How to Save Money on Everything Halloween

The turkey leftovers are in the fridgeHalloween annual fall hike is done so now on minds in this house turn to Halloween. We loved decorating, making treats, shopping for candy and deciding on the perfect costume. With all of the planning and shopping though it is easy to put a strain on your wallet, it is just as easy to save money on everything Halloween.

So how can we save money on everything Halloween? Over the years I have written several posts all designed to help you save on Halloween. You can learn about keeping the money gremlins at bay and how to have a frightfully frugal Halloween.  Now many of the things we do help us save money every year.

Saving money on Everything Halloween does not have to be scary.

So how can you save every year on  everything Halloween?

  1. Year after year, I emphasis budgeting. Is Halloween a line item in your budget? It should be. 
  2. Shop your shed and closets. Get creative, think reuse, reuse, reuse as your Halloween anthem. So many things make for great DIY projects for decor and costumes.  
  3. Check for Freebies. You can often find freebies on sites like Kijiji or Craigslist. I have even seen freebies in the Facebook Marketplace and even on groups like Bunz ( Do you have the bartering app Bunz yet?) 
  4. Host a costume swap with your friends. How many costumes does your child have? I know by the age of 5 my daughter had a few. So the best thing to do was gather some friends who have kids and host a swap. 
  5. Check for coupons. Yes, I used the “c” word! If you are a crafter who loves to get creative, take advantage of Michael’s 40% off coupon that happens often.
  6. Look for deals and price match when and where you can. Remember Flipp, the app shows you all your local flyers and did you know you can price match straight from the app at several Canadian retailers. 
  7. Shopping Online? Use Ebates, it is a portal site that gives you cash back and often savings when you shop at the retailers listed. One of the retailers is Amazon! 
  8. Become Pinterest inspired. Since we love to make Halloween treats and our own costumes I have two boards you can check out here and here. 
  9. Get your pumpkin at a discount. I was at Walmart Canada this week and saw that they had a great sale and a good selection. I would grab one while you can. 
  10. Shop the day after Halloween. You can get ready for Halloween 2019 shopping ahead. Great deals can often be found on November 1st. These can be stashed away for next year.  

Get Lucky with Ebates Canada

Ebates Leap Day

It is that time once again! We have an extra day to year. Everyone I know thinks that February 29th brings a certain amounts of luck. Well this year, thanks to,  29 lucky members will actually win some cash for doing things they already do.

We all make purchases online these days right? Are you getting cash back for those purchases? Perhaps you are using a rewards credit card that gives you cash back? Perhaps you have no idea what I am talking about?  A few weeks ago I shared the best sites and apps for helping Canadian families save money, you can read that post here.

One of the sites I recommended was  What is members earn cash back on their online purchases. It’s that simple. has an affiliate program with many online retailers and they want to pass some of that cash to you. You get part of that affiliate commission. A real win/win!

To earn cash back on your online purchases, simply sign up for an Ebates account. It’s free to sign up. No membership fee required.  Now when you go to make an online purchase through one of the hundreds of retailers they have an affiliate program with, you earn cash back. The only thing you have to be certain of is that you are signed into your account before you go to the retailer’s site.  So simply click on your favourite retailer’s icon on the site.

Now, Its your Lucky Leap Day.  Score 4X Cash Back at some of your favourite stores  – plus get Double Cash Back at 200+ more! We can also confirm that all three Gap brands will be at 4X cash back (Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic),  as well at TOMs, Keurig, Amazon and many more!

Plus 29 lucky members will win a $29 cash bonus in their account when they make a purchase through of $25 or more before 11:59PM EST.  I wish you good luck as you shop today!

* I will let you know if you sign up through my account I do get a referral payout. 

The 5 Best Things To Buy At Thrift Stores

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By now you know that thrift stores are awesome places to shop if you’re trying to save money. But do you know what the best deals are in the thrift store? If you’re trying to get more bang for your buck, look for these items at your local thrift store!

thrift store photo2


  1. Purses – If you need a clutch for a special event, but are not likely to need one again anytime soon, or if you want a purse to match a certain outfit for an event, head to your local thrift store. It may take a few trips, so it’s definitely better to start early but you can usually score a purse to fit your needs for under $10. Best of all, if you’re willing to do a little cleaning, you can sometimes get designer bags for a fraction of what they would cost. I have a collection of designer purses and have never bought one at anything close to retail prices. I’ve had to do some minor repairs or spot cleaning to a couple of them, but it’s totally worth it to have a Coach purse without the dent in my wallet.


