Grocery Prices Are Going Up, But Your Food Budget Is Not!




It’s a new year and with that comes word of higher prices in our grocery stores. Canadians have been seeing headlines in the news of this that read: “Food Prices Continue to Rise” and “Grocery Bills To Get Bigger In 2016 Due To Increased Food Costs, Sinking Loonie”. Where does that put us as the consumer? What can we do to continue to keep ourselves within our budgets and keep money in our banks while still being able to put the same amount of food on the table as we did before the prices started climbing?

As a mom of three and a family of five, I am always extremely conscientious about my weekly budget and my meal planning to ensure I get the most out of my weekly grocery budget. However, with these increased prices I am finding that even I have to up my game and figure out where I can save more. To do this, I decided to take a walk through some of my local grocery stores not to shop necessarily but to really get a good insight into where else I can save other then my flyer deals. shopping apps, price matching, weekly in-store deals, and coupons. Below are my findings.

In each store, I found little pockets of savings areas. Meat section 30-50% off meat, Pro-duce Reduced items, Bakery 50% off racks, as well as random shelves and bins in stores with reduced items. Each store had, at least, one or more of these areas, meat be-ing the most common but one, in particular, had all of these sweet little savings areas in one store, Loblaws (just to note here that I do not work for nor endorse Loblaws, they just had everything in one store). Although I don’t think Loblaws always has the best prices when items are regularly priced, I do feel that between their  PC Points program and their further savings of quick for sale reduced items I can really save my money when I shop there.

Items in these areas change daily but I guarantee that you will find some great deals and save money on your grocery bill, especially on the meat.

These are just some extra tips above and beyond what we can do to save money every-day other then our flyer deals, price matching, shopping apps, and coupons.

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Apps that Save You Time and Money on Groceries: Flyer Apps + Price-Matching

Christa Clips shares her top 2 flyer apps that she uses for price-matching
Top 2 flyer apps to replace paper flyers when looking for sales and price-matching

Saving money at the grocery store has become so slick thanks to all of the new mobile apps out there. Whether you want to save on the sly or are an extreme couponer, there are two types of FREE mobile apps to help you cut your grocery bills:

  • Flyer apps – used for finding the best sale price and price-matching
  • Cash Back Rebate apps – used for claiming money back by snapping a photo of your receipt

At a recent #CDNmoney twitter chat, co-hosts Christa Clips and Common Cents Mom lead a lively discussion about Mobile Apps that Save You Time & Money at the Grocery Store. In this post we’ll recap some of the tips & tricks that the #CDNmoney community shared when it comes to using apps for grocery flyers and price-matching. Check back in for our next post about the Cash Back Rebate apps!

instantly turn a regular price into a sale price!

Finding the lowest possible price for each item on your grocery list is the foundation to being a savvy shopper. Many stores will price-match or ad-match their competitor’s advertised prices and the new mobile apps for viewing grocery flyers make the checkout process super slick: simply show the cashier the flyer on your mobile app and they’ll adjust the price. With only a couple of extra seconds of time, you can instantly turn a regular price into a sale price! 

Tip: Putting items on the belt in the same order will speed up the price-matching process if you’re ad-matching multiple items (which we HOPE you are!)

Price-matching isn’t for everyone. Not everyone has access to stores that will price-match, or perhaps the extra planning and care at the checkout stage just isn’t your style. No worries! Identifying how you currently use your grocery flyers to save money will help you decide which grocery flyer app is best for you:

a) “I look at the weekly flyers to see what’s on sale at my favourite grocery store and I plan my meal plan and grocery list around those items.”

b) “I look at the weekly flyers to see what’s on sale at all local grocery stores and I plan my meal and grocery list around those items. I price-match the sale prices at one store.”

c) “I make a grocery list of what I need then check the flyers to see if any of the items on are on sale at a store that I can visit.”

d) “I check the flyers to see if any of the items on my grocery list are on sale at stores that I can price-match.”

If you’re a price-matcher (b and d) you’ll most likely love the search and clipping features of Flipp. If you’re a flyer browser (a and c), we think Reebee is the most visually appealing flyer app.

Flipp – currently available for iOIS and Android devices, Hollie and I agree that this is the most comprehensive grocery app to date – in fact, she has signed on as one of 6 Brand Ambassadors for Flipp in 2014! Type a grocery item into the search bar to find the lowest price. Once you’ve decided which store you will visit or base your price-matching on, use the handy clipping feature to add that sale price to your Clippings page. Do this process for each item on your grocery list and the app will arrange them in a tidy shortlist of clippings no matter how many store flyers you’re using!

Flipp allows you to "clip" items from multiple flyers and sends them to your shopping list. Never pay full price again!  photo:
Flipp allows you to “clip” items from multiple flyers and sends them to your shopping list. 

When shopping, simply “flipp” through your clippings when the cashier is ringing in your items and I say “I’d like to price-match this flyer price, please!” Flipp has a great cache system so you don’t need wifi or data access to recall the list and flyers that you’ve previously opened on your device. Travelling? Use Flipp in any Canadian or U.S. city.

Techie Tip: Deleting items from your clippings list right after you’ve bought them will keep your app clutter-free and keep your price-matching fluster-free!

Reebee is a greener way to view your grocery flyers! Photo:
Reebee is a greener way to view your grocery flyers!

