Netflix Can Be a Mom’s Best Friend



netflix-televisionNetflix can be a Mom’s best friend after a long day of working and taking care of the kids. There are so many fantastic shows to watch, and when you find one you love the urge to binge watch until you can barely keep your eyes open is unavoidable. Here is a list of just a handful of some of the ones you need to put on your Mommy Binge Watching List.

Grace and Frankie ( the new season comes out this week) – Get ready to laugh. This is a funny and touching show about two women who’s husbands fell in love with each other and divorced them. A Netflix original that has 1 season available and another on the way. A great TV Comedy to start watching.

Hosue of Cards

House of Cards – Who doesn’t love Francis and his rise to the top. This political drama will have you wanting more. A Netflix Original TV Drama that offers four seasons, with a 5th on its way.

Mindy Project – A show about a real woman who refuses to conform to societies ideals. A TV Comedy that currently has four amazing seasons to curl up on the couch and watch.

Prison Break – Exciting, Thrilling, Engaging, every single moment you are engaged. A TV Crime Drama that offers the full series, four non-stop seasons.

Scandal – A strong female character who does not succumb to male oppression. A Crime TV Drama with five seasons to watch.

Supernatural – Two brothers have spent the past ten seasons investigating the paranormal and fighting demons, ghosts, and monsters. Talk about a marathon binge watch. Settle in and start the 1st season out of 10 of this TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy show that are currently available on Netflix, and the news is there are more seasons ahead.

The 100 – Futuristic story of life on earth 97 years after the nuclear apocalypse. It pits young against old and survivors against each other. Never a dull moment in the three seasons of this TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy show.

The Walking Dead – Get ready for a roller coaster ride of emotions. The world has been taken over by Zombies and a small group of humans struggle to survive and fight for their lives. Tune into Netflix now and start watching the 1st of 5 seasons of this edgy TV Drama.

UNbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
UNbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – This show has been described as Honest, Fun, and Hilarious. It is a Netflix Comedy Original that currently has two seasons to binge watch. In our house, it is a favourite of mine

So many great shows for mom to watch, where will you begin?

Binge Worthy TV Watching for March

If you don’t have Netflix yet, you are really missing out on some great original tv. One of the best parts about being a Netflix #streamteam member besides the free Netflix is getting to watch some amazing shows and wait in anticipation of some new releases. I have been binge watching shows for months now every month choosing different shows each month ( for me to binge watch means I might watch a whole season in like a weekend, there are some who do it in one sitting I am not one of them).
Hosue of Cards
Last night, I watched House of Cards which was released just yesterday at 3 am. So far I am 6 episodes in. I will probably have the series done by tomorrow night. I love the acting ability of Kevin Spacey.

What am I looking forward to with anticipation this in March? What are we looking forward to watching as a family (this means hanging out with my teen)

I am really looking forward to next week with the release of the “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” , a Netflix original about a cult survivor readjusting to life and well it comes from the same people who made”30 Rock” so I have a feeling it is going to be very good.  I am hoping I get a sneak peek this week. You can find it on Netflix, March 6th. I am sharing with you the trailer, this already had me and my teen laughing and that is a good thing.


3rd rock from the Sun Netflix

A show that both my teen and I are really looking forward to is the release of 3rd Rock from the Son. I watched many episodes and laughed so hard at this show when it was on the air that I am looking forward to watching it with my teen. She loves aliens so I think she is going to love this show as much as I do. Really, I can’t wait to get reacquainted with this wonderful cast of characters. The entire series comes available March 15th.

how to train a dragon netflix

My daughter is really looking forward to watching one of her favorite animations again. How to Train a Dragon 2 is coming to Netflix on March the 11th. She loves Toothless and well this one is super eagerly anticipated by her.

Are you a binge watcher? Do you binge watch certain tv shows? If you have Netflix you might be. Now I would love to know what are some of your favorite series that you could watch time and time again. What do you binge on?