Cupboard Cleanse

cookiesWhen wanting to start a healthier lifestyle it is so important to cleanse yourself of some of those bad habits, right?

Since I am now working from home, well job hunting from home, I have easy access to my kitchen, and all my favorite tastes and bites where just a few steps away for my taking. I have to admit something I am a snacker,and emotional eater. I love food.  I eat when I am bored, happy, sad, anxious, to celebrate, you name it and it is a reason for a snack, or a special meal.

I realized this week that having all that junk in the house was not helping me get healthier. It was a distraction and temptation. I had to do something about it. I had to do a cupboard cleanse. I had to purge my house of the junk. Can you believe when doing so there were 8 bags of cookies alone, all unopened, thankfully. Those made a nice donation to the local foodbank. I also got rid of many highly processed goodies that I kept in my cupboards. I now feel my cupboards are alot healthier. Have you ever done a cupboard cleanse? Simply I feel better having all that junk out of the house. Now when I want a snack I still go to the kitchen but now there is some hummus and veggies waiting, or a clementine. It is all about making simple little changes on this quest for a healthier me. I am glad I did this cleanse this week and the walk to the foodbank to donate the junk was good as well. Are you working on your health this year? If so leave me a comment and let me know so we can encourage each other.

*This year I am working with the team at Enthrive to get healthier, and love that I get to work with a registered dietitain to help rethink my journey with food. These are not sponsored posts but I am getting the services of a dietitian at a great price point.



I am A Gambler!

I am a gambler! For years I have been gambling with my health. Literally I am 100 pounds overweight. Huge number right!

Well recently my twitter friend @TheresaAlbert launched another great book : Ace Your Health 52 Ways to Stack Your Deck.

I was invited to attend the launch after party. Well guess what I noticed that probably no one else did, I was the fattest woman in the room.

That night I came up and started to read her book. In the beginning of book there is a quiz about lifestyle and health. Well I took the quiz and found out I am a Spade. Basically that is the lowest score one can get as Theresa divided people into 4 categorizes: diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades. Diamonds have there acts together while spades are those well who are perhaps just getting their acts together.

To get your act together takes time. Theresa realizes that in her book using the 52 cards in a deck of cards to help us get our acts together over the course of 52 weeks. Each card gives us a change to make that will lead us to health. Since Theresa is a nutritionist the book is big on food tips, but exercise does come into play later in the deck as well.

I am using Theresa’s book this year to hep me get healthier. I need to stop gambling with my health. So each week I will writing about what  I am doing to get healthier. I think the accountability will be good for me.

Why am I doing it finally now? I was recently in my doctor’s office and have to have surgery in April. My doctor wants me to lose some weight before the surgery to make it easier on my body. I also am tired of being the fattest woman in the room.

Getting Fit Frugally

Yes this is me! This is my before picture..Today I made a choice and took on a challenge that many of us Canadians are doing. Today I signed up for the X_weighted National Challenge.

I got up early and  headed  over to the YMCA in Halifax. I was number 12 even getting there before 8 am! We had about an hour before things got going.

I went got measured and it was an OH MY God moment because I am at my heaviest weight ever in my life and that is scary! And then there were my measurements and that was another slap in the face.

My weight was 276

My Measurements are Chest 53   Waist 51 and Hips 55

Can you say UGH!

Then it was upstairs for the fitness test. I have never huffed and puffed so hard. I got through it though. Thank God! I did it in almost 6:00 minutes. The hardest part of the test was lying down flat and then getting up. You had to do that 20 times!

I am committed to getting healthy. But I am scared too. Nervous. Can I do it? But really now I have to do this. It has moved from a want to a must. I have to get this extra weight off.

The goal for this 6 month challenge is 72 pounds! That is alot! I will have to work hard and smart. I will be using the tools offered at the X_Weighted site as well as tools offered at Sparkpeople.

How else will this Fat girl became Fit and Fabulous?

