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Three years ago this week, I entered into a formal partnership with Flipp. I have loved being a part of the Flipp team for the last three years. For awhile I am their community manager and now love being a brand ambassador. I was one of the original Flipp moms. Over the last 3 years, I have saved thousands using the app. What about you? Are you using it weekly to continue to save?

I have been wanting to update my home office for awhile now and as back to school season is around the corner there are some great home office deals on the app this week.

Have you been wanting to update your home office with items that you need? This week I found some awesome home office steals at Staples that you might like.

Home Office Steals

Staples Valid – July 19 – July 25

This week Staples has some hot buys that will be beneficial if you have a home office. These are just 5 valuable deals I found and there are quite a few more just waiting to be seen.

If you occasionally knock your mouse off the desk and it bounces to the floor, it may or may not recover. The Logitech mice last a long time and can take a beating from the floor.

Home Office Steals

Although you can get AVG online for free, this provides extra safety for your browsing enjoyment.

Home Office Steals

When you sit at a desk for hours, it needs to be a comfortable chair that helps keep your back from aching.

Take your photos to the next level with the help of Photoshop Elements. Professional photos are only a few edits away.

Break up your day with a bit of fitness and keep track of your goals with a Fitbit. Take a walk around the block and stretch your legs. Did you know it so important to move every ninety minutes?

Downloaded the Flipp app and don’t miss out on savings and cash back. Download Flipp from Google Play or the App Store and start saving.

If you haven’t started using the coupons and rebates with the app, you can find some helpful information with Flipp’s Guide to Rebates. Print off your coupons to match them with deals.

Don’t forget to add all your loyalty cards to Flipp so you always have them with you.

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