Planning an Eid Menu

Ramadan is quickly coming to a close and it is time to start thinking about Eid. We are busy looking at recipes and deciding what we want to cook. For Muslims, this is like a Christian’s Christmas dinner, it really is a special meal. So we want to serve a wonderful meal that comes from around the world.


We know this Tandoori Chicken Recipe will be part of the meal.  I found this great recipe on Allrecipes.

We also want to do a good Biryani. I found this recipe Mughlai Vegetable Biryani Recipe on Veggie Belly and it looks so good,

then because I love Morocco so much I had to find a recipe from there as well. I found Lamb Tajine with Peas and Potatoes over at one of my favorite blogs MarocMama.

in addition to these I will be making a nice salad and for dessert we will pick up fresh strawberries and do a chocolate fondue with them, along with some cookies that I will get from my local bakery.

What will you be serving for Eid at your house? That is if you celebrate Eid.

Gad it is THAT Time of Year Again-Celebrating Holidays Multicultural Style

christmas tree © by

It is that time of year. You know, party after party, invite after invite all for the holidays.

But what if you don’t celebrate that holiday? What if you don’t believe like your circle of friends? We live in a very multicultural city and country these days, so more and more it is likely to happen. We also live in a very religiously diverse community. So gad, how do we manage?

For me, I am now Muslim, but all of my family are either Christian or Jewish. Yes, you should see some of our family gatherings.

So how do you handle the Christmas music everywhere you turn, the seasonal greetings, the decorating, the parties, there is much to think about.

For us here is what has worked.

We celebrate the holidays.

ALL of them

But we do our own up biggest. Eid for me is my celebration, for me I decorate big, and attend prayer and give my daughter gifts.

Hanukkah menorah © by skpy

Then there is Christmas, this too we celebrate, but we leave out the religious overtones that used to adorn our home. No manager scene, no reciting of Luke. No church pageants, no midnight mass. We still go to the Santa Claus Parade, we buy gifts for our family, we cook turkey. We say Merry Christmas.We decorate using a snowman theme.

Then there is Hanukkah,  we have Jewish family members, they converted, so we wish them a Happy Hanukkah, attend celebrations that we are invited too, and buy 1 gift for them during the 8 days.In the past we even lighted a menorah.

I see no reason to distance myself from others, simply because I might choose to exercise my faith differently. They know I am Muslim. I think by showing respect for others who don’t think or celebrate the same way we do, we are celebrating the humanity that is in all of us.

I think celebrating the best of each of the holidays: family, friendship, community; helps the ties of kinship to grow, and helps us to be more unified and understanding.

How do you handle the holidays and diversity?


A Thank You Using Touchnote

Touchnote Eid Campaign2 Eid Favorites Sent Via Touchnote

I pray that my Muslim readers had a very joyus Eid Mubarak! My weekend has been more then crazy! Moving and a major Muslim holiday don’t mix really well. Thankfully I have some great friends who made moving and unpacking seem easy. I am ever so thankful for them and wanted to share an idea about a quick way you might want to say Thank you this Eid, or anytime you need to thanks.

A little while ago I wrote about Touchnote, an app( for Iphone,droid or desktop) that let’s you send postcards using your own photos  Instead of buying a thank you card  I used one of my favorite photos and uploaded it to Touchnote.

touchnote thank you
A Touchnote Thank You

I was able to thank both of my friends who were in valuable in the message box. I then went on to the next screen where I added an address and guess what they will have a thank you note from me in just a few days from now. How many times have we forgotten how important thank you’s are. I think getting a thank you postcard shows appreciation and thanks and is a simple easy way to convey what is in the heart.

Thinking of all the ways I can use The Touchnote app, and I can think of a few: a thank you card, an appointment reminder, an invite, or a just because card. What can you think of?

Since I have started playing with this app it has become more and more valuable.

You can find out about Touchnote here;

How would you use the app? Who would you send a postcard too?

Disclosure: I was selected for this campaign by American Muslim Mom Media Network, and received products free of charge. The thoughts and opinions of this campaign as always are my own.

Celebrating A Very Modern Eid with modernEid

Eid decorations
modernEid decorations

Very hard for me to beleive that  Eid-al-Adha is  just a few weeks away so it is time to start planning how my daughter and I will celebrate it. We have not been Muslim long so each Eid is a new experience. Well thanks to modernEid we have decided to have a dessert party and invite a few friends over. It should be a great evening of sisterhood. I am actually really looking forward to it, now to find the perfect cupcake recipes.

This is also my first time not having to make decorations which always look like a child made them. The sleek lines of modernEid are such a blessing, and will make the night look all grown up.

I came across the wonderful  modernEID decorations orginally through American Muslim Mom who is running a very special campaign and contest.  When asked if I wanted to participate I had to go to the site and check them out, I was more than impressed! I love the colors and the lines as I mentioned.

I received my sample package in the mail late yesterday and here’s what it I got:

  • Decorative bunting
  • Decorative print
  • Gift box
  • 1 dozen mini cupcake frosting liners
  • 1 dozen cupcake liners
  • Candy bags
  • Gift tags
  • 2” round stickers

I am very excited to use them in our new home for our dessert night. What excited me more was finding out modernEid is a very eco-friendly company and all the paper products are printed on 100% recycled paper, and each year they also as a company choose to give part of their profits to charity.

