WWFM Backwards Edition: Twitter Questions

6a00d83451c5ac69e20112791ced0428a4Okay I am late on the latest social media phenomena, but last week I finally got it together and started Tweeting.

I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. So far I am already following about 60 people, some I know real well already through my blog circle of friends others well because well I am a fan, and a few I have met in real life. Can’t believe in just a week of tweeting I have 75 followers as of this morning.

If you are a Twittering mom, who are your favorite tweeters? and why do you follow them? any twitter tips you want to give?Do you have a favorite app?

Okay I am off to We are that Family to see what everyone else is asking questions about this week. By the way you can follow Common Cents Mom on Twitter.

Preparing for the Wants of Tomorrow

There is this quote ” It is thrifty to prepare today for the wants of tomorrow”.  Today I have spent some time preparing for my wants of tomorrow. I have written about using a zero budgeting approach before but really I needed to take a second look at my budget, and especially some of my expense lines.

For me I can’t live without my high speed Internet, but after talking to my daughter Roo we decided that we could cut our cable package. Savings will be $60 a month, then I looked at my cell bill. I don’t have a home phone only this so had a long distance plan on it, but decided I will take it off because I can email, or skype most for far less so that is another $30 saved a month. Then I took a look at my latte habit well actually my diet coke at work habit, well I have given up my diet soda at work and that has netted me another $40 a month. So where will that $130 a month be going?

Well one of the things I want really badly is a trip, a real trip! My goal is to be able between combining Airmiles and cash I can travel to Morocco. I want to go visit this country that is European, Arab, African country. I have met a few friends there and I want to go and see them. I have been learning Arabic from a young woman who teaches English in Rabat. I also have friends in Taza, and Fez.

Other wants that are coming up include:

  • a new laptop with webcam
  • 2 new bikes
  • an IPOD touch
  • a new cell phone
  • the move back to Ontario which might not happen in August

So you can see there are lots of ways to spend the cash in other places, for now it will go into a separate account. Do you save for the wants of tomorrow, or do you put it on credit and then pay?

Menu Monday: Halal Cooking

Okay one of the things that I loved about living in Toronto was the abundance of halal meat and to be honest I was buying it long before I learned anything about Islam. First it is about how the meat is gotten, and what is most humane.

So I decided here in rural that I wanted to try and go halal. Well that wasn’t possible as there is no halal butcher in sight. I then looked at kosher because they are similar in ethics. Well couldn’t do that either. I did find some halal lamb, but what else can one eat if they are following halal or want to try it? Any seafood: fish, clams etc are all good and are considered halal. So this weeks menu is all about halal. Are you game to try a halal diet?

Monday: Fish and chips. making these English batter style.

Tuesday: Corn Chowder, homemade rolls and salad

Wednesday: TVP( textured protein) Tacos,

Thursday: fish with butter and lemon, rice, and carrots

Friday: veggie pizza homemade style

Saturday: Old Fashion Irish stew made with lamb..

Sunday: left overs

Now I am off to see what else is cooking on eveyone else menu’s over Organizing Junkie.

Counting My Blessings

This common sense mom learned a long time ago that the journey of life has its ups and its downs, There will be recessions,and times of highs, there will be loves found and loves lost, there will be boo boos and celebrations, there will be births and deaths, things that come with much determination and things that don’t come. Into each life joy will come and into each life sorrow will come as well. Faith will be tested. One of the most important things that this mom has learnt through it all is to count my blessings. So since this is Sunday, I leave you with something to remind you to count yours.


May you be left remebering to cherish each day you have and to do it well!

Party Finds and Friday Freebie

Wow this has been a busy week I have visited many blogs through the Ultimate Blog Party and it was great to see so many different blogs and meet so many blogger virtual style! My feet are tired as I visited blogs from all over the world. One minute I could be here in Nova Scotia and the next well I could be in Germany, Australia, Dubai, California, Alaska you get the picture. It was a whirlwind trip around the blogger world.

I found some great blogs and wanted to post about 5 that I found on the journey and they are each from a different local.

There is RML in Germany who writes about having more through having less. I love her decluttering attitude.

In Robin at Pensieve I found a Tennessee mom who is a hoot! I love her blog, and for me it just made me smile!

Jamie at Saving in Style is another frugal mom like me who lives south of the border and is a real Southern Belle.

Then is Jessica at Pudget who like me is a mom on a budget who is trying to lose weight and she is having some good results and posting about it for all to see.

The farest away I got was Grace’s blog from Dubai. Her blog, Sandier Pastures really makes me want to visit the Middle East more and more. I loved her post about watching out for camels!

So these are just a few of the new friends I found on the party path. Did you who participated find any that you will return to on a regular basis??

I know I did!

Now it is Friday so it is time for the Friday Freebie. You know one of the things I love to do is learn. So when I found out that HPoffers several courses that you can do for free it was for me a light bulb moment! There are class on a little bit of everything concerning computers, software and even things like Photoshop. Go and register and learn for free and brush up on some skills that may help you out along the road.

