All About Common Cents Mom

Hollie Pollard

Common Cents Mom was founded by Hollie Pollard

She was a  woman with a mission. Her mission was to share the journey of one mom and how she became a smart consumer who knows that cents matter. Money matters. She shared common sense money tips, life hacks, smart shopping solutions and the joys of giving back. She wanted a life lived to the full on a budget.


PS. Facts and Figures about Common Cents Mom

Common Cents Mom is one of the top 20 blogs in the GTA written by one person according to Alexa. It has also been listed as one of the 75 most influential mom blogs in Canada in 2013 by Savvy Mom. It was also listed as Top30 TorontoMom blog. It has also appeared on many lists making a blog to follow.

Common Cents Mom is one of the top 30 personal finance blogs in Canada.

Common Cents Mom has also been seen, or quoted on the CBC News, CBC RadioThe Toronto Star, The NewYork Times,  The Financial Post,  Today’s Parent called this blog one of 4 to follow.

The average reader is 30-45, has kids and has a household income over 35,000 a year.

The privacy policy can be found here. 

14 thoughts to “All About Common Cents Mom”

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  2. Mashallah, you are truly an inspiration. Mother warrior, may Allah bless you and your beautiful girl (I saw her pix on the site), never give up because Allah would never make you face something you could not handle.
    All my love for you,
    Salam Aleikum

  3. Mashallah, What a inspiring story! I just recently got into blogging and hope to do it full time soon. I love saving money and at one time was a coupon queen. I still have thousands of coupons that have no expiration date. Not sure what to do with them since they have no bar code to be redeemed… lol My blog is about exercise, healthy eating and education about genetically modified foods and how harmful they are. I look forward to visiting your blog again, Sharon

  4. Hello Hollie
    We met at Moms Me Time T.O. and I have finally had a chance to really look through your blog. I am so impressed with you and all of the information and generosity of spirit I see here. Thank you for all that you do. You are a gift. You have a follower in me. Can't wait to meet again.
    Best wishes to both you and your daughter.
    Ida Mae
    Ida Mae West-Simone recently posted…The Kindergarten DecisionMy Profile

  5. Hollie, I teach Digital Marketing at UofToronto – would you be able to participate in a blogger panel in October? Would entail a brief intro of yourself and your blogger know-how, followed by open Q&A. There are 2 other Toronto based bloggers confirmed, including Alexa Clark who I believe you know.

    Please email me if interested for details!

  6. What an awesome story Hollie. I am so glad to have met you at SCCTO in 2012. I enjoy reading your blog. Happy Holidays!!!

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