  • I joined a gym. I was able to get a corporate membership and for me that is a frugal investment into myself.
  • I set a goal of running walking the 10 k race as part of the Bluenose Weekend in May.

What are some other frugal ways to get this weight off?

  • Squawkfox listed some great winter activities for us to try.
  • For me just putting on the walking shoes and taking a brisk walk is always good
  • Rent or borrow a work out dvd from the library
  • Invest in a skipping rope and skip.
  • When the weather gets a bit better go for a bike ride.
  • If you have a Wii. There are a bunch of games that do help you get fit.
  • Dance: I love to move. Lately this one I have been doing with my tween daughter.

For Canadians up for the Challenge you can sign up today or tomorrow at the X_Weighted website and for everyone trying to lose weight I do recommend  Sparkpeople as well as a great free tool.

I will leave you with a horrific side view, but as Dr. Oz would say we need a starting point

Frugal and Fit Friday -Week One

frugal friday I have decided that I wanted to start weekly series. It is called Frugal and Fit Friday.Why? I have made the choice as well as being a frugal mom I want to be a fit Mom. I need this for me.

Really I have been overweight all of my adult life, and I can no longer stand to live in this body that is now my creation. Really, I am now at my fattest! I hate that I huff and puff when I walk, that my thighs hit each other when I walk, and I can not run without getting out of breath for minutes after word. I am not fit. I am not healthy and that is about to change.

I am inviting you my readers, my friends to follow me on my journey to becoming a fit frugal mom. Now I am not rich. No Weight watchers or purchasing into any programs for me.

How am I going to be fit and frugal?

1. I signed up for Spark People. Perhaps you have heard me mention this great FREE tool for weight loss before. I have posted on it. I will be keeping track in their online journals of both what I’m eating and how much exercise I am doing. This means I am journalling what goes in! This is important for weight loss.

2. I have an accountability partner. I have a girlfriend and Yes she lives on the west coast, but she wants to lose as much as I do.We will be encouraging each other in this path. I also have all of you and by doing this once a week you all will know the facts.

3.On Wednesday I wrote about walking. Walking for now will be my primary exercise..But I have put together a wee frugal home gym that I will blog about next week. I will walk either outside or at the mall for 45 minutes at least 5 times a week. I will also to strengthening exercises for 20 minutes twice a week.

4. I am also planning my menu and will be posting my frugal healthy halal recipes on my blog each Monday. By planning what I eat no need for running to the store, which for me can bring oodles of temptation.

5. I am drinking lots of water instead of the soda pop that had been in my glass most days.

All of these cost me nothing or next to nothing but time and I am worth the time and effort!

So now time for my Truth Tube as Dr Oz would call it.

Weight –250 exactly ..Goal 150

Blood Pressure was 132/ 82 which is normal thank good ness

Waist Measurement 44 inches

Breast measurement 53 inches

BMI 39.15 which puts me at severe risk for

  • Hypertension
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sleep apnea
  • Endometrial, breast, and colon cancer

My Real Age is 56 (12 years older than I am).yikes!

Now by following my own 5 rules 1.Journal, accountability, drinking lots of water, exercising and menu planning I am planning for success. So come with me as I get fit frugally. I will also be tweeting my frugal weight tips on twitter

What Works for Me: Holding Myself Accountable Online

6a00d83451c5ac69e20112791ced0428a42Back in January I wrote about how to lose weight without spending money after all it is all about calories in vs calories out right? You can find out here why I recommend Sparkpeople. It is really a great free site that holds you accountable if you so choose and I love the support system of the forums there. I have also lost 10 pounds, now I know that isn’t much but I would rather slow and steady then fast and furious only to regain.

