What Works for Me: Lists

6a00d83451c5ac69e2010535bfa96b970b-800wi2I am addicted to lists! They work for me. I think I am a bit Aspie’s like my daughter Roo. They really do help me to stay organizing. On my fridge there is a running grocery list, when I do my grocery shopping this list comes with me, it also comes off the fridge when I am menu planning. Then there is my list of recipes I want to try, and then is the list of books I want to read, and then there is the gift list, as friends or family mention things they like through the year it is added to the list so I don’t forget. I guess I am a listaholic! For me I have so much in my head that I have to use lists to keep me organized. I even made a list today of everything I wanted done today..

Okay I like lists! Do you use lists besides a grocery one?

Now I am off to read a LIST, you can find that same LIST at Shannon’s where we all List what works for us..

Commom Cents Mom Gives Away Cents


Okay okay it is one of my favorite times of the year– there are giveaways on so many blogs this week, and really who can visit all 1,000 or so blogs that will participate? Not me..I average about 200. Well this time I am participating, last time I did my OLD blog saw over 900 hits in 2 days…Yikes! So hopefully you will come for the giveaway, but then just maybe some of you will come back to visit again..

Since most of you are here for your very first visit, Im Hollie, a common mom who like to find ways to save and still have lots of fun. Some of you may recognize me from one of my older blogs. I was really cheap at one time, but in these tough times Iam finding it more common that moms especially are looking for ways to save, so that is where the title common cents Mom comes from.

What am I giving away?  1,111 American cents, to be delivered via paypal. So that makes it $11.11.

To enter the  giveaway it is easy all you have to have is a paypal acct if you don’t please get one at Paypal. As well please in your comment tell me your best money saving tip..I will feature some of them in the weeks ahead and if I do I will be linking back to your blog. So how do you save and have fun? Now I know that lots of you will be on the run this week as you try to visit lots of blogs so thanks for stopping by.

For more great giveaways go to Bloggy giveaways……

By the way this giveaway ends Feb 1 st, at 12:01 am EST. I will post on Feb 2nd the winner who will be picked by random number generator.

Menu Monday



One for the  things I love with menu planning is all the great sites out there for good recipes and then when we come together and share our favorite menus it only generates more ideas.. I love Menu Mondays.

On the Menu this week are all recipes from Kraft…

Monday- Barbeque Pork Slow Cooker Sandwichs, carrot sticks

Tuesday-Lasgna Toss, and salad

Wednesday-Breakfast for Dinner- Pancakes, and fruit

Thursday-Left over Night

Friday-Chicken and Vegetable Parmesan ( chicken breasts were on sale last week)

Saturday-Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Sunday-Mexican Chicken Casserole ( taking this to a potluck)

Well I am off to Laura’s to see what everyone else has arranged for the week.

The Start of Something New: Friday Freebie

I have decided that on Fridays I will post about something that can add value to your life. It might be a coupon offer, product offer, or some other kind of freebie that will bring you joy and it may just help you keep cents in your pocket book.

For today I want to encourage all my Canadian friends who are looking for ways to save to start couponing and asking for samples.  Last year I was able to receive about $300 in freebies. I received everything from magazines, to cereal, to music downloads. Today one of my favorite sites for this has NEW offers up.


Brandsaver  has great coupons for those products we all use, but they also send out samples! So why not try out a new product? You can register for samples and coupons with this link.

Now dont forget to check back each Friday for my newest link to a great find!

The Art of the Journal

561639_51163248One of the things that work for me is journaling. I have kept a journal since I was in high school. So for me that means I have more then 20 years of journals. Now I haven’t been perfect. I haven’t written every day, not even every month, but they are there and record much of my life.

I can look back and see where and how  I made some of the major choices in my life. I can see how I felt about people in my life in very uncensored ways that bring joy and reflection. I can see how I felt about the birth of my child, that very first night at home. I can see my anguish as I went through divorce. I can see so much that is inside me by simply picking up one of my journals.

Want to get into journaling? This is all you need

  • a good hard book that will last
  • a good pen
  • time

Journalling helps you to deal and learn what is really going on in your own lives. For me I also am able to track major life events. For me when I journal I date my entries. I also take the time to let the words flow. For me I write about the details and about non details as well. For me as I reflect on what I have often just put to paper it allows me a better glance at what lies at the core. My journal is my place of utter honesty. It also is a real legacy of who I am at the core.

So my challenge to you is why not journal? Now after writing this I am off to my friend at Rocks in My Dryer to see what works for everyone else!

Menu Monday

This week when doing my menu I am trying to make it a healthy and frugal while I work on healing an ulcer. Can you say that is alot!

Monday- Leftover Roast Beef with Barbq sauce, rice, carrots

Tuesday- my once a week breakfast for dinner- Omelettes, with veggies and no cheese

Wednesday- Fish Cakes, mashed potatoes, peas

Thursday-Roast Chicken (whole)(got 2 for $10), potatoes, and carrots

Friday- Homemade Chicken Soup, crackers, celery sticks

Saturday- we are eating out

Sunday-Glazed Ham( got 3 for $15 this week) , baked potatoes and corn

For breakfast I have oatmeal, corn flakes, Rice Krispies and yogurt on hand.

