A Back to School Throwback

Yesterday I sent my 16 year old daughter off for her first day of school. I took her photo and waited for her to return with her initial report on what she thought of her teachers. She is taking English, Math, Cosmetology, and Drama this semester.

Well she got home from school and we got to talking about high school and grade 11 which got me remembering my grade 11 year at John Taylor Collegiate in Winnipeg many years ago. I even got out the old year book, and looked back at the old school photos.

We even have a comparison?



See any similarities?

School has definitely changed since I was in grade 11. No cellphone, no laptop. and my electives were Home Ec and Typing. Anyone remember those typing classes?

Did you send one back to school this week? How did it go, and how does it compare to when you were in school?

Prepping for Back to School for All Ages



We are half when through summer and well back to school is just around the corner.Want to feel prepared? No problem, follow some of these great tips and you’ll be sure to receive an A+ in no time.

Prepare lunches

Buying and preparing a nutritious lunch is a job in itself. Not sure your kids are eating everything you’re packing? Consider giving them a top-up with a tasty gummy multivitamin like L’il Critters™ Gummy Vites. Made with naturally sourced flavours and packed with essential nutrients, they’ll be prepared for a full day of playing and learning.

Back-to-school shopping

Sit down as a family and make a list of the items your kids will need for the year ahead. Making a list of school supplies and being prepared before setting out to shop will ensure you only purchase items your children need to complete their daily assignments and have a little fun in the classroom too!

Create a schedule

Parents and kids both fall victim to summer sleep schedules; late nights and junk food are the name of the game. Get your whole family prepared by getting your kids back on schedule.  Provide them with a daily routine one or two weeks before the first day back and they’ll be ready and energized for the beginning of school.

Get organized

Back to school is hectic enough with your little ones, but sending your teen back to university or college is a whole different story. Prepare them for the year ahead by sending along some Arm & Hammer™ Coldwater™ Laundry Detergent.  It gets out dirt and odours while saving money on hydro bills (versus washing in hot or warm water). For the 5 – 6 weekly loads you may find yourself doing with back-to-school activities, Arm & Hammer Laundry detergent will be your new best friend, giving clothes a clean and fresh boost with the power of baking soda.

Stay healthy

Saying goodbye to your kids as they head off to university is one of those bittersweet moments of parenthood. Late classes, hectic schedules and long nights of studying might leave you worrying about their health, especially with ‘student budgets’. Why not send them off with a supply of Vitafusion™ MultiVites gummy vitamins to help maintain their health*? Filled with key vitamins and delicious to bat – forgetting to take them won’t be an issue.

What are some of your tips on making the back-to-school transition easier?

* Vitamins are considered supplements only and should not replace meal

* I am a Church & Dwight ambassador and as such have received compensation for this post, but as always my opinions are mine.

Get Flipp for Your Back to School Needs

Well it’s August and the reality is later this month and very early next month the kids are heading back to school. One of the things that moms need is Flipp (a free app) for back to school shopping. I really see it being a pocket book saver for many moms this back to school season.

There are so many things to purchase at back to school time and the list varies depending on the age of your child, and what about those big kids who are headed off to college or university, their lists are huge and not cheap.

Everyone knows I am a Flipp Ambassador, and my love for this app runs deep. It does for a reason. Every day no matter what I need the app saves me time and money. Those are two things every mom can use more of. This sweet free app that is available for both Itunes and Google Play devices helps me save no matter what I am looking for.

How does Flipp Save you Time and Money for your Back to School shopping?

First Flipp curates your local flyers. Whether you are shopping for those grocery staples for back to school lunches, a new back pack, or setting up a dorm room, if it is in a flyer you can find the best deals. Before you leave home you can literally know the best price for whatever is on your list.

2014-08-05 11.04.44

The feature I love best on Flipp is the search feature so you know you can find what you want to purchase at the flip of your fingers..simply type in the item you want to find and up comes all the flyers that have deals on that item. Great, right! No more need to manually go through the flyers looking for the best price. You have all the prices in one spot and you can see what makes the best deal for you.

Then simply circle the one you want and it will appear in your clippings folder. Think of your clippings folder as your shopping list.

2014-08-05 11.05.11

At the store all you have to do is bring up your clipping list from the Home menu.

2014-08-05 11.43.58

I use the app every time I go shopping, I am a bit of an addict. But think I save on everything from grocery staples to that backpack and clothing.

So now thanks to the team at Flipp I get to give 1 of my readers 2 $50 Visa Gift cards to get all there back to school shopping done. Sound good?

Got a smartphone? Simply download Flipp and tell me what feature you will be using most as you back to school shop.

Clippings, the Discount Slider, or the one I love Search.

To enter the giveaway, have downloaded the free app and tell me in the comments which feature do you love best.  Enter on the Rafflecopter below.

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Join the Fun of the #TargetBacktoSchool Twitter Party


Yes, it is the end of July and here I am writing about Back to School but it a month from now we will be getting the kids ready for back to school. With just a month to go it is time to start making a list, checking it twice, and getting ready for all those back to school traditions.

Does your family have any back to School traditions?

As a kid, I we had a family tradition of always having a new outfit for the first day and new runners. We also had to have a back to school photo taken, it was ritual. These two rituals are still things I do with my daughter who is now a teenager in high school who things her mom takes too many photos.

Now Target, is hosting a Twitter party. Do you remember your first back to school, I don’t remember my first, but I do my daughters, and the tears in my eyes, as she went through the doors. We’re going to to talk back to school and there are so many prizes to win, I think it will be a fun hour with lots of prizing.

Twitter party

Target Canada is having a great twitter party to help Canadians with Back to school

Follow #TargetBacktoSchool @TargetCanada

When- August 7, 2014 9 pm EST

RSVP to the party  here

Twubs Page  to participate in a twitter party: http://twubs.com/targetbacktoschool

I look forward to seeing you all there!

Back to School on a Budget

Don’t you love all the expenses of sending a child back to school? I was able to do it this year for $100. My daughter is a preteen and well has a sense of what she wants now so with that said most of these were picked by her but on a budget.

How did I manage to get all of this for a mere $100 bill. Well actually I got all of these plus a messenger bag and a pair of brand new converse sneakers for her. How?

  1. First I looked at last year’s school wardrobe and thought what can I use for this fall. Rachel only had 3 items that were in good enough shape to be a part of her fall line up.
  2. I hit 50% off sales at both the Salvation Army thrift store and Value Village. It was there I found brand new converse sneakers in her size for $10.I also found a messenger bad in like new shape for $3.
  3. Old Navy had some great pricing as well over the summer so hit there sales racks. Rachel likes Old Navy.
  4. Gap another favorite store of ours had some incredible sales back in July and I got her brand new jeans for $7 a pair.

By combining last years, some great thrift store finds, and some great sale bins Rachel is a styling tween. Now when it came to supplies I simply hit Dollorama and got the essentials. She is a girl ready for next week and grade 7.