Are You Using Essential Oils in Your Self-Care Routines?

One of the things I have been doing lately is taking care of myself better. For years, I really didn’t focus on me ever at all. Everyone else came first. Self-care was low on my priority list? Ever been there? Slowly over the last couple of years, I have started using essential oils more and more. I feel in love with aromatherapy quickly but did you know essential oils can help you in so many ways. As I am learning to take care of myself better, in this month of love I wanted to share some great self-care recipes. Essential oils are now an important part of my self-care routines.

What kind of stress do you live with?

I know I placed the needs of family first and it seemed we always had something to juggle. What household is not busy these days?

With it being the week we celebrate love there are many ways to start taking care of you.

It’s time to take care of you. It’s time to show yourself some love.


One of the simplest ways to trigger relaxation is with scent. Aromatherapy triggers relaxation. It’s a great way to stop stress in a moment.

There are many ways you can use aromatherapy.

  1. With a diffuser. Simply add a few drops of your favourite oil to water to help you relax. My favourite oil to use is Lavender.
  2.  In your bath. Add a couple of drops of essential oil to a tablespoon of a carrier oil, then add this to your bath water. (Never add just oil to the water- water and oil do not mix.)
  3.  Massage.  Use it in a carrier oil to give a massage.


Some of my other favourite ways to use my essential oils is by making scrubs. Here are just a few great scrub recipes you may want to try:


There are so many ways to use essential oils to help better your self-care routines. Check out my Pinterest board to see more recipes and tips that may help you.

If you are intersted in learning more about essential oils and selfcare, I have a free e-book for you.  Just fill out the this form and I will send it to you.

How to Survive Cold and Flu Season on a Budget

No one likes getting sick. This year, in the past week it seemed like a large number of my friends were battling cold and flu bugs. At our house, we were as well. It was no fun. No one likes waking up at 2 am in a coughing fit and no one likes taking their little one to the hospital for a brief stay. Both happened in our house last week.  So how can you survive cold and flu season on a budget?

With the reality being most of us take unpaid time off to battle the flu or cold, each bout will affect the pocketbook. So how can we best be ready? Prevention matters but when it happens it is best to listen to your body.

The Flu Shot

Flu shots have been proven to lessen symptoms or even help you get through the season flu-free. This year though there are several strains that are resistant to the shot so what is a family to do?


Do yourself and your work/school mates a favour and take the time to heal. Rest. One of the best things you can try to do is sleep. Sleep helps you to build your immunity system and helps fight germs. Sleep is a free way to help your body get better.

Wash Your Hands

Handwashing frequently especially in this season matters. Handwashing helps prevent illness but it also helps it from running through the family as well.

Drink Water

Water is good for you. It helps to flush out impurities. I have been drinking at least 2 litres a day of water. For me I have added a few drops of lemon essential oils to help flush toxins away. Even adding fresh lemon will help.

Eat Well

There are many foods that help fight food and colds.  Mushrooms, green tea, sweet potato and chicken soup are on the list. We keep cans of chicken noodle soup stocked just for sick days.

Stock Your Medicine Chest

There is nothing worse than having to do a run to the pharmacy when you feel terrible. I do quarterly checks on our basic meds and stock the cabinet when things are on sale. We buy just enough and I do check the expiry dates.   We keep Advil, Neo Citran, Vicks Vapour Rub, Gravol, and a few other medications on hand. Did you know you can often find these for sale? Remember to check your flyer apps like Flipp for sales and rebates. Other apps you may want to check include CheckOut 51 and Caddle.

We also buy Kleenex when it is on sale. Even after using about 3 boxes in our house last week I think I have a few left in my stash.

What are your favourite ways to save and battle a cold or the flu?


Battle with the Scale

Scale-Gina © by nist6ss

I have written this month about my goal of getting healthy this year by meeting with a registered dietitian and getting moving, what I haven’t really written about is my battle with the scale.

