Breaking News AIRMILES No Longer Expiring


Back in February, I shared that AIRMILES older than five years would expire. As of today, that is no longer the case.

Loyalty One that is the company that ownsAir Miles has decided to cancel its plan to allow reward miles five years or older to expire amid blog posts like mine, lots of consumer complaints and new legislation that is in the works.

“There is uncertainty with provincial governments proposing or considering legislation across Canada, so we have decided to cancel the expiry policy so that all Collectors, regardless of location, can be confident that their balances will be protected,” said Bryan Pearson, President, and CEO, LoyaltyOne in a statement.

The change is effective immediately; this means if you collect AIRMILES you no longer have to worry about them expiring, and that is good news!

Had you cashed in your reward miles already or were you scrambling?

Personally, I am glad a brand listened to its consumers. I am also glad there is pending legislation that will protect consumers.


Did You Know Your AIRMILES expire? They Do


Sometimes, I am very thankful to other bloggers for reminders and introductions. Tenille from Feisty, Frugal & Fabulous posted today about something many of us had forgotten. I know I had. Airmiles start to expire at the end of this year. That’s right if you are a long time collector like me you may want to check your account.

Here are the facts straight from

Beginning December 31, 2016, Reward Miles older than 5 years will begin to expire on a quarterly basis. Miles posted to your Accounts are date stamped and, if not used, are removed from your Account 5 years later, on the last day of that quarter.

AIR MILES quarters end on

  • March 31
  • June 30
  • September 30
  • December 31

This means that, for example, a Mile you got in January 2014 would expire, if unused, on March 30, 2019.”

If you are like me, and as I read the post was thinking of all those points I had been saving forever disappearing, don’t panic. If you are like me, and have left your points as reward points I have some suggestions

Have more than 1,200 points you can still take a short getaway. Just book it now before you forget.

One of the best and easiest way to redeem rewards this week?

Get an eVoucher

95 points = $10

Want to do some good with your points you can even have that $10 go to your favourite registered charity.

Want to hit a movie?

95 points gets you $10 an eVoucher for Cineplex

Need groceries?

95 points gets you a $10 Metro or Sobeys eVoucher

Want a coffee?

95 points gets you a $10 Starbucks eVoucher

and for me I just redeemed my reward points for an eVoucher for ViaRail. I am headed to Ottawa for a conference this spring and this makes an upgrade to buisness class travel easy to do.

So if you are like me and had no idea how many points you have because you have been collecting for years simply log into your AIRMILES  account (have your card and pin ready)  and request an Expiry statement and if you have some expiring redeem them I would say by early fall. You will receive your expiry request quite quick, normally within 24 hours. Remember you can not get expired points back EVER, so redeem while there is still lots of time!






Learn How to Use AIR MILES Cash Rewards Twitter Party #AIRMILESCash

Last year AIR MILES started offering AIR MILES Cash rewards along side the AIR MILES Dream rewards for things like travel, gift cards, entertainment and so much more. Which do you prefer? The instant cash back at the cashier or to save your points for something sweet-a dream.

If you’ve been on the AIR MILES website in the last year you may have noticed a few changes to how you earn and redeem  rewards.  Have you tried out the AIR MILES Cash Rewards yet? Want to learn more about it?

This Thursday we are talking all about it on Twitter with the #AIRMILESCash Twitter Party from 8-9pm EST.

Air Miles Twitter Party


Rubina Ahmed Haq from Steven and Chris will be leading the conversation as well as Shes Connected, me I will be there as me..tweeting along and sharing my knowledge as a long time Air Miles user. Come back here on Friday and I will have a post ready on how to best take advantage of the Air Miles Cash Rewards if you are the type you loves your instant gratification. Now you can sign up for the Twitter Party by RSVPING here. 

Tell me do you have an Airmiles Card and have you redeemed for cash already?