The Rise of the Micropreneur and Social Selling



Ever thought you can have an impact? help others? wanted to work for yourself and create a business out of it?

If you haven’t started doing something and you feel that way, you are a dreamer. If you have started doing something you just may be a micropreneur, like me. Some use phrases like mompreneur, entrepreneur, and small business owner. Some say they do a side hustle.

Often the microprenuer wants to reach a niche audience. They want to gather a tribe of like-minded fold.  I know when I started Common Cents Mom that was my desire. I wanted to reach moms especially those who were struggling. Sometimes it is hard to figure out budgeting, money, banking and all those skills we were never taught in school. These were and are my peeps. They are those who want to live well on a budget. Another interesting fact 60% of those who work for themselves are men.

One of the things as I noticed is that many of the people I know and love and call friends earn some sort of income besides their primary income. I fall into that category with my blog, with my social media consulting, and now in selling doTERRA. It has become a way of life for many of my friends. Some have created large networks of like-minded folk. There is money to be made by doing so.

Did you know 80% of the women in North America who are millionaires got their start as a micropreneur. Nice statistic right? With a work ethic and a plan, you can do it too.

More and more people are wanting to leave the corporate world to take risks, follow their dreams and live lives they design. I know this is me. I love the company I work for in my 9-5 and I love that I am surrounded by great people every day but my passion lies in the side hustle. Do you feel the same way? I want to live a balanced life and am working hard to get to where I want to be.

We find it easy to share our passions with those around us. We find with work, we find our tribe.  We become social sellers. Conversations come naturally. Blog posts get written out of passion. That passion becomes an income source and a tribe is born. We find develop skills and abilities, we become thought leaders and teachers.

I had an interesting conversation with the head of the Direct Sellers Association of Canda this past weekend as I attended a Wellness Summit for doTERRA that was held here in Toronto. After that conversation, I realized that as a micropruener, a small business owner and one who loves to share what I learn there is room to grow as more and more people want to buy locally, want to support their friends, and earn a living doing so. There has been a dramatic rise in the number of people who selling socially in Canada and around the globe. In  Canada,  the organizations joining the DSA is on the rise, the number of micropreneuers is on the rise.

Where will all this socially selling lead? I am unsure. What I do know from looking at my circle of friends who have become bloggers, influencers, network marketers, graphic artists, consultant, and micropreneurs in their niches, they are living lives they have chosen and worked hard to get there.

Would you ever decide to be your own boss? Look for your tribe? Let me know in the comments.

Tackle It Tuesday: The Home Office

Tackle It Tuesday Meme I didnt get to post my Menu yesterday, exhaustion set in the last few days. I think tackling a big project left me so tired to do much so I retired to my bed really early last night. So what is this project that had me exhausted? I set up a home office. I will be working for home as of June 1st but before I could there was much that I had to do. Do you want the list? * my Internet connection had to be tested. This is done.

* I had to purchase a new computer. This is done.

* I had to test my new computer.This is done.

* I physically had to change the layout of two bedrooms. This is done as I took over the larger bedroom to make it my bedroom/office.

* I had to be interviewed for the new job. This is done.

* I had to buy a headset. This is done.

* I had to set up an accounting system for all my receipts. This is done.

As you can see there was much to be done as you move from working in an office to working at home. Now it is just a waiting game until June 1st, my start day.