Then on April 1 st I wrote about how this was a no spending month challenge. Well we are now almost at the half way point and I have so far only spent $12.54 besides what was budgetted. Have had to walk past plenty of wants in the meantime, and really all the fun we have had this month has been free fun ie watching movies, going to the library, going to a walk and playing board games. Now we will be going to the movies this weekend, how am I doing that without spending? Roo got Movie money for Easter from her Aunt, nothing better then a well timed gift.

Do you use your blog to hold yourself accountable and to help you reach goals? Now I am off to We are that Family to see what works for others this week.

Winner and What Has Been Up

Well I haven’t blogged in more then forever and there has been a good reason for it. My 11 year old daughter has needed plenty of mom time lately. She has been having an extremely hard year. My daughter is the new weird kid in class according to her, and this has led to lots and lots of bullying with dear daughter even coming home with bruises! Most of my evenings have been one on one with her. Last week she told me she would rather be dead then at school. ER!

Now on for some good news that someone is going to like I recently hosted a blog contest and the winner was Jenn Ryan and her blog is here. Hope Jenn can use the $11.11!

I have still been menu planning, this week we are having

  • baked pasta and salad (last night)
  • chicken stir fry(tonight)
  • Breakfast for dinner: scrambled eggs, toast and tomato
  • pulled roast beef sandwiches, mixed veggies
  • pizza
  • grilled cheese sandwiches and veggie soup

I am working on losing weight as well and have been walking as I watch tv in the evening. I really would love to of lost 40 -50 pounds by August 1, as I am headed to Toronto then. I am trying every frugal trick I know to lose pounds and save cents at the same time! Thank goodness for Sparkpeople! Gotta love that website!

I am also working lots( I am very thankful I have work in a recession)! I am also trying to save $3,000 by August 1 st to help with my MOVE back to Ontario. Yes this common cents mom really wants to go back to the big city.

I am planning on using the blog here to track my progress both on saving and watch me save cents and lose inches at the same time. I will hold myself accountable and update the tally on the side once every 2 weeks! 

Well American Idol and Biggest Loser are both on tonight and I am fans of both, so my dvr will be on the go and I will walk while I watch..

Menu Monday–Being Frugal and Healthy

Well here it is Monday again and time for me to plan my menu but wait..what has changed from last week. I have decided that I am tired of being the fat cheap momma. I am now the frugal healthy melting momma. I am using the Isagenixprogram to help me melt. So two of my meals a day are meal replaced with yummy chocolate shakes. Yes they do taste good! With that said I am replacing breakfast and lunch with them and having a healthy dinner with Roo while still watching my budget…after all my cheap, um frugal habits arent going anywhere. Roo is taking the Isakids multi Vitamin and getting a well balanced diet after all she is ten.

So avaiblabe for Roo for breakfast

Cereal( Rice Krispes, MultiGrain Cherrios or Corn Flakes), eggs, wholewheat toast, orange juice and maybe whole grain pancakes on Saturday. Fresh fruit: mango, strawberries, apples, and grapes are in the house.

For lunch ( she eats at school)- bagels, wholewheat rolls, cooked ham, turkey meat,chicken, cheese, yogurt tubes, salad fixings, and serving size pudding or fruit cups are in the house. As well chicken noodle soup or pasta are available too.

For our dinner menu-

Monday-Grilled chicken breast salad–making this with spinach leaves, chicken breast( sale item), tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, a 1/2 cup of croutons and a low fat dressing….lucky for me Roo loves salad!

Tuesday-Turkey Sausage(again sale item), wholegrain brown rice, broccoli

Wednesday-  Easy Veggie Chili with TVP, roll

Thursday- Chesse Omelettes, tomato slices

Friday-Homemade Cheese Pizza and a garden salad

Saturday- we have been invited out

Sunday- TVP taco salad

Now if you want to follow my journey as I melt you can read me over at Life and Times of a Melting momma. I will be blogging my journey to that healthier me.  For now I am off to fellow blogger, Canuck, and great giveaway host Laura’s to read what everyone is cooking this week.Thanks again for  the task manager Laura!