Saving Money on Beauty: The Color and Cut

On Friday I had my last day at work. I have been doing childcare since August, and then layoffs hit the families I worked with, meaning I am job hunting. To get my job hunt off with a great start I decided a new look would be good, because change is always good right?

I had dark roots, as I hadn’t cut or colored my hair since October, so I was long overdue.

I needed to do it on a budget.

I think most of like to save but love to pamper ourselves still. So I saw a sale at Walmart on the Belle Color on just the shade I wanted to give a try. It only cost me $4.96 for the color which I did on Saturday morning.

I loved how the color brightened me up. Now it was time for the cut and there was no way I would take a pair of scissors to my own head so I decided I would head to Marca Beauty School at Dufferin Mall as they too had a special on.

You paid for the wash, and cut and got the blowdry which you normally pay $8 for free.

I got there about noon, and since it was Saturday they were uber busy. I had to wait almost 2 hours to get in a chair but the final result was so worth it.

Now my question to you how do you save when it comes to pampering yourself? Do you color your own hair? Cut your own bangs? Make your own scrubs?

Here is the end result..

Total amount spent $15.00

So I won twice a new hairstyle and saved as well.