How often to weight in, to weigh or not weigh is the question.I have always had a battle with the scale. Each trip to the scale I wonder will I have lost, will I have gained. I get nervous.

This time around I have made it my goal not to weigh myself often, as this journey is not about the weight, it is about getting healthy, it is about feeling better. Have you ever battled with the choice to weigh in?

As my clothing loosens, as my energy increases I know I am losing, and if I have had a bad week do Is really need the scale to tell me so? Yes some weighing in is needed so you know how well it is going, but daily or even weekly for me is overload. So I have decided I am weighing in just once a month. Would that work for you?

Are you trying to get healthier this year let me know so I can support and encourage you on your journey this year, sometimes it is quite the battle.

*This year I am working with the team at Enthrive to get healthier, want a registered dietitian on your team, give them a try.

Cupboard Cleanse

cookiesWhen wanting to start a healthier lifestyle it is so important to cleanse yourself of some of those bad habits, right?

Since I am now working from home, well job hunting from home, I have easy access to my kitchen, and all my favorite tastes and bites where just a few steps away for my taking. I have to admit something I am a snacker,and emotional eater. I love food.  I eat when I am bored, happy, sad, anxious, to celebrate, you name it and it is a reason for a snack, or a special meal.

I realized this week that having all that junk in the house was not helping me get healthier. It was a distraction and temptation. I had to do something about it. I had to do a cupboard cleanse. I had to purge my house of the junk. Can you believe when doing so there were 8 bags of cookies alone, all unopened, thankfully. Those made a nice donation to the local foodbank. I also got rid of many highly processed goodies that I kept in my cupboards. I now feel my cupboards are alot healthier. Have you ever done a cupboard cleanse? Simply I feel better having all that junk out of the house. Now when I want a snack I still go to the kitchen but now there is some hummus and veggies waiting, or a clementine. It is all about making simple little changes on this quest for a healthier me. I am glad I did this cleanse this week and the walk to the foodbank to donate the junk was good as well. Are you working on your health this year? If so leave me a comment and let me know so we can encourage each other.

*This year I am working with the team at Enthrive to get healthier, and love that I get to work with a registered dietitain to help rethink my journey with food. These are not sponsored posts but I am getting the services of a dietitian at a great price point.



Why Get Healthy Now?

As I wrote last week I will be working with a Registered Dietitian with Enthrive this year as I try and get healthy. For me I have a long list of reasons for getting healthy right now. They are are my why list, and my motivation. So here are my reasons for looking at how I eat, and more so at how I live.

Here are my reasons for getting healthy now:

1. I want to be able to breathe easier. I no long want to huff and puff when I walk.

2. Both my parents had health scares at 50, I am almost at that age and want to lower my risks.

3. I want to feel good about my body.

4. I want to be able to wear a dress without worrying about chaffing when I walk.

5. I would love to feel sexy at some point in my life.

6. I want to be able to explore new places in a body that can keep up to what I want to do.

7. I want to know what it is to be healthy.

8. I want to tie my sneakers with ease.

9. I want to cook food that excites me.

10. I want to be a good example for my teen.

Those are my reasons. I will not fail this time around. I am on a path, one that will change my life once again, I will be healthier by the end of 2013.

* I am working with Enthrive this year in getting healthy, these posts are not sponsored but I am getting a great rate and wanted to hold myself accountable this year by writing about my journey weekly.


A New Year A Chance to Rethink

Healthy eats. No treats. © by b r e n t

I started this year with my 3 words, one of them being habit, and we all have bad habits that are deeply ingrained in us. I know I have some bad habits especially when it comes to food and eating healthy. Here is the think I love food! I love the smells in the kitchen when I am coooking, and I love my sweets and carbs. I have a love hate relationship with food.

This is not good, it is not healthy.

It needs to change. I want to have healthy habits in my life in 2013.

Habits that give me energy, that fuel me and that help me lose weight as well.

