Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

It’s early on January and I am thankful for a new year and new opportunities. I love the crispness of a new dawn, the hope it brings. Last night it felt good to say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019! I have to admit 2018 challenged me. It was a hard year.  Personally, I struggled in many ways as I came to terms with job loss. No one tells you that job hunting is different in your fifties. It is hard! I also struggled with depression and I battled to find my way. I am looking forward to 2019 and going forward in faith.

Goodbye 2018

In some ways, I struggled as I looked for a full-time gig. I sent out resume after resume with meager results. Since I am no longer the parent of a teen blog campaigns were also harder to come by. I was very thankful for one part-time social media client.  It humbled me.  I said goodbye to partnerships with Flipp, Church and Dwight and Netflix. All of these had been multiple year partnerships so it was hard to see them go.

I was thankful for partnerships with Turbo Tax, Quber, Tangerine, State Farm, Oral-B, and Desjardins and my work with them. I was glad that these partnerships provided ways for me to share with my readers and followers some great tips, a new app, talk about money and talk about insurance. I look forward to working with brands that allow me to share with you my readers about things that matter.

One of the best things that happened was getting to see so much music live! From seeing Pink up close to enjoying Shania Twain, Keith Urban and saying goodbye to Massey Hall here in Toronto, I had some amazing nights out. Music inspired me and moved me forward all year long.

I learned much from listening to small business leaders and speakers as I attended several events. I asked Gary Vee a question about reinventing myself, I learned how to pitch a business idea at the Fireside Conference, and learned more about essential oils and network marketing in a room filled with women who wanted to learn and grow. I then attended Blissdom Canada, a social media conference, and was able to reconnect with friends and learn from some of the new leaders in the social space.

It definitely was a year with ups and downs! As I talked to friends, many like me had hard years. That is ok, life is not always easy. By mid-December, I was ready for the year to be done.

Hello 2019

As I look forward, I am excited as I am moving forward in faith. Faith is the word that will guide my 2019. What do I have planned?

Going forward I really want to help you my community. I want to be a resource for you. As I rebuild Common Cents Mom, I will be sharing money tips each Monday. I will share what I am learning, what I am reading and hopefully bringing you some great money conversations.

I finally found a working gig in the summer of 2018 but I want to find something better in 2019.

I am also working on my health once again. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I so need to work on my emotional and physical health. With this in mind, I am with also be sharing what I am doing to take care of me.

If you know me or follow me on social media, you know I love essential oils. I first started using them a few years ago. As I learn more, I will be sharing more about essential oils and how I am earning money selling them.

As for my work with brands, as I open this year I will be selective and I am learning it is okay to say no and even cut brands out of your life when it a relationship you have outgrown or one that isn’t the best for your or your audience.  I will share in real ways. I may share more affiliate links instead of going after brand relationships. These links will be to items and brands that can help you, my readers.  I want to share my life in ways that are real and authentic.

So tell me as you move into 2019, what are you saying goodbye too and what are your goals for 2019? What leaps are you wanting to take?






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