For lunch we soup ( chicken noodle, calm chowder, mushroom), or pb and j sandwiches, or grilled cheese

Snacks: fruit( apples 3 bags for $4), clemtines, bananas, popcorn or pretzels

While shopping and menu planning I shop flyer’s much of the time and then do my planning from there. This week I got great buys on pork, and chicken in the meat aisle. In produce the buys were apples and potatoes. I also got great prices on cereal, crackers, and soup. Here in Atlantic Canada prices are higher then further west here in Canada.

I am now off to see what everyone else is cooking this week. Why don’t you check out Organizing Junkie’s blog to see what is cooking elsewhere.

Fiscal Freebie

This was one of those week that started out well and well ended with me in the emergency room of a local hospital. I have an ulcer.Ouch! So I have to make some lifestyle changes but this for me has been a known fact.

This was something I was planning on attacking this year. My health and my fiances are top priority right now. On Thursday as I laid at home I turned on the TV and turned on Oprah who was in the midst of her Best Life week. Her guest was one of my favorite Money coach’s Suze Orman. Guess what? Suze is offering up her newest book for 2009 in a FREE download that you can find here. This offer is only good till Thursday.  I just downloaded it and as I rest at home this weekend will be giving it a read.

So who is your favorite money coach?

What Works for Me: Free Diet and Exersice Help

I said check back with me, and really this past week has been super busy at work so no posts. I have set a goal this year especially after weighing myself recently and finding out I really am a FAT mom! I weight 270 pounds and have decided that I really do need to get a handle on this NOW.

So what am I using because most of you know I am a frugal mom. I love Sparkpeople. It is a get website that not only helps one live healthier. It is also free! No need for paying for a program with the diet and exercise suggestions that come from Sparkpeople. I really enjoy the community on it, the recipes, the journals :all will help me get a handle on my weight and lifestyle issues.

Roo and I both weighed in this week. My daughter does not need to lose any. She weighs in at 82 pound, 4’11 at age 11. So she is doing just fine, but I think she really wants to encourage her mom to get healthy. I am walking every day even if it is just a little, but this is where I need to do more. I need to exercise more.

Now I am off  again to see what is working for others this 1 st Wednesday of 2009. Why not drop by Rocks in my Dryerfor what are usually a great array of posts on what works. I will also be blogging this year on the challenges of losing pounds frugally and trying to have fun doing it. So check back ok!

What Works for Me- No Resolutions

So many people this time of the year make resolutions and never keep them. I was numbered among them for a long time! No more!

Last January I did make 10 goals and made a map of how to get what I wanted and of the 10 goals I set I got 7 1/2 done.

What did I accomplish in 2008

  • a new job with good benefits
  • a new place to live with double the floor space
  • I did earn or win over $300 in free stuff
  • I read 8 good books
  • I started getting dental work done
  • I did enter lots of contests
  • I did pray every day

How is that for goal setting?  What didn’t I achieve? I didn’t give up diet coke and I didn’t lose the weight I wanted off. What goals am I setting of 09? Check back tomorrow and I will tell you about them.

Right now I am off to one of my favorite blogs to see what one of my fav writers says! Can we say yeah to the end of this year please!  What not visit Rocks in My Dryer with me this year?

The Days After

My first Christmas with family was good and all, really it was. I enjoyed time with family and my daughter Roo enjoyed her time with her teenage cousins. But more it made me ask some questions.

Christmas Day after the prezzies were all open and dinner was cooking, my sister and I took a walk. We started talking about how we feel about Christmas. In years past we were excited, we had the “Christmas spirit” but now we are actually glad to see the day behind us. No longer is there the sense that the day has meaning, or significance. It just isnt there. Infact Christmas Day we ended up at the movies because we wanted something to do. It just isnt the same anymore for me. I really dont buy into the notion that I need a special day to spend time with family, or that I need presents of any sort to enjoy life, or that I need a special day to remember Christ and his birth. So here I sit asking the question have I turned into a cynic?

The other question I am asking what is the sign of a true friend? Would a true friend at least wish you a happy birthday or merry christmas. I had what I thought was a great circle of friends in the big TO, since I moved here to Nova Scotia there has been little effort to stay in touch. I have called as my phone bills will prove yet since I moved here I can count on a few fingers the number of calls I have recieved. To be honest it has nade me a little sad. It seems these days people come and go in and out of our lives quite quickly and if you arent in the neighbourhood you are easy to forget. So how easy is it to forget old friends?

As I contemplate the end of 2008 I am feeling so many things. This year brought many changes to my life,some good, some not so good. What I feel is that I need a good kick in the pants to get some of me back. So how do I do this? I feel cynical, discouraged and plain ol frumpy. How do I get back the Hollie that loved life? How do I make the changes I feel are so needed?