I have tried every weight loss gimick there is, every plan, everything you can think of from the cabbage soup diet to weight watchers I have tried it, and had limited success, but I have never changed my thinking, or my habits.

So what am I doing different in 2013?

I am going to be working with a Registered Dietitian to look at my habits and to help me change my thinking. I want this to be the year I get it right.

I am working with the team at Enthrive. So far I love this company and what they offer and how they offer it.

Now here is my accountability deal I will be reporting in every Friday to you my readers . 52 posts all about healthy eating. 52 weeks of talking about rethinking food. 52 weeks of sharing

my successes and losses.I am in for a journey one that will see me getting some healthy food habits into my life. I am looking forward to this new path.

I will also be talking about frugal fitness this year as I walk my way to better health.

You can follow my journey here and on my Facebook Page

and you can follow Enthrive on Facebook or Twitter for some very healthy tips.

*I have teamed with Enthrive this year. They are sponsoring my journey by giving me the program at a great rate, no other payments. I wanted to share the path and when I purposed the idea they liked it so here we are.


Halal and Healthy

I recently started dieting once again.

What have I had to give up that i love?

Cupcakes, chocolate and diet coke!

I purged my cupboards this weekend so now it is time to come up with a menu that is healthy and halal.

I have been using Theresa Albert’s book Ace Your Health. She emphaizes breakfast right at the begining of the book so this week I am not only planning my dinners but my breakfasts as well.


Breakfast- yogurt ( if you want halal yogurt look for the Balkan symbol at the grocery store here in the GTA), fruit salad (a mix of pineapple, grapes, mango, orange)

Dinner-Timeless Tuna Penne Salad


Breakfast- oatmeal, and blueberries

Dinner-Chicken dijon (in the recipe use skim milk and light sour cream), brown rice, brocolli


Breakfast- I am going to try and make homemade yogurt and fresh fruit.

Dinner- I am making Meatless Chili using this recipe. Too take some of the gas effect off the beans make sure you rinse them.

Meatless Chili


1 can chili beans in tomato sauce
1 can kidney beans
1 can stewed tomatoes
1/2 cup sliced celery
1/4 cup diced onion
1 Tbsp chili powder
1 cup cooked brown rice
Salt to taste
Optional: light sour cream, grated cheese, hot sauce


In sauce pan, cook celery, onion and tomato for 5 minutes. Add everything else but rice, sour cream and cheese. Cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Add rice, put into bowls and top with any or all of the “optionals”.


Breakfast- the homemade yogurt from yesterday  with fresh fruit

Dinner-Salmon Patties, green salad


Breakfast- oatmeal, berries

Dinner-Black bean Quesadillas

Saturday-having a friend over so

Breakfast- Breakfast Egg Casserole, fresh fruit

Dinner- we are going out


Breakfast- leftovers from yesterday

Dinner-Oven baked whole chicken, baked potatoes, mixed veggies

Now what is cooking at your house this week? Now I am off to Organzing Junkie‘s blog to see what is cooking at your house.

I am A Gambler!

I am a gambler! For years I have been gambling with my health. Literally I am 100 pounds overweight. Huge number right!

Well recently my twitter friend @TheresaAlbert launched another great book : Ace Your Health 52 Ways to Stack Your Deck.

I was invited to attend the launch after party. Well guess what I noticed that probably no one else did, I was the fattest woman in the room.

That night I came up and started to read her book. In the beginning of book there is a quiz about lifestyle and health. Well I took the quiz and found out I am a Spade. Basically that is the lowest score one can get as Theresa divided people into 4 categorizes: diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades. Diamonds have there acts together while spades are those well who are perhaps just getting their acts together.

To get your act together takes time. Theresa realizes that in her book using the 52 cards in a deck of cards to help us get our acts together over the course of 52 weeks. Each card gives us a change to make that will lead us to health. Since Theresa is a nutritionist the book is big on food tips, but exercise does come into play later in the deck as well.

