Flipp for Fruits and Vegetables -Fresh or Frozen

During the summer we need to stay hydrated. When heading out for the day with kids, bring water and a variety of snacks. When I head out for the day I always add some of my favourite fruits and vegetables to my bag. If your favourites aren’t in season, you can always go with frozen ones, that are perfect for coolers and will keep everything inside chilled.

Fruits and Vegetables – Fresh or Frozen

No Frills – Valid July 6 – July 12

Fruits and vegetables

Freshco Valid July 6 – July 12

fruits and vegetables

Make lunches and dinners easier with salads and light meals. You can prepare everything ahead of time. Chop up and put into containers and only take out what you need for the day.

Loblaws Valid July 6 -July 12

Fruit and Vegetables

Berries are the perfect blend for smoothies or shakes, you will need yogurt or ice cream to make them.

Metro Valid July 6 – July 12

fruits and vegetables

Fresh and frozen vegetables are the base of a delicious stirfry.

If you want to really cool down with a taste that is sweet and will melt in your mouth, check out these Ice Cream deals over on the Flipp App.

Are you looking for something different? Check out the Boxing Week in July deals, Save the tax and sidewalk sales, some pretty fab deals on many items.

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Have a berry delicious weekend!

Flipp’s 5 Fab Finds – Last Minute Easter Deals

Easter Weekend is here, so if you haven’t finished your shopping, now is the time.  Check out Flipp to find out which stores are having a 2-day sale (Thursday and Saturday) for Easter Weekend.  These last minute Easter deals will fill your table with plenty of food. If you have kids and are looking for basket items, there are many to be found.

Last Minute Easter Deals

No Frills

Choose ham and potatoes instead of turkey or roast for dinner.

Last Minute Easte Deals



Food Basics

Veggies for your side dishes

Last Minute Easter Deals

Giant Tiger

Solid Easter Bunny

Last Minute Easter Deals


Make it yourself Easter crafts and fun. On Saturday, April 15th, visit for the Kids Club Easter event.


If you stop by Walmart for any Easter treats, be sure to pick up a beautiful potted Lily

If you don’t already have the Flipp app, download it today from Google Play or the App Store.

Have a Happy Easter.

The Flipp App Makes Easter Shopping Easy

Easter is one of my favourite holidays, right after Christmas it is a weekend on the calendar I absolutely love. When I was growing up, my friend the Easter bunny would always bring a few presents, an Easter basket and there would be way to many eggs to try and find. We would get up early and see what the Easter bunny had brought. These days mama Easter bunny needs a hand that is where my favourite shopping buddy Flipp comes in handy!

With my handy Flipp app that lives on my smartphone shopping for any holiday, any meal is so simple.

2016-03-23 21.48.27

Just like being Santa, it’s easy to make a list and check it twice before heading to the store. I love the easy to use search and shopping list features. They are something I use every week. In my house there are 2 little ones to shop for as two preschoolers live upstairs and we exchange gifts. I also have one teen who still expects the Easter Bunny to stop by. I don’t go overboard for Easter but there are some essentials.

With some bad weather ahead, I planned on shopping at Walmart, as I can always price match there. I started making my list for the Easter baskets and Easter dinner. I decided to make simple baskets for the kids filled with Kinder Eggs, sidewalk chalk and bubbles. I added them all to my list.

2016-03-23 22.17.20

For my Easter dinner I knew we wanted turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pie, whipped cream, carrots, butter and asparagus. I always enter items on my shopping list without looking through the flyers, because Flipp is a shopper’s best friend and will tell me where it is on sale. I then simply browse through the sale prices to find the best deal. Within minutes, my list is always ready and I am headed shopping.

grocery cart flipp

At Walmart, I breezed through the store finding everything on my list and a wee bit more when I spotted Gatorade on sale. Every week, I love using my Flipp app to help me cut costs. I love it a little bit more when it helps me to save on the holidays like Easter.

If you have not downloaded the Flipp app, you need to do it right now. Trust me you will be glad you did. The average Flipp user is able to shave their grocery bill by at least 25%.