Backpack Fillers with Flipp – Back to School Deals

There are only about 3 weeks left before school starts and many parents will be scrambling to fill their children’s list for Back to School.  This is the time to head out and pick up the backpack fillers before they are gone. At this time of the year, those items we need the most, or those super heroes and Princess backpacks seem to go pretty quickly.

Backpack Fillers – School Supplies

First, a backpack will be needed for this task. Finding the right backpack isn’t always about finding the cheapest. If the one from last year is still in good condition, consider washing it up and continue using it. Kid’s can be picky and will want a certain character or colour, they have their minds set on a particular one. This week the choices are endless and prices are starting as low as $4.99 at a few stores.

Staples Valid August 9 – August 15, 2017

If you are heading to Staples this week, they have a variety of items on sale at low low prices.

Backpack fillers



Walmart Valid August 10 – August 16, 2017

backpck fillers

You can choose from a variety of styles with this assortment of backpacks and fill them up and be school ready.

backpack fillers

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Do I Need Everything on That School Supply List?

suppliesDoes it seem like school supply lists are getting longer and longer?  Really, over the years I have found them too long and filled with things that may or may not get used. Several different news reports have done the research to show this is happening. Many parents are left scratching their heads and digging for their wallets just to cover the basics. Before you get overwhelmed and wonder how you’ll make it happen take a few moments to see if you really need to buy everything on the list. As I always say Make a list and check it twice. 

Get the List

Most schools are very good about providing a supply list early either through the mail, on their website, or in local stores. If you aren’t able to find one using the previous year’s list is likely to be a good guide. Changing grades, especially in elementary school won’t mean a big change in what is needed. Though elementary to junior high or high school could vary dramatically. Until you get the official list consider these a general guide and along with your judgement will be a good place to start. I always say use common sense. 


You’ve heard it for years when it comes to plastic and cans but what about recycling school supplies. If you have notebooks, folders, colored pencils, pens etc. in the house from the last school year or previous purchases, use them! You might also set aside partial sets of crayons, pencils or markers to donate to your child’s classroom or art department if they’re in need of extra supplies. Finding just a few of these items can help you cross a few items off the list.

Nearly every list will have a backpack. This is also one of the most expensive supplies to purchase. Instead of going for the cheapest option invest in a better quality bag if you can. They can last at least two years if not more. My daughter is on year 3 with her backpack. This year she is getting a new one as she is headed to college and high school. 

Shop the Sales

Nearly every store has some type of back to school promotion. The advertisements begin arriving in the mail as soon as summer hits. Check regularly beginning in July to see which stores are offering sales. If you spread out your purchases it also will make buying supplies easier on your budget. There also are hundreds of coupons in circulation around this time of year for both online and in store shopping. As well make money saving apps your friend. They can tell you where the best deals are. Have you downloaded Flipp yet? It’s great for making the list and finding the best deals in your local flyers. As well as Flipp there are several money saving apps put out by retailers these days. I have seen special deals appearing on these as well. 

Ask the Teacher

If you’re really stretched for money it won’t hurt to ask your child’s teacher what they truly need and what they might be able to bring to school later in the year. For example many teachers ask for Kleenex or Ziploc Bags, these become classroom goods and not specifically for your student. It won’t make a big difference if you bring them at the beginning of the year or a few months down the road.

Back to School Savings with CentrSource

Well it is that time of year again when our kids are settling back into the school routine. I love that my own teen is loving being back in school and absolutely loves her new school. Now the one thing her new school uses lots of is computer technology.

Since my teen daughter’s new school day is made up of mostly playing on the computer and learning at the same time our school supply list has changed quite a bit. She needed a new laptop, we need ink and toner for the printer because you know as this year progresses there will be lots printing going on in this house. One of the things my teen loves to do is take lots of photos and she loves to print them off for art projects for school, and the other is scan her work and upload to her favorite art community that she is part of.

So that left this mom needing to shop. I was first introduced to CentrSource a few months ago by a good friend and as there tag line goes it truly has become a place to find things we love and need where we live and work.

I  love that I can simply type in what I am looking for, and my postal code and voila there are offers that I can choose from that are all local to me.What kind of offers can you find?

An Offer is a product or service a Seller wants to share with you. For example:

  • Incentive
  • Coupon
  • Promotion
  • Discount on an item or service
  • Event
  • Free Trial

And get this the best part about shopping on CentrSource is the Stores want to reward you with SourcePoint$ so when you request product samples, download a discount coupon, try a new product or whatever else a Store has to share.You can collect your points so you can cash them in on great products at the SourcePoint$ Store. If you really like something you can even follow the store and share offers with your friends so they don’t miss out on any great deals. Think of it as letting your friends share in your shopping trip and share in your savings too. Personally I think checking out CentrSource before you head out the door is a smart money saving solution.

* I was paid for this post by CentrSource but in no way does payment effect the content of the post. I was simply asked to review the site.

PS..Seriously if you need ink and toneryou do want to check out the deals and save yourself some cash.