The Common Cents Mystery Box Christmas Giveaway


It is that time of the year. We are six weeks away from Christmas Eve.  If you are a planner like me you are already getting ready. I have already started a list and have checked it more than twice. This year I will be hosting a few giveaways here on the blog but I wanted to start with a very special one.

Have you ever seen a mystery box unboxing on YouTube? My daughter is addicted to them. Really, she is.


I am giving away a Common Cents Mystery box. What is in it?

If you know me you know I have a few loves so does my teen. I will say the retail value of the box is over $150.00 retail Canadian.

Need more clues?

It includes brands we love.

Some of the things it may include:

Essential oils, tea, chocolate, puzzles, beauty items, toys. Does this get you thinking?

We promise no lint, no broken items.  All will be usable.

It includes things for kids and adults.

We will gladly send this mystery box anywhere in the United States or Canada. Our only ask is that you share the opening of the box on your own social channel.


  • Open to Canadian and US Residents over the age of 18.

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99 thoughts to “The Common Cents Mystery Box Christmas Giveaway”

  1. I badly need a blender for making cream soups LOL..also the linky to fb doesnt' work (I actually saw this post ON fb and came here thru that) AND the instagram ones not working either (I just scrolled up to the top to click that one) AND I screwed up the tweet cus I posted my instagram url into the tweet part and didn't realize I'd screwed up til I went to go tweet and found it was the instagram thing…I prob should go make some tea or something lol

  2. I would love a peaceful relaxed time for Christmas, but failing that I would like some great walking and hiking socks.

  3. This year I'm hoping for some really cozy slippers, a few jigsaw puzzles and a new blow dryer. That fancy new Dyson dryer would be incredible but I'll settle for something a bit less extravagant.

  4. Apart from the chance to get back home to spend Christmas with our extended families and good health for everyone, I would be more than happy with some bath linens (I need hand towels!), maybe an airfryer or Instant Pot and chocolate!

  5. I would love a hot stone therapeutic massage, ticket to circle du Soleil Crystal, a pedicure and Purdys sweet Georgia brown.

  6. It has become the time that I would just like one little surprise under the tree.
    Usually my parents and hubby ask for a list….so not exciting opening things when I might know exactly what they are . LOL

  7. I am wishing for some new socks! Not very exciting but definitely needed! My cats keep telling me they need more toys and treats also!

  8. My Christmas list consists of a wifi blue ray player, in fact, I'm hoping for 2, 1 for each tv in my house. Thanks for this awesome deal.

  9. Well…all my extra money is going to the dentist, and, then, two days ago, my laptop died….hard to get much online stuff done on a cell, so a laptop is my big wishlist item! Thank you for the chance! Surprises are always so fun!

  10. I think Common Cents Mom has filled the box with things to help me and my family take care of ourselves during this busy and stressful tim of year. Maybe some nice relaxing oils, teas and family activities.

  11. I have a very large an unusual item on my wishlist….a new couch! But I definitely could use some new clothing as well!

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