SayingThank You and Saying Goodnight

Eleven years I ago, I started a journey. I wanted no other Canadian woman to live my life. I wanted them to know about money. I wanted them to know life on a small budget was manageable. Tonight, a new path begins and I say thank you and goodnight.

Last week I got an offer to sell Common Cents Mom. The offer is more than fair. I will no longer be the owner of Common Cents Mom as of this time tomorrow night.

How do I say goodbye to 11 years years of work?

This blog has been good to me and for me. We built a community. A community I hope sticks around for what is ahead for the blog.  You will see more here, and it will help those who want a financial path forward.

thank you
Man holding thank you word in palm

Saying Thank You

Thank you to Liz Strauss and Terry Starbucker who first recognized me as a blogger when this little blog was in its infancy. Thank you to Preet Banerjee who gave me my first paid writing gig! Thank you to Gayle Vaz Oxlade who was an early mentor. Thank you to Donna Marie Antoniadias who recognized my talents early on as a community builder and helped me thrive and succeed.

Thank you to every person who gathered on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings to talk money long before there were bank Twitter chats and parties, Facebook Lives and Instastories. I enjoyed every hour very much. Can you believe those Twitter chats produced over 5 billion social media impressions? It is a legacy of how important money conversations are. Financial literacy is important. It always will be for Canadian families.

Thank you to every brand I worked with. I was blessed to have multiple year relationships with many brands over the years. I still remember my first sponsor on this blog though was Dove Chocolate. I couldn’t turn down chocolate.  But the reality is I loved talking taxes with Turbo Tax, loved my partnership with Church and Dwight, loved talking movies and tv shows with Netflix, and then got to celebrate my dad and his work in a factory many years ago when I partnered with Hallmark Canada.

This blog has also helped several Canadian owned and created apps and sites launch.

Flipp, is still my go-to best friend when it comes to shopping.  Have you downloaded and saved on your grocery bill yet?

Caddle, when it comes to favourite cash back apps, this one still ranks high for me.

uCarenet, will definitely change the face of homecare in Canada.

Quber, is a great little app if you need help with your savings goals.

Notice a theme with these? They all help us every day.  I loved finding apps, technology and ways of doing things and then sharing them with my readers.

good night

Looking Forward and Saying Good Night

Now looking forward, I turn 55 this year. It’s time to forge a new path forward. It’s time to say goodnight to this blog and start a new adventure. It’s time for a new writer here.

Wish me luck on this adventure and again thank you all, it has been quite the ride.



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