Create a Reverse Bucket List and be Thankful and Happy now.

Ever had a week or month where you really have the fear of missing out? Life can be unpredictable. With my recent job loss, I have had this intense fear that everything on my bucket list is dreams that can’t happen. I found myself getting discouraged. My bucket is list is long after all. So how did I combat some serious FOMO?

I wrote a reverse bucket list yesterday.  I found it brought me into the present and I became thankful and happy with the now.  It’s easy especially at this time of year to let the fear of missing out rule the day but a reverse bucket list can help deal with today and the now.


There are real benefits to the reverse bucket list

Did you know being more thankful actually increases your overall well-being?

Think of a reverse bucket list as what you are most grateful for. As our neighbours in America celebrate Thanksgiving it is a perfect time to do this exercise.

Grab a notebook. I love starting fresh with a new journal. Think back. What are you most proud of? What have you achieved? Think of it as travelling back in time. Write down everything you are proud of in your life. What are those major happy memories? What were the best days?

Having issues remembering? Sometimes glancing at old photos, older social media posts will remind us of those events.

Here are a few of my reverse bucket list items

  • Was the first family member to attend University
  • Helped feed 5000 on Venice Beach for Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Met Bob Hope
  • Traveled on Via Rail from the East Coast of Canada to the West.
  • Traveled from Nova Scotia to California on an Epic Road Trip
  • Created Common Cents Mom
  • Created the first personal finance chat in Canada on Twitter.
  • Solo parented an amazing daughter who graduated as an Ontario Scholar
  • Helped the homeless in LA
  • I have been featured in a national magazine.
  • I have been featured in a national newspaper.

After you have written your list

The list can go on and on. Some have short lists others have lists with hundreds of items. The reverse bucket list is an exercise in gratitude.  When you step back you should feel a sense of joy, a sense of gratitude and pride for all that you have been blessed to do. It is not a brag list. It is a list of all that has been, all that has been celebrated.

Place your list somewhere you can be reminded of it. Mine is on my night table. In this season of gratitude, I am trying to add to it daily.Sometimes we need to be reminded of our success, the good we have done.

Create your own reverse bucket list and let me know what you were reminded of. Mine reminded me of how even when we have little we can find ways to do much.


31 days of Gratitude

It’s October 1st and here in Toronto, I woke up to a crisp fall morning. For the past few days I have been thinking about a series I could do here on Common Cents Mom that would encourage me to write  every single day. Since October, brings so much to be thankful for I have decided to write about gratitude. Each evening, before I retire for the next 31 days I will share what I am thankful for that day.

2015-10-01 10.55.20


Today, I am thankful for a day of fun, work and play. I attended a taping of The Marilyn Denis show this morning and after that found a new restaurant on Queen west to try out. I used to live in Halifax and since moving back to Toronto I have missed donairs. If you don’t know what a donair is you are missing out! I entered the doors of The Battered Fish expecting fish and chips and then I saw it right there on their menu, donair poutine. They put two of my favorite cheat day foods together. Well, lets just say this I am very thankful for this find as I had a great lunch downtown after the show.

2015-10-01 12.06.24

I am grateful I work from home and have great clients and brands that want to work with me. This afternoon was a mix of client work.

By the time my daughter got home from her college class, I had dinner waiting and we had a great discussion about school, gun control and what we wanted to get done this October.

Then it was time to log on to Twitter. Are you on Twitter? You can always find me there as @commoncentsmom. The #Prep4Bliss hashtag was full force and it was great to tweet with others who will be attending Blissdom Canada next week. Hard to believe it but two weeks from now I will be one of the mentors at the conference. I am looking forward to sharing my love for community management.

What am I most grateful for today? The chance to connect in little ways. It is the little moments that allow us to connect, to get real, that challenge us. I am also grateful that my teen and I can talk about anything.

All month long may my readers get to know me a bit better as I share what I am grateful for. Its a month of gratitude. You can always join me by sharing in the comments what you are thankful for.