Back to School Tips from Canadian Bloggers

It is that time of the year again. You know the day before the school year begins. Parents and kids are excited because it is time for back to school. This year I wanted to bring you some common sense tips, some great back to school tips so I turned to my peer’s fellow Canadian bloggers. 

Whether, this September means someone in your house is starting school, how I miss those early years, to starting college or even going back to school as an adult these tips will have you covered. You will also want to check out year blogger for their great content.

From Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad

I adore Casey and agree with his advice-

Label everything. EVERYTHING. If you ever want to see it again, in the name of everything that’s holy, LABEL IT!!!

From Kimberly McLeod, The Best Ideas for Kids

Take a picture on the first day of school. ( Who actually remembers too, some years I was on day three before this got done!) 

There are some great printables for the first day on her site here:

From Victoria Donovan, Cool Beans 4

Victoria, has a great tip for all those headed to college and university, use a calendar/agenda.  I know this one first hand and find the more you track the more successful you can be as a student.

For more of Victoria’s tips check out the rest of this post:

From Sarah Wall, Raising Royalty

Have multiples or duplicates of everything. Mittens, pencils, that specially chosen lunch box … Having more than one means easy replacement when one inevitably gets lost or damaged. And that means less last-minute scrambling for essential items.

You can read more great stuff from her blog here:

From Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma, Maple and Marigold

Get into a healthy destressing and unwinding routine for after school. Kids will need it as will parents. Listening to music, reading, dance, yoga stretches even just colouring have helped us in the past.

You can find more stress busting tips from Puneeta here:

From Anna Anderson, Abrazo and Coze

Get into a good morning routine, starting well before the first day of school. That way everyone is accustomed to getting up at the right time, eating breakfast earlier than they might have been in the summer, and it won’t be as much of a struggle to adjust once school starts. For my family, our routine includes getting backpacks ready the night before (emptying garbage, ensuring homework is in the bag, any permission slips are signed and in the bag, and the bag put by the front door. In the morning as part of heading out the door lunch boxes are added to the backpacks. That way nothing important is forgotten.

You can read more about Anna’s early morning routine here:

From Casey Leanna, Casey Wolfgang

Don’t rush to buy back to school clothes. Your kids wanna see what their friends are wearing or what’s on trend before filling their closets. 

You can read more from Casey here:

From Hannah Spray, The Big To Do List

Starting Kindy? Make sure your little one knows important health and safety information, like how to properly wipe and wash their hands, not to share personal items like lip chap, body awareness and appropriate touch, and ensure your child knows to come to you and your other safe adults (teacher, dad, etc) if they aren’t feeling good about something. 

You can read more from Hannah here:

From Erin Rolfson, Quillable

 If you find your child is anxious about school starting, try finding some good back-to-school books to read together before their first day. There are loads of awesome stories that can help them start to process their emotions before they get overwhelmed.

If you love book reviews and great stuff you can read more from Erin here:

Laura Baptie Myles, Chaos and Quiet

If you have a little one starting kindergarten, focus on the life skills – how to get dressed and undressed for outside, how to go to the washroom independently, how to manage their own lunch, responsibility for their own belongings, etc. 

You can check out her post on kindergarten here:

From Paige McEachern, Piece of Pie

Routine is key: Having well established routines when children start school will help get them ready in the morning, do homework and get settled at night. Summer is for having fun and sometimes that means routines get pushed aside. The weeks leading up to the start of school review your routines and start implementing them.

You can read more back to school tips from her here:

Amanda Blain, Amanda Blain

If you don’t have kids, take this “new start” as a time to have a look at your own life and do some fall cleaning. Clean out the closet, sign up for a new course, even just read a new book. Life is happening around you.

You can read more from Amanda here:

If you want to read more tips from some of Canada’s leading mom bloggers check out this post here. Hope your back to school experience is easy and fun for you and your family. 

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