What Works For Me: Earth Hour

earth20hour20logo Last year my daughter Roo and I thought it was a common sense idea to give a little back to the Earth and we participated in Earth Hour.

Did you know it is this Saturday march 28th?

Did you know it is a great way to teach your kids about looking after planet Earth while having great family time?

Did you know you can even save some cents?

Roo and I last year took on the challenge but not only did we do it for one hour but 4.

What did we do?

  • had a barbecue
  • played a board game by candlelight
  • and took a walk around our neighbourhood and counted 62 others houses that we participating

What can you do?

Turn off your power for one hour, and think of things you can do to help support planet Earth. We all live here you know! For us as a family this simply does work!

Why don’t you join us and sign up here.

Now I am off to We are that Family to see what is working for everyone else this week!

Fox Comedians Get It Wrong


Okay this common sense mom really doesnt ussually make political statements often but this is just WRONG!

First I must say this I personally know one of our Canadians who died in Afghanistan, maybe that is why yesterday as four more of our dead came home from this war on terror it really made me mad. As it did many other Canadians.

How many Canadians have now died in this fight on terror? 116 in Afghanistan.

Theses comedians basically mocked thier service, nice job there! Did you know Canadians basically take care of most things done in the south of Afghanistan an area hardly touched by US soldiers. Did you know the first 4 Canadians killed thier weren’t at the hands of terrorists but killed by US soldiers who didn’t know where to point thier guns.

I think before you can mock another country and thier military you need to look at the problems within your own. Perhaps these comedians should take thier acts to a local VA hospital, it might open thier eyes a bit. The US does a horrid job in how they treat past soldiers, and to me that is a shame( as the ex wife of one this is fact).

I think the show needs to go, and all of them thier that night, well let’s just say I hope none of them are crossing the border anytime soon.

Now this common sense mom will get back to what I love to do, just had to vent.

Menu Monday: Frugal Style

orgjunkiempm11Before I get on with the menu of the week I missed participating last week because I was so sick, I am participating in the Ultimate Blog party and some hostess I am with being back and forth to emergency well it has been some 2 weeks. But thankfully I am on the mend, so this week I am using what is in the house, not shopping at all except for milk. So here is what is on the Menu:

Monday: Sweet Potato fries($1), and left over roast beef and left over salad from yesterday

Tuesday: Breakfast for dinner: Potato Panckes, sliced cucumber, and toast

Wednesday: grilled cheese sandwich’s(blocks were on sale last week) and mushroom soup

Thursday: Taco Salad( ground beef was on sale last week as well)

Friday: Chicken Pot Pie and salad

Saturday: Pizza and garlic fingers homemade style

Sunday: Whole Chicken roasted, with potato and carrots ( can you believe I got a whole one for $3.61)

Breakfasts are oatmeal with honey, waffles that I got for $1.00 a box on sale, cereal that I got for free(good couponing), and orange juice ( buy one get one).

Lunches are sandwichs, or raman noodles(fav of daughter), or leftovers. Desserts are Rice Krispie squares or fig bars(both were freebies because of $2 off coupons).

Now if you haven’t visited my giveaway that I am hosting because this blog of mine ain’t that old stop by my Banagrams Post. Now I am off to see what is cooking for others over at our hostess Laura’s.

It is Party Time Common Cents Style

694798186_smallWelcome to my common sense corner of the world! I have some hot chocolate ready! Would you like a cup?

I also have herbal teas handy if that is more you style.

Enjoy your visit to my blog! I am your hostess, Hollie. You might remember me from my old blog Cheaper then Cheap from last year.

Who am I? I am a solo parent who uses common sense to save cents, be frugal, live simply, have faith, and raise a special needs tween daughter. How is that for a mouth full. I also work full time as an IT tech. I do have one other active blog called My Journey through the Bible which is more about the spiritual journey that I am on.

I live in beautiful Nova Scotia currently. I live in a small rural town called New Glasgow.


This is a picture I took of the ocean not far from where I live. Nova Scotia is a great place to visit.

Now more about my blog. On Mondays I usually participate in Menu Mondays hosted by my friend Laura. On Wednesdays I also participate often on What Works for Me Wednesdays. On Fridays I often have a Friday freebie: usually a great freebie you can find online. On Sundays as of this week I will be hosting my Weekend Round Up of the best of what I have read online that week. Occasionally I also participate in the Festival of Frugality. I also write other posts about common sense stuff. Sometimes it simply might be about my life as a solo parent with a tween. Feel free to check out my archives!

Now at the beginning of March I began hosting a giveaway for my new blog! This is my first time owning my own domain. So I wanted to celebrate and give a good prize..so if any of you like board games you want to check out my Bananagrams post!

Now I am off to meet some new bloggers, and Yes I love prizes my favorites on the list so far are Int 1,36,17 and USC 17,44,and 15 but would love anything that ships to Canada. So join me ath the 5 Minutes for Mom Ultimate Blog Party