  1. Books – Yes, the library is free and should be used as a first choice, but buying second hand books can be a major money saver. Used books are significantly cheaper than their brand new counterparts. You aren’t likely to find very recent books on the shelves, but if you’re looking to stock your cottage bookshelf or want to introduce your child to your favourite series from when you were a kid, used books are the way to go. Some stores even have buy 3 get 1 free deals on books and many offer a reduced price on kids’ books.


  1. Games and Puzzles – Again, you are unlikely to find the latest popular game at your local thrift store (although you should always keep checking since you never know what might come in), but if you are looking for classic games such as Scrabble, Monopoly, Sorry, or Mousetrap, head to the thrift store! Always double check for missing pieces, but most people don’t donate broken games. If you’re looking for some rainy day activities, thrift stores usually have a great selection of puzzles – some of them never even opened. Games and puzzles usually cost between $2 -$6 in a thrift store compared to $20 and up in a retail store. Even better, once you’re done the puzzle or if the kids outgrow the game, you can re-donate it and keep the cycle going.


  1. Furniture – Thrift stores are often short on space, so they price furniture low to get it out the door. Some of the furniture needs a little TLC – but if you love a piece, you shouldn’t let a scratch or a missing drawer pull get in the way. Most of the fixes are really simple and there are tons of how to videos online if you decide you want to take on a bigger project. As a caution, don’t buy used mattresses (because of the risk of bedbugs) and clean upholstered items using a steam cleaner if possible.


  1. Baby Clothes – Kids grow fast – especially in the first couple of years. While you could drop a ton of money on new clothes that they’ll wear once and then outgrow, the smarter move is to check out the local thrift stores. Often you’ll find items that weren’t even worn! Think of them as hand-me-downs from kids you haven’t met. Always wash clothes from thrift stores at home before wearing, most clothes are washed prior to donation, but it’s always better to wash using your detergent and to give you peace of mind.


Those are the top 5 items to buy used, do you have any items that you prefer to buy used that aren’t on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

18 Simple Ways to Save Money Around the House

laundryThere are so many simple ways to save around the house. As I looked around my apartment this week I made a list of all the things I could do to save money.So what are some of the ways to save some of those hard earned dollars?

To save money in the kitchen:

1. Use a microwave instead of the stove top to cook when you can. You save money and time.

2. When cooking on the stove top remember to use pot lids. By using your pot lids you are cutting cooking times.

3. Cool foods before putting them in the fridge. Every time you put hot food in the fridge you are costing yourself more money.

4. Use Timer and Temperature to cook in the oven. Every time you are opening the oven door to check you are costing yourself cash.

5. Menu planning is another way to save as you are not in that desperate panic when it is dinner time and you are less likely to stop for that fast food if you know what is on the menu.

6. Use your leftovers. Have an old fashioned left over night.


In your furnace/laundry room to save money:

1. Remember to change the filters on your furnace regularly. This simply makes sense.

2. Have you had a home audit done? By doing one often your utility company can find ways you can save.

3. Insulate your water pipes.This little cost brings great dividends.

4. When doing laundry only wash full loads of clothes. Really folks who puts 1 or two items in the washing machine. This is such a waste.

5. Always wash in cold water and use a laundry soap that is meant for cold water. This means you are reducing your costs, and saving your clothes, a double win.

6. Hang your clothes to dry. I love using my line.


Through out the house to save money:

1. Remember the simple things like turning out the lights when you are not in the room. Do those other lights really need to be on?

2. Use LED light bulbs where you can. Yes they cost more but you save in the long run.

3. Try making your own cleaning products. Need a recipe check out my How to Pinterest board.

4. Use a programmable thermostat, lower the temperature when in bed and out of the house.

5. Remember to unplug items that are not in use, ie toasters, computers etc.

6. Use low flow shower heads.