The Best Alternate Places to Watch the Fireworks in Toronto

Can you believe our great country is turning 150 this year? With this huge of a celebration, there are lots of places to watch the fireworks on Saturday and the weather forecast is great!

With this list of great fireworks displays, it is hard to decide where to watch the fireworks.  You may not want to get caught in the crowds so I have some alternate spots close to the action that you may want to watch from, so where are the best places to watch the fireworks in Toronto?


CN Tower

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, the CN tower, a structure that has been around since 1976 will have a spectacular display.  The fireworks are slated to kick off at 10:30 p.m.Want to take in these and skip the crowds? Head for a walk along the waterfront, yes it will be busier than normal but there are lots of small parks where you can spread a blanket and have a great spot away from the crowd.

Nathan Phillips Square

Make your way to City Hall during the long weekend for four consecutive days of Canada Day celebrations. The fireworks will be going off each night! They start at 10:55. My choice for seeing these away from the crowd has to be the top level of the Kensington Market parkade. It has a great view of downtown.

Canada Day conveniently falls on the same day at Ribfest in Etobicoke, so if you want dinner and a show, this is ideal. The fireworks will start at approximately 10 p.m.

Canada’s Wonderland

We are season pass holders so these fireworks that happen at 10 pm are a must for many who are on the north side of the city. If you have been in the park all day and want to avoid the crowd about an hour before they go off grab your blanket and head to the parking lot hill. I promise it is a great view and you are not in the crowd.

Downsview Park

I did these fireworks one year and found the best place to see them was not right in the heart of the park but on the edge. We were away from the crowd and still had a great view.


With fireworks from the CN Tower, Ashbridges Bay and Humber Park West. The waterfront will be the best place to be, but where on the water. We are thinking the new Trillium Park based on the old Ontario Place lands may be the best place to get the best place to take in all the shows.

Another good spot that we enjoy is Cherry Beach because it rarely gets a crowd.

Ashbridges Bay

Q107 puts on a great show during the day and with over 2000 blasts, it is a great show to see. When we lived on the east side of the city we always hit this one. The best place to avoid the crowds is the beach by RC Water Treatment Center

Humber Bay Park West

As part of the city’s great line-up of acts for the day, these ones will go off at 10:55 as well. I would say take a walk along the boardwalk just east of the park and you may have one of the best views of the city.

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