Works for Me: Vacation Planning and Consolidation

wfmwbannerKRISTENVacation Planning? Consolidation? What do the two have in common?  What works for me?

I haven’t taken a real vacation in a long time. I am planning a huge one for next summer for me and my daughter.This really works for me.

Earlier this week I came across Credit Counseling and their vacation budgeting section. In these tough times knowing how to budget for a vacation is so important. Who really wants to rack up debt to take a few weeks away? I know I don’t. They even offer a great downloable booklet on how to plan for vacation. Actually they offer booklets on several areas that can help make us money smart, and well as information on bankruptcy and consolidation if you need it.

I am using most the ideas offered in the booklet along with my own creative touches to plan my vacation for next summer. It will be my daughter’s first trip back to the USA since I brought her to Canada some 10 years ago. Part of my vacation plans is a trip to BlogHer 10 . I am looking forward to a vacation and know what I’m really looking forward to, being able to do it debt free!

In the months ahead I will share the story of what is working for me as I get ready. Planning is one of the important keys. Now I am off to see what works for everyone else this Wednesday at We are THAT family.

*Just to let you all know this is a paid post, I will always let you know if I have recieved a product or cash for a post. I will  always give my honest opinion as well.

Summer Vacation Planning on the Cheap

Roo and I are busy planning our summer and it looks like it may be a busy one..So far I have registered her for 1 week of sleep away ( got this for $50 because I applied early). I will be registering for one week of day camp as well and that will cost me another $50. Besides these two weeks of camp for Roo we will hopefully taking advantage of Via’s Great Summer Rates….kids go FREE! So for me and Roo to travel to Nova Scotia will cost us $349.26! It will be our very first family vacation. Roo has never been away for more then a weekend of camping.

We will stay with family so no accomodation expenses, things that are must do’s on our list:

-jaunt over to Prince Edward Island on the ferry and head to the National Park to the land of Anne of Green Gables. In grade 4 this year Roo has written about L M Montgomery and the island for 2 different projects.( Cost $70 ferry & $21 park entrance).

-Pier 21($13.50 for us 2) where Roo can learn about Canadian immigration and Citadel Hill both in Halifax (Family$30)

-The Bay of Fundy is another must hit.(free)

So we are looking at about $500 plus our train and we get our first family vacation in 10 years…

How are we going to afford it?  GST ($150), First ontario childtax credit($50), garage sale ($75?), saving $20 a check between now and then ($240), which should get us there…. so come late July we should be there, and be there for Natal Day(a Nova Scotia Holiday)….

Now thinking of summer there are lots of great Canadian spots to see. In my days before Roo I had travelling feet so what are my favorite Canadian spots or events?

  • Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia—a great spot to see the Atlantic from.
  • The Saint Lawrence Seaway–take a trip down the locks, this is a family history site as family land was taken to create these.
  • Algonquin National Park–I love to canoe the lakes here.
  • Stanley Park in Vancouver BC–you can get lost in here forever…It was here I first looked to the west and beyond.
  • Banff and Jasper are equal in great places to see in Alberta.

As for events:

  • The Busker Fest in Halifax–I volunteered at this event in its founding days and it still is a great festival.
  • The Canadian National Ex in Toronto-a family favorite!
  • Luminatio in Toronto-a new event in Toronto that celebrates the arts and its FREE for lots of great family fun.

There are lots of great ways to vacation here in Canada on the cheap. So get and enjoy this great place.