Teaching Our Children About Money Twitter Party #TangerineFLM #ad

Ever think about money? Ever think about where you learned the money concepts you follow today. If you live in Canada, you most likely did not learn about money in elementary school. You definitely didn’t learn about savings, investing, TFSA’s or retirement.  When it comes to what we know about money it was our families who taught us.

My parents taught me you have to work hard to earn every dollar but both of them lived pay cheque to pay cheque. Savings and investing was never talked about. My grandfather was an astute businessman who bought and sold properties. If you drive an hour north of Toronto, he owned many cottage lots that he sold off in the fifties one by one. He is the one who taught me to work hard but also have your money invested and that it could grow.

How do you pass on what is important to your children?

How are you teaching your children about money?

Money concepts are not part of the curriculum much here in Canada. Financial literacy isn’t taught to our children. It is up to us the parent to teach children about money.

Do you feel you know enough to be able to teach them well?

Even young children can understand basic money conversations. I know I started talking to my own daughter about money when she was five. It all started with a piggy bank and later a bank account. I also instilled in her the importance of giving back no matter the income level.

This week, join @TangerineBank and @RobinTaub as we talk about teaching our children about money.


Here are some great teaser tips from Tangerine to get you started.


Hope to see you at the Twitter Party on Tuesday night for a great conversation with Robin Taub. There is NO RSVP and there are 4 prizes being given away!





Aint Misbehavin: A Guide for Parents

Have you ever had a kid or a teen that misbehaved? I have! I can remember well the tantrums, the little princess laying on the floor a kicking and a wailing because she wanted want she wanted in the moment. I remember well having to deal with a daughter who loved to strip because her clothes just were not comfy. Now days I just have a teen with attitude. But no matter what you are dealing with, guess what, you are not alone!

Every parent deals with misbehaving kids. Sometimes we want to pull our hair out, some days it is frustrating and for me some days seemed like a power struggle.  Recently I had the chance to attend Alyson Schafer’s  book launch for Aint Misbehavin, her 3rd book on the subject of parenting.

I was lucky enough to be able to ask Alyson a question about those dang power struggles. Well her answer to me has helped me redefine my relationship with my tween. We are having more and more genuine conversations and working as a team.  Instead of I am your mom, so just do it. There is conversation. There is more peace here now and well alot more fun for both me and her. So I am thankful to Alyson for her suggestion.

In her book Aint Misbehavin she lists 100 of our common parenting struggles from boggers to tv time she covers the gambit with practical solutions that have an impact. The layout makes the book an easy read and a great guide, because you can get to the solution for your exact issue in a matter of seconds. Trust me this book will be dogmarked by the time you are done raising your kids.

I am fortunate enough thanks to Mom Central Canada to have a copy to give away here on my blog. Actually I am giving away a second copy as well at the Twitter party I am having on April 9th(details soon).

If you would like to win a copy of Alyson’s Aint Misbehavin just leave me a comment here letting me know why you would want to read her book. What issues are you dealing with with your kids?Contest closes April 21 st.

*I did receive a copy of her book to review free, but as always the opinions here are my own.  Giveaway is from Mom Central Canada who I am blessed to work with.

7 Common Sense Rules Steps for Parenting a Tween

This was an interesting month here at my house as my own mother was around for much of it, right before she moved across country. She got me thinking about parenting and how I parent my tween. I thought of the good and the bad. The mistakes we make as parents and the things we have the potential to do very well. I really want my parenting style to be simple.

It got me thinking of things I do that make sense for me. I thought I would share them and see, just maybe they might help you out as well. They are my rules for parenting.

1. I include God in my parenting. For me I find I want HIS strength. I need to be in scripture every day. I need to pray. For me this allows me to connect, and recharge.So no matter your faith if you include your faith in your daily life I find the job simply easier to do.

2. Parenting is priority. It comes over work, over writing, over everything else. I decided long ago parenting would always be my most important job. For me this means I had to find work that allowed me time with my daughter.

3. We have a weekly family meeting. We talk about plans, what we want to do, and the budget. My tween gets to learn how things all come together and we can discuss and plan anything that needs to be done.

4. We have a biweekly family fun night. We choose one night and do something FUN together. I find this h as been great for bonding.

5. Show them respect and value and they will return the favor. I try to show my tween respect and take a genuine interest in her opinions even when I dont agree. I do want to know how she got to her thinking and yes we have had some very interesting conversations.

6.We have TV/Computer free time…sometimes it is good to become the unplugged parent.

7. Be quick to apologize when wrong. Show them how to correct mistakes because we will all make them.

For me if I do these simple common sense things parenting my tween is easy and we have lots of fun on the path that is life. What about you and your family do you have certain rules?

Becoming a Grandmother of Sorts and Wanting Tips

Today I will become a grandmother of sorts and I need help. Many years ago I was married to man who had 3 young children. When I was married to him we had full custody of all 3 children. Today my oldest in my heart will become a father. Right now as I type my son ( well adopted into my heart son) is getting his wife to the hospital for a c section.  A little while from now our family will welcome our newest family member and my daughter will be an aunt.  We are excited and happy!

Now I also know a new mom needs lots of advice. They need tips. they need tricks of the mommy hood. Now Pampers has joined with Mom Central on a project called “A Parent is Born”. Together they want to create insightful, community-driven tip sheets for new and expectant parents to download and share in their own mommy circles. And Canadian moms; they need our help.( but really these would be great for any mother).

My daughter in law could use this. Now they are asking for tips on sleeping and going back to work. Got one then go here an enter your best tip. You could end up winning one of the 25 $20 gift cards or the grand prize of $500 cash and we can all use extra cash at this end of time of the year right. (Contest is open to Canadian Residents)