Reebee – this app is available on Android, iOIS, and BlackBerry which makes it the most accessible flyer app, although it does not have the search and clipping features of Flipp. Reebee is our preferred substitute for paper flyers in terms of browsing to see what’s on sale because it’s the same layout as the paper flyers and there is never anything expired to delete (Flipp’s clipping list needs to be manually emptied). If you’re a price-matcher but don’t have an iOIS device, you can also use Reebee to “flash at the cash” just make sure that the date and store name are showing on the screen by tapping lightly on the bottom right corner. Reebee also has a strong cache system and as long as you have opened page 1 of a flyer, you can access that entire flyer without wifi or data access.

Techie Tip: make your own “clippings” list like the one offered by Flipp by taking individual screen shots of the items that you’ll be price-matching, then simply scroll through them in your photo gallery when you’re at the checkout.

Go green by using these mobile apps to view your flyers.

And stay in the green by using the apps to save on your weekly groceries! 

Both apps are FREE! Download Flipp to your iOIS device or to your Android here. Download Reebee to any Android, iOIS, or BlackBerry device.

Ready to add more layers of savings to your grocery shopping? Stay tuned for our upcoming post about the mobile apps to claim cash back with your grocery receipts. Sound too good to be true? I’ve typed this post on my iPad which i PAID for with these cash back rebates! ~Christa Clips


Christa Clips shares her Save-at-Home-Mom story on her blog along with frugal living tips. Christa is partnering with Common Cents Mom to share posts with more ways to save on groceries, shopping, and household costs.


Get Cash Back on your Grocery Receipt with Checkout51

We're working together to SAVE you more! In her first blog post on Common Cents Mom, Christa Clips shares tips for earning even MORE cash back from the Checkout51 mobile app. For beginners and extreme couponers, alike!
We’re working together to SAVE you more! In her first blog post on Common Cents Mom, Christa Clips shares tips for earning even MORE cash back from the Checkout51 mobile app. For beginners and extreme couponers, alike!

Saving at the the grocery store has become so slick with the advent of mobile apps and Checkout51 appeals to silent savers and extreme couponers alike:

  • Not a coupon clipper? You can discreetly snap photos of your grocery receipts in the privacy of your own home and claim cash back rebates from Checkout51


  • Extreme Couponer?! Plan your menu and stockpile shopping based on the current Checkout51 offers and take time to pricematch the best sale price while matching your coupons for multiple layers of savings!

The naysayers wonder exactly how claiming $1 back on a loaf of bread can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings a year.

Checkout51 is one of my favourite cash back mobile apps and I’ve earned back hundreds of dollars since registering my first account in November, 2012. Naysayers point out that “saving $1 on a loaf of bread, once a week hardly adds up to hundreds a dollar per year in savings”. But by learning to use the app wisely, I’ve been able to earn back enough cash to cover the cost of my iPad! For real!

In a nutshell, Checkout 51 is free mobile app and website which allows you to claim cash back rebates by snapping a photo of your grocery receipt. The list of offers is updated every Thursday morning and you can claim each offer once per account. Some weeks I claim back only $1 or $2 whereas other weeks I’ve earned over $5 in cash back rebates for each of my accounts. Either way, I’m never spending more than a couple of minutes processing my receipts on the app – it’s really fast and easy.

4 Steps to Start Using Checkout51 to Earn Cash Back with your Grocery Receipts:

  1.  Download the free app to your Android or Apple mobile device AND/OR set up an account on your home computer (desktop or laptop).  Smartphones, tablets, iPads and iPods all work, as long as they have internet capability (wifi or data) and have a camera.
  2. Scroll through the list of current offers to see if there are any products you’ll be purchasing during the offer period (Thursday to Wednesday 11:59pm ET each week).
  3. Purchase the item(s) and upload a picture of your receipt using the easy-to-use steps outlined by the app or website.  This step worried me in the beginning, but it was really simple to use.
  4. Once your account has a balance of $20 or more, hit the “request a cheque” button and expect your cheque in the mail! My cheques have arrived within 5 business days consistently!

Once you’ve got the hang of using Checkout51, make sure you’re using it wisely and earning as much money as possible in weekly cash back rebates:

  • open a new Checkout 51 account for every mobile device in your household, plus one for your home computer. We have 4 Checkout51 accounts in our family (2 android smartphones, 1 iPad, 1 laptop) and I therefore earn 4x cash back on my grocery receipts
  • pay for your items in separate transactions so that you can claim a cash back rebate on multiple products. For example, if claiming $1 back on a loaf of bread, I often purchase 4 loaves, pay for them in separate transactions, and submit each receipt (once only) using each of my 4 Checkout51 accounts.
  • check the current offers as early as possible – HOT offers can run out before the end of the offer period, especially if an product ends up being FREE due to a sale matched with a coupon as well.  It’s these layers of savings that make the Checkout51 app an extra valuable tool when trying to save on your grocery bills.
  • check the offers on each of your accounts, each week. The offers sometimes differ per device and you want to make sure you’re claiming the highest value ones first. For example, I’m sometimes offered $.50 back on a grocery receipt that has $20 or more in groceries, and the very same week, one of my other accounts might have $1 cash back for the same offer.

If you’re looking for a paperless method for couponing that requires no clipping or scouring the internet to find coupons to print or order to arrive in the mail, Checkout51 is a great way to add a layer of savings when you’re grocery shopping. Whether you reach your $20 goal slowly over a number of weeks, or get there quickly AND on multiple accounts, it really is FREE cash in your pocket for simply snapping a photo of your grocery receipt!

Tell us how you’re making out with your Checkout51 earnings – we’d love to hear your success stories! ~Christa Clips

Christa Clips shares her Save-at-Home-Mom story on her blog along with frugal living tips. We welcome Christa to Common Cents Mom and look forward to her upcoming posts with more ways to save on groceries, shopping, and household costs.