Start Flipping for Easy Lunches and Snacks

The weekend is upon us and it is the last weekend before our kids head back to school. It is your last chance to head down the CNE and enjoy the sites and sounds. Tomorrow kicks off the Canadian International Air show and will be going all weekend long. If you haven’t picked up those grocery items for lunches and snacks, this is the perfect weekend to get all your last minute items.

The daily return of lunch making comes with back to school time. Many of us are not very fond of the chore about mid school year and begin running out of ideas. Lunches come home and are uneaten. We all try the best we can, some kids are just picky, even when they choose the meal.

Easy Lunches and Snacks

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If you have a Frescho near by, this is the store with the best deals this week. If not just bring along your phone along, open up Flipp and do some price matching.

lunches and snacks

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lunches and snacks

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The grocery item above along with a few other items, you will be able to create a variety of simple and easy lunches and snacks every day. Having stackable containers or a Bento box help keep your food separated and easy for kids to prepare themselves.

Quick and Easy Lunches

Mini Pizzas

  • Pita or Naan Bread
  • pizza sauce
  • toppings of choice
  • cheese

Home Made Lunchables

  • meat rolled up
  • cheese
  • crackers
  • fruit

Mix up lunchtime and try to avoid sandwiches every day. Winter is coming, start to think about warm meals like soups. If you have leftovers, make sure to incorporate them into lunches.

All schools have their own rules when it comes to allergies. Most schools are peanut free, so those snacks are best for after school snacks at home.

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Enjoy the weekend and have a great week for back to school.



31 Days and 31 Ways to Save: Day4-Cut the Treat Factor

One of the ways I have saved each week that works for me is that I have cut the snack factor.

I am no longer buying my caffeine on the fly. There is no standing in line, there is no visits to the the vending machine.

If you love coffee make it at home before you leave and invest in a good mug that keeps it warm as you travel, for a transit commuter it is a perfect pick me up for that trip in without the wait and you are saving money.

As well anyone who knows me I love my Coke, so instead of a jaunt to the local mini market buy a case when you are shopping. Take one with you. Again no lines and you spent .35 cents vs 1.00.

As well do you get the munchies at work? Crave that salt or sugar? Pack yourself a snack, avoid the vending machine.

By cutting the snack factor you can save yourself over $1,000 a year- for me that works.

Now I am off to We are THAT Family who hosts a weekly round up of what is working for families. I always learn more ways to save by reading the great posts there. What tip helps you save the most?