How to Have a Happy Halloween on a Budget

It’s hard to believe it is the middle of October already, and if you are like me I start thinking about Halloween the day after Thanksgiving. Halloween though can cause a drain on the pocketbook. It’s one of those holidays where it is easy to spend and spend. We absolutely love Halloween in this house. My teen has already been down to Niagra area for a Haunted Hayride, corn mazes, and a bonfire this past weekend as she helped a friend celebrate their birthday. So how can we have a happy Halloween on a budget? Trust me, it is possible to do and you can it on a budget.  Here are my rules for a great Halloween:


Before you spend a single dollar on Halloween, plan your spending. Have a budget in place. Are you going to be buying costumes for yourself, the kids, pets? Planning on attending local Halloween events (what are the costs involved?)? Are you going to decorate your house? Are you handing out candy? Trust me, you can save on all of it, but first, you have to know your budget.

Get Inspired on Pinterest

We love Pinterest for inspiration. If you check my Pinterest boards you will see I have a Halloween board that is full of decor and costumes ideas and another board full of Halloween food ideas

Shop What You Have

We love holidays in this house. I have a Rubbermaid container for every season, every holiday. Over the years, I have collected favorite elements for my Halloween decor and possible costumes. What do have in your closet, attic, or garage that you can use? For me, I have been blessed to have been a Hallmark blogger so I have a collection of favourites that I use year after year. I also keep past costumes if I see a potential use for the pieces. Do you have a dress-up box? We had a tickle trunk for years. Everything my daughter wore for dress up was up for grabs when it came to Halloween costumes.


The Dollar Store

We love dollar stores, you know the ones where everything is one dollar or pretty close to that. For Halloween, we purchase things we need here most often. Need Halloween makeup you can find it? Need temporary hair colour, you will find it, Need a few decor items you can find that too. Here where I live I have two favourite dollar stores: Dollarama and Dollar Tree. Be careful at Dollarama though many items are more than a buck! Look for value.

Thrift Stores

The third place I hit is thrift stores. I have shopped a Value Village in the past for Halloween but they are now getting almost as expensive as Walmart and other retailers when it comes to Halloween costumes.  My current favourite places to thrift shop for Halloween in Toronto right now happens to be the Salvation Army thrift stores. We have found some great costumes and dress up clothes at thrift stores by keeping our eyes peeled.

Save Money on Candy Shopping

Do you have hundreds of kids hitting your house? You can save on Halloween candy as well. We found a couple of bags of candy that we know kids love at Dollarama for three dollars a bag but to save on things like chips, chocolate bars, and Twizzlers check your sales flyers the two weeks before Halloween.  With your Flipp app, simply enter the word Halloween or candy in the search bar and watch all the adds appear. Simply clip your favourite or the best buy and remember you can price match at stores like Walmart and the Superstore.

Thes are my tips for a budget-friendly happy Halloween. How do you celebrate Halloween without breaking the bank?


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