The Frugal Girls Guide to Blissdom Canada

This morning the dates for Blissdom Canada were announced. Seems that the bliss is coming to the Hilton Hotel in Toronto from October 13th-16th.

Tickets are only $198 and go on sale March 31st at noon.

So we all know I am a frugal mom so attending an event like this takes planning. I would love to find a sponsor for the event but am not counting on it, so this means getting to Blissdom Canada takes some finical planning.

So how does a frugal gal get to Blissdom?

She plans, prioritizes and saves.

What are the costs?

Well the ticket is $198

Hotel (if you share with 3 others will run you about $200 each)

Food ( there is plenty of food at the parties, but do plan $100 for food, if you drink besides the free ones you need to plan that as well)

Transportation for me this is only $6 as I am local and will take the TTC to get there, if you are flying how about using Air Miles? or when it is time to book your travel make sure you look for airline codes that you can use, you can simply do a search online for  them.

Clothing, Hair, Makeup ( plan your spending for these as well –but I say just go in your pjs- I dare ya!) Personally I am not buying new clothes just for a conference.

Total Budget for this frugal Mom $506

Breaking my budget down to a monthly total between now and the conference $101.25 (savings starts April 1st and goes to Sept 1st)

If you take time to plan, prioritize, and save if you really want to get in on this great chance to network, and grow you can make it there.

So today since I am now done tackling my Blissdom Canada budget, I can check out what everyone else is tackling over at 5 Minutes for Mom who is busy getting ready for the Ultimate Blog Party that starts on Friday! By the way 5 Minutes for Mom was at the conference last year.

So are you planning on going? Are you going to save for it or look for a sponsor? or do both?

*the picture above is from the wonderful @CLBuchananPhotography, who snapped most of Blissdom Canada and this comes from the Flkr pool.

Have You Heard?

Have you heard there is an electrical storm coming and it is going to knock out the internet?

I am an addict. So Oh Flipping No!

First and foremost..You all know I am passionate about connecting right? Well to each of my online friends I want to keep in touch so can you please send your street addresses and phone numbers? I love each one and don’t want to lose that connection.  I have invested in a great long distance plan. I can see me becoming a phone junkie and I will write too. I broke out my old typewriter just for that purpose. Now that I met you I don’t want to lose you. You are all too important too me.

Okay with that done I have so much to print and sort and organize. You know I also love taking care of my home while saving cents. I have get some Mabel’s labels as I am printing off about 40 Ebooks, and 4,000 photos and they will need organizing. I pray they get to my order before they lose their connection. Now that I have started printing like a mad woman there is more.

We should all get together in New York City in August for Blogher still. We will need lots of hugs and to connect with each other face to face and since we like to party, well it will be a big one, right? There are also more unknown friends to meet.

Now what will I be doing besides writing a weekly letter to you all? I will be out in my neighborhood connecting. What about you?

*The above is fictional and an attempt for me to win my way to Blogher in New York City this summer. Mabel’s Labels is sending one lucky blogger to the conference and guess what the icing on the cake is. A one year writing gig with them. So glad I have been a customer for years.