 10 17 41 AM

SMDI is even hosting their own giveaway. While at the Canadian International Auto Show, follow @DriveUsingSteel and share with them your favourite car from the show using the hashtag #SteelMatters and you will be entered to win a drone.

CIAS Twitter Contest Photo

You can also win right here on my blog. I am giving away 4 Guest Passes to the Canadian International Auto Show. Simply leave a comment on this post and on Tuesday February 24th I will give them away! Let me know what you are most interested in seeing at the show when you comment.


*This post has been sponsored by the Steel Market Development Institute. If you want to know more about the fabulous advancements in steel do check out

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  1. I'm a college automotive student and am excited to go to the cias.. I'm also very interested in the vr experiences.. as well as learning about all of the new and exciting technologies that are going into our vehicles both now and what's to come in the future.

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