How to Celebrate Easter with a Preschooler

My niece Jaslyn is joining me here at Common Cents Mom. This first blog post is all about how to celebrate Easter with a little one.  

My name is Jaslyn I’m a mother of one boy that is almost 4, with Easter around the corner, we love Easter Colours we are creative in the kitchen with tasty treats and we have plenty of fun with creative recipes for little hands. 

Time in the Kitchen


Having fun in the kitchen with little ones can be very easy. I put the recipe together and Xavier mixes and enjoys licking off the beaters while I get the cookies prepped to go in the oven when they are done and cooled I prep the icing and the sprinkles I get Xavier to do everything thing else. We often use a box mix. Yes, mixes are great to use when we are busy! We often use Betty Crocker mixes and well if you are industrious you may just want to check out this Peep recipe that is perfect for Easter. 

Craft Time 


We love arts and crafts. My preschooler, he loves decorating, I wanted to have the option to decorate eggs without having huge mess I purchased silicone eggs had we painted 12 eggs ( only $2 at the dollar store) he used his own imagination on the colours and design, I put 4 colours on a sheet of newspaper so he could mix the colours together or do whatever he wanted with them. This was so simple and no egg dying kits and no purchased art kit so it was great on the budget. 


Easter Morning Traditions 


Our tradition on Easter morning, include empty baskets on the table the night before so when we wake up the Easter bunny had filled them with presents and left a trail of eggs through the house. Xavier will try to make sure he has all the eggs, while my husband and I prep for breakfast. Xavier is either eating a couple of the Easter eggs or playing with his gifts. Later in the day, we will go to my husbands’ aunts. They have an outdoor egg hunt for all the kids and equal everything out at the end, while the kids are out playing or hunting for eggs the adults are prepping delicious Easter Dinner. 


 How do you celebrate Easter at your house?