I am using Theresa’s book this year to hep me get healthier. I need to stop gambling with my health. So each week I will writing about what  I am doing to get healthier. I think the accountability will be good for me.

Why am I doing it finally now? I was recently in my doctor’s office and have to have surgery in April. My doctor wants me to lose some weight before the surgery to make it easier on my body. I also am tired of being the fattest woman in the room.

Back in the Writing Saddle

I am back in the saddle to speak. I have been taking a blogging break for the last 3 months..

Much has gone on. There have been some radical changes in my life and that of my tween daughter.

Some who follow me know I got ill and went bankrupt all in the same month. I will say this having 2 battles on your plate well is energy draining so it was time for this mom to take some time for me and well get my head,heart and body working together. I went into cocoon mode for the most part.I think every mom may need cocoon mode once is a while. For me I think there were many emotions tied up deep inside me. My body, heart and mind needed down time: recovery time. There were battles inside my head that needed to be won. I think that when it comes time to actually declare bankruptcy there is this guilt that goes with it. I think the stress came out in my body. I know there were voices in my head saying “How could you not of done better”. The lies one mind can perpetuate!

For me there was nothing really of done any different: I had felt this weight for many years too long. Since my days of owning 11 homes and a ranch with my now exhusband, I have often felt why did I walk away from wealth and into a world of debt and struggle. I had to battle my own head and realize the strength I did and do have as woman, mom and friend.Have any of you ever thought this is simply not good enough?

It is a tape that played in the back ground of my mind for way to long.

There is no sin in messing up. Can I say that again? There is no sin in messing up. It is what you do after the fact that matters most. What are you going to do with your life right now in this moment that makes you smile. What can you do?

So what am I doing:

  • For me I had to make some radical moves this included a move back to Toronto my hometown. This was a practical choice for me as I want to access the best Aspergers care for my tween and network with other parents of Aspie kids.
  • As for my bankruptcy I am keeping a budget journal. In less than a year I hope to be free and clear, and really given that second chance.
  • I am taking time every day to pray more than once and connect with God..for me I need that peace that simply comes from falling on my knees in prayer.
  • I am writing a private journal of gratitude that I keep each night.
  • I am looking for way to help in my community as I find when you help someone else up your problems always seem to diminish in size.
  • I am coming back to writing. I will be posting regularly as writing is something I love to do.

When life hits those bumps what do you do?

For me I am doing some reinventing and some strengthening both are good things. If any of this hits home perhaps we can encourage each other.

Frugal and Fit and Busting a Move

Well it has been awhile since I updated my blogging friends on how goes my journey on being a faboulous frugal and fit 45 year old mom who is ready to bust a move.

Well I have been exersicing some but not getting to the gym near enough.

I have been drinking lots of water which is good for this mom who was and is a Diet Coke addict.

Two weeks today I will be 45! Yes, I am a Christmas babe.

Now as I wrote here about a month ago I signed up for an event called Bust a Move. It is a huge fundraiser here in Nova Scotia that will help this community get a much needed first rate Breast health center.

Each woman who signs up has to raise $1,000…yes I said $1,ooo

The $1ooo is for a great cause and I think most of know at least one person effected by breast cancer. For me this is rather personal as I bust a move in memory of my grand mother who fought this dreaded illness. My grandmother died a few years ago now as the cancer spread throughout her body. So I am bringing her strength and courage along with me.

Now if you would like help me reach my $1,000 goal (maybe as a birthday prez for me) you can:

1.donate on my personal page or

2. Purchase a Food for Boobs Cookbook here. At $20 plus shipping this cookbook makes a great gift and you get to help Nova Scotia get that first rate Breast Health Center. The book was put together with recipes from a number of the #halifaxchicks on Twitter.

3. I am part of the #halifaxchicks team and well one of the fundraisers we are doing is a raffle. You make a $10 donation and your name goes in the draw for a bunch of great local treats. IF you are in Halifax this is the deal of the month! You can get a ticket here.