You can find out more about modernEid on Facebook and modernEid on Twitter including updates and information about special offers.

Now for the contest details:

“Let’s Celebrate a Modern Eid Event” modernEid Eid decorations

The Blog Contest Prize: an Eid Party Kit (a $25 value) in the winner’s choice of design. The party kit includes:

  • Decorative print
  • Decorative bunting
  • Table runner
  • Buffet labels
  • Dessert picks
Here’s How to Enter:
1. Simply respond to this post telling me which modernEid Eid Party Kit theme design you like best; or tell me what you consider a modern Eid celebration – is it having access to more Eid decorations, or decorating with a classic, modern edge (instead of garishly loud, tacky decorations)? I really want to know what you think!
2. For an extra entry like Common Cents Mom and modernEid on Facebook

You must be over 18 years of age to participate in the contest. Shipping is available in the U.S. and Canada only. Also, the winner can only win 1 prize across all blogs (but feel free to enter everyone’s contest. The review and giveaway deadline is Wednesday, October 28, 2011 (11:59 p.m. PST).

Also, a grand prize winner at American Muslim Mom (based on ALL of the comments collectively) will receive a $50 gift certificate. Feel free to comment on these other blogs to increase your chances of winning:

This Little Life of Mine


Muslimahs Working at Home

*I received products to review and use in the creation of this post. I am writing this as a part of a collaboration with American Muslim Mom Media Network. All opinions and reviews are my own.

Getting Ready for the Holidays without Breaking the Bank

gift-ideas-from-shopzilla © by

Well it is that  time of the year, Halloween and Eid are around the corner and Christmas is not far behind.  The holidays are here! So how does one get ready for all these holidays and not break the bank?

For us it has never been about the amount of money we spend. It has been about creating time honored traditions and looking for opportunities to serve others.

For us it is about being smart with our dollars:

For Halloween:

  • we make costumes or shop at thrift stores
  • we do not over decorate
  • we give simple candies no big bags of treats here

For Eid:

  • set a budget
  • think what we can make- a coupon book makes a neat gift
  • make it about prayer and family
  • for the meal go potluck
  • think clothes as gifts

For Christmas

  • Again we set a budget
  • Shop with a list
  • Make sure we keep reciepts and if buying right before Christmas check for reduced prices within 2 weeks of purchase, often they will give you the sale price.
  • We set limits
  • Again we go potluck

We also look for chances to serve. In past years we have participated in food drives and sorted food and toys at local food banks, prepared shoes boxes to send to children overseas, chosen to adopt a child from overseas, adopted animals, cleaned up a neighbours yard, and shovelled snow for those who couldn’t. There are many ways that you can find to serve and often time is the best gift you can give.

When it comes to Christmas presents we also have a time honored tradition: it is called a cash Christmas. I have never bought on credit when it comes to presents. For my daughter she knows that Santa has a budget after all he has so many children he needs to prepare for. She has never gone overboard on her list. In some years I havegiven gifts that I got for free. I had collected icoke points and shopper optimum points and gave gift certificates for the movies, and bath sets that I had gotten basically for next to nothing. Here are some generic ideas that do leave cents in the wallet:

  • Homemade: one year I made soup mixes and put them in old fashion canisters I got for a $.25 each, another I made hot chocolate mixes and put them in mugs I got for $.50, another I got frames and decoratedthem with buttons and other nicknack’s.
  • Cookies with recipe card attached.
  • Git Certificates you made yourself for services you can do : ie gardening, sewing, babysitting, cooking , game time, reading, really the list is endless for this one.
  • a treasure box: get a small box at craft store: fill it with treasured notes ,etc..

So for me it just makes sense to do it  with cash and creativity, that way you really can enjoy the holiday no matter which holiday it is with less stress.

TouchNote Eid2Eid Challenge

Touchnote Eid Campaign I am very excited as I was asked to share the TouchNote Eid2Eid Challenge with my readers, and guess what is the best part you don’t have to be Muslim to participate. Everyone can get in on the fun. I am part of a 5 blogger challenge!

From today , until Eid al-Adh, which is around October 25th, 2011 Touchnote wants to see how creative we can get.  We will be using their fabulous app and website. You can turn your digital pictures into physical postcards.Yes, postcards mailed to your family & friends. So if you are away or just want to send a friend a note you can use the app to do so.

Here is the challenge:  Touchnote and American Muslim Mom wants me and you to Show & Tell how we can creatively use Touchnote to send personalized postcards from Eid al-Fitr to Eid al-Adha. All you have to do is comment at American Muslim Mom using all your creativity. 50 Commentors will recieve a credit for a free post card, and the most creative comment a $50 Visa gift card.

Do you remember the days of getting a real old-fashioned postcard? I do. Well that is because a person I know who was visiting Paris sent me home a beautiful postcard, and what a delight it was to get it..what might of even made it better, if they had taken the picture themselves and uploaded it to Touchnote. Touchnote does mail internationally. In the days of email, facebook, google+, etc isn’t just sweet when you get real mail.

I am planning on sending postcards this Eid to friends overseas, and to 2 girlfriends in the USA. Who would you be sending too? Remember you can send them anywhere. I can’t wait to be part of this challenge.

Get this if you participate in the challenge, and simply comment,  besides sending off a beautiful postcard you could end up winning a $50 Visa Gift card.

Here is how you can join in the fun :

How Your Readers Can Participate:

  1. Comment at American Muslim Mom.  The 50 most creative to comment & follow instructions in the Touchnote Eid2Eid Campaign will get a Touchnote postcard credit.
  2.  Deadline: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 11:59 Eastern Time. Credits will be dispersed asap.

You can learn more about TouchNote..

At their website, or become a Facebook Fan, or even follow them on Twitter

Disclosure: I was selected for this campaign by American Muslim Mom Media Network, and received products free of charge. I was not influenced in anyway to provide only positive statements. The thoughts and opinions of this campaign are my own.

Eid Mubarak!

In many places around the globe the moon was spottted yesterday making today Eid. There are strong hadiths that support a global moon sighting so I go with that. Now for many Muslims here in Toronto Eid will be tomorrow because there was no moon sighted in the GTA.

I want to wish each of my Muslim readers a very blessed Eid Mubarak. Happy Eid! May Allah keep us all steadfast and accept our niyyah, saum & ibadah this Ramadan.

How are you celebrating your Eid?

For us my daughter and I will be at the Convention Center here in Toronto with thousands of other Muslims, praying together, we will then attend the Eid Festival there and then come home for a small Eid feast that I have prepared. For those of you celebrating, may it be a time of family, friends and good tidings.

Menu Monday- My Eid Menu

It is that time of year Ramadan is coming to an end, and Eid is quickly approaching. Really here in our house the month of August has flown by. Hard to believe Ramadan is almost done and school will be back in just a week.

Now what do you make for Eid in your house if you celebrate it?

Eid for Muslims is a time for sweets and good cooking. So what am I cooking? Well since  I am still a fairly new Muslim and it is just my daughter and I celebrating together here in the GTA, we are going to keep it sweet and simple, and then there will be lots of leftovers for the week.

Monday-breaking the last day of fasting. So for our final iftar meal we are having a shrimp noodle dish that my man taught me.


I am going to be making

Butter Chicken-I found a great video for this one.

Tomato and Roasted Pepper Salad

Curried Rice and Lentils


and for the Sweets..

Strawberry Trifle



Thursday- leftovers

Friday- Taco Squash Skillet

Saturday-Breakfast for dinner- Eggs, Toast, Chicken Bacon, sliced tomato

Sunday- Roast Chicken Dinner

As always if you are interested in seeing what others have on thier menus this week you should check out Organizing Junkie’s Menu Monday.

Eid Murbarek

eid4 Happy Eid! Today was and is my first Eid!

Yesterday we decorated and cleaned the house.

This morning got up early..opened gifts and it was off to prayer.

Some random  thoughts about today and the end of Ramadan:

1. It was so good to see so many nationalities and cultures bowing together to worship one God. That was cool.

2. It was also good to Praise God in unison.

3. My 11 year old daughter Roo loves Eid so far. She says it is better then Christmas.

4. The food over Ramadan and today has been a yummy delight. We have tried many new foods.

5. Prayer is more then just mere actions 5 times a day. God should be ever part of every moment and intention.

6. The Women’s section of Eid prayer is the worse place to be. You can not hear the lesson or speaker. Where I was it was all noise and the the noise was not from children but from women talking. I think a lesson in respect is needed by many. Really it was the one time today I felt like crying because I was trying so hard to hear and couldn’t. This was the only thing that put a damper on my day.

7. The kindness and welcoming arms of sisters. I arrived at a new Masjid right after start of Ramadan and have been able to meet some great sisters, I pray our friendships grow.

Overall my first Ramadan and Eid were filled with learning and happiness and for that Iam thankful. I pray you all are enjoying your day.

This post will be crossposted on my other blog Simply Hollie.

Menu Monday: Iftar and Eid Menu Planning

orgjunkiempm1I am back to blogging and menu planning now that the move is over. I am  also a new revert to Islam who has been doing my first Ramadan. I  am eating a healthy breakfast early in the morning before the day starts with prayer and then each day I break my fast around 7:30 with a light snack and a little while later a meal.So as this is the last week of Ramadan what ,is on the menu?

Monday – potatoes, corn, baked chicken

Tuesday- spaghetti, and salad

Wednesday-Double Decker Tacos and salad

Thursday-Lentils and rice, salad

Friday- we have been invited for an iftar dinner

Saturday-there is a community potluch Iftar dinner- I will be making M’hannacha

Sunday- Eid- a Holy  day for Muslims full of prayer and good food.

I will be making Morrocan Walnut Salad, Morrocan chicken with Lemon and Olives, rice and Moroccan  Orange cake.

Now I am off to see what everyone else is cooking this week over